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Joan McNaboe Skills and Labour Market Research Unit, SOLAS December 2013 1 Regional Labour Markets Bulletin 2013.

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1 Joan McNaboe Skills and Labour Market Research Unit, SOLAS December 2013 1 Regional Labour Markets Bulletin 2013

2 Objective To support decision making process at regional and national level in the areas of education and training provision, labour market policies and career guidance by providing data on demand and supply of skills for the 8 NUTS 3 regions in Ireland

3 Regional classification: CSO NUTS3 Border (1)Dublin (5)Mid-East (4)Midland (3)Mid-West (8)West (2)South-East (6)South-West (7) CavanDublin CityKildareLaoisClareGalway CityCarlowCork City DonegalDublin CountyMeathLongfordLimerick CityGalway CountyKilkennyCork County LeitrimWicklowOffalyLimerick CountyMayoSouth TipperaryKerry LouthWestmeathNorth TipperaryRoscommonWaterford City MonaghanWaterford County SligoWexford

4 Key labour market indicators, q1 2013 Area km2 POP 000s P/km 2 WAP (15-64) 000s LF 000sE 000s UE 000s E rateUE rateP rate Border 12,200510423242091773253%15.5%52% Dublin 9001,2681,4088666175477062%11.3%60% Mid-East 6,100542893542572213761%14.3%62% Midland 6,500289441871291072256%17.1%57% Mid-West 8,300378462471741472758%15.6%57% South-East 9,400503543262291874255%18.4%57% South-West 12,200670554413122773561%11.1%57% West 13,800439322852111842762%12.9%59% Ireland 69,4004,599663,0302,0871,79629159%13.7%58%

5 Regional employment and employment growth 5

6 Selected key points Employment: in quarter 1 2013, – Dublin and the West region had the highest employment rates at 62%, followed by the Mid East and South West regions (61%) – at least 30% of persons in each region were employed in high skilled occupations (managers, professionals and associate professionals); the share in Dublin was even higher at 48%

7 Unemployment: in quarter 1 2013, – the highest rates were in the South East (18.4%) and the Midland region (17.1%), while the lowest rates were in the South West (11.1%) and Dublin (11.3%) – Dublin accounted for approximately one quarter of total national unemployment (70,000 persons), although it has a lower than average unemployment rate – unemployed persons had been mostly employed in skilled trades and elementary occupations across all regions Selected key points

8 Sector: In quarter 1 2013, industry was the largest sector in each region except Dublin, the Mid East and the Midland regions; – human health was the largest in Dublin – wholesale and retail was the largest in the Mid East and the Midland regions Selected key points

9 Active enterprises: – the wholesale and retail sector accounted for the largest share of active enterprises in most regions; professional activities accounted for the greatest share in Dublin and construction in the Mid East and West regions – in each region, the vast majority of enterprises employ fewer than 10 persons accounting for over 90% of enterprises in all but the Dublin region (88.9%) Selected key points

10 Employment in manufacturing by technology type and region, q1 2013 10

11 PES Vacancies 11 There were almost 50,000 vacancies advertised on DSP Jobs Ireland Jan-Sept 2013

12 PES Job Seekers 12 There were over 176,000 job seekers in September 2013

13 Although the distribution in PES vacancies and job seekers is similar across broad occupational groups, the detailed occupations (e.g. job titles) are different from the vacancies on offer For example, many of the job seekers in trade occupations were construction related, but were often related to chefs for PES vacancies 13

14 Inter-regional employment/residence BorderDublin Mid- East Mid- land Mid- West South- East South- West WestTotal Employed in same region 83%94%55%75%87%84%95%85% Employed elsewhere 7%3%39%18%7%10%2%9%10% No Answer10%3%6%7%6% 3%6%5% Total100% 14

15 Census 2011 Breakdown by county for: – Employment/unemployment – Sector – Occupation – Age profile – Education levels 15

16 Many similarities across regions (e.g. profile of the LR, contribution of construction decline to the labour market difficulties, profile of Public Employment Service vacancies, sourcing of IT and healthcare skills from non-EEA countries etc.) Many differences across regions (contribution of agriculture to the regional employment, unemployment rate, labour force participation rate, share of white collar occupations in regional employment etc.) Overall conclusion

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