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Conferinta Club Feroviar 10 Of April 2014 Prezentare Adrian Puscasu

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1 Conferinta Club Feroviar 10 Of April 2014 Prezentare Adrian Puscasu
The world is changing - How to cope with the challenge to reduce energy consumption and emissions Simulator Systems and LEADER Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Conferinta Club Feroviar 10 Of April 2014 Prezentare Adrian Puscasu

2 Energy efficiency has become one of the key global priorities
The world is changing – Challenge energy consumption and emissions Energy efficiency has become one of the key global priorities Oil price trends 1980 to 2016 in US$ per Barrel 100 200 300 400 500 1980 1990 2000 2010 2016 More energy efficiency Scarcity of fossil fuels / increasing fuel costs Stricter emissions requirements Increasing prices for fuel and energy Growing demand for innovative technologies that reduce consumption of resources

3 The world is changing – Challenge energy consumption and emissions
Sydac Simulator Systems and LEADER Driver Assistant System: Knorr-Bremse technologies for eco-friendly driving Simulator and LEADER, standalone or combined Sydac Simulators, the appropriate tool for teaching train drivers in eco-friendly driving techniques LEADER, Advanced Driver Assistance for Energy Efficient Driving and Improved Punctuality Simulator with LEADER integration, the ideal combination for increasing the effectiveness of the LEADER usage

4 The world is changing – Challenge energy consumption and emissions
Sydac Simulator Systems help your drivers improving their skills in eco-friendly driving and hence reduce emissions and cost Simulator training in eco-driving means continuous improvement Metering of energy consumption during a session Original customer track or dedicated track for eco driving lessons Results are reproduceable, sessions can be repeated under same conditions Sessions can be replayed for common analysis with the student Students benefit from the experience of the instructor Eco-driving lessons on a regularly base ensures continuous improvement, as well for new as for experienced drivers

5 Sydac Simulator Systems and LEADER, a powerful combination
The world is changing – Challenge energy consumption and emissions Sydac Simulator Systems and LEADER, a powerful combination Simulator with LEADER integration Simulators are the ideal tool to support the introduction of new cab equipment like LEADER, GSM-R or ETCS Your staff can be trained before the introduction of the new equipment Simulator training improves the acceptance and the effectiveness of the usage of driver assistance systems Simulator training ensures that the positive effect on emissions and cost can be achieved right from the beginning

6 Contact for Simulator Systems and eLearning
Knorr-Bremse Systems for Rail Vehicles GmbH Andreas Leiber Moosacher Straße 80 80809 München, Germany Phone: Fax: Mobile:

7 LEADER® Driver Assistant
October 2013

8 Strictly confidential 12.04.2017
Introduction The driver assistant system LEADER has a long successful history in the US and Canada and is also used in South America, South Africa and Australia. The original focus of LEADER was the proper handling of heavy haul freight trains, significantly reducing fuel costs and dynamic forces. In recent years a European oriented version has been developed, recognising the different needs of these customers. Field service trials have been extremely successful, delivering >15% savings, and Knorr-Bremse has received the first production orders for this innovative system. LEADER in US operation Ongoing LEADER integration into a European driver's desk

9 Strictly confidential 12.04.2017
LEADER - Advanced Driver Assistance for Energy Efficient Driving and Improved Punctuality LEADER is an advanced driver assistant helping train drivers to operate their trains in a smooth and energy efficient way in timetable dominated operations. The system comes with an onboard advice system and a back office application with sophisticated analysis functionality. Functions Dynamic run optimisation Foresight with dynamic driving recommendations Back Office Real time status tracking Advanced analysis tools Update of operational data Interface to simulator-based driver training Customer advantages Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions Improved punctuality Improved network capacity utilisation Reduced wear and tear and related LCC Indirect safety improvement thanks to lower speeds and avoidance of conflicts Long lasting operational improvements

10 Results of Field Trials – Energy Savings
LEADER has shown through trial and operation that for passenger train services, whether electric or diesel, locomotive or multiple unit, it will provide energy savings between 5% and 20% or more. The savings will increase with higher speed, longer distance and timetable flexibility. Savings of over 20% have been seen in some operations. LEADER has been trialled and tested across many different types of passenger operation in Europe. Some detailed results can be seen in the table below. Operation Type Train Type Max Speed (km/h) Track Length (km) Energy Saved UK Regional DMU 150 80 >10% Israel Intercity Diesel Loco 160 230 UK Intercity EMU 200 480 German Regional 120 130 >15% Central Europe Intercity Electric Loco 140 >20%

11 LEADER's Principle Way of Saving Energy
Strictly confidential LEADER's Principle Way of Saving Energy 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 2 3 1 How does LEADER achieve Energy Savings? Traction recommendation to run engine with a high degree of efficiency Reduced top speed to avoid unnecessary build-up of kinetic energy and minimize speed-dependent factors (e.g. air resistance) Early coasting to cut off power consumption for traction Harmonization of driving behavior of train drivers 1 2 3 4

12 LEADER – Punctuality Improvement
Strictly confidential LEADER – Punctuality Improvement Punctuality means being on time, not in time Eliminate late arrival Improved customer satisfaction Eliminate early arrival Use scheduled buffer times for realizing optimized speed profile Avoid intermediate stops at entrance signals

13 LEADER reduces Wear and Tear and thereby Life Cycle Costs
Strictly confidential LEADER reduces Wear and Tear and thereby Life Cycle Costs Brake energy Diff to Ref Reference 3.2 GJ - Day 1 2.4 GJ - 26 % Day 2 2.5 GJ - 20 % Day 3 2.1 GJ - 33 % Day 4 1.9 GJ - 40 % Day 5 2.2 GJ - 31 % The heat dissipation into the brakes is reduced by 4 ways: Less maximum speed means less kinetic energy to be converted into heat Early coasting reduces the kinetic energy at the time when braking starts By taking advantage of the route profile kinetic energy can be reduced when driving uphill Less heat dissipation gives additional life time for brake pads and discs

14 Strictly confidential 12.04.2017
Lead Customer for Passenger Train Operation: Vossloh Locomotives for Israel Railways Pre-series-installation in 2011 Locomotive hauled train With 8 coaches Passenger operation, Suburban train Maximum speed: 160 km/h 22 intermediate stops Mass: ~ 500 t Trip Distance: ~ 230 km Results Energy Savings > 10 % LEADER improves both punctuality and train handling Drivers drive more relaxed with LEADER on board Equipment of 24 Vossloh locomotives class "EURO 3200" in 2012 Vossloh Spain has ordered 48 LEADER units (2 per locomotive)

15 Order from Go-Ahead for London Midland and Southern in UK
Equipment of the whole DMU fleets of Southern and London Midland with 132 LEADER units The systems will be delivered in the second half of 2013 The expected fuel savings of % will help Southern and London Midland to achieve their carbon footprint reduction target of - 20 % by 2015 Option for equiping the EMU fleet (further 300 to 400 units)

16 LEADER Projects Follow a well Defined Process
Strictly confidential LEADER Projects Follow a well Defined Process Step 1 Analysis of track, consist, speed limits and time table data Calculation of theoretical savings potential D1 Step 2 Onboard measurements Assessment of real energy consumption Analysis of real optimization potential D2 Step 3 Customer project Possible cooperation between you and Knorr-Bremse We provide evidence of LEADER's advantages for you by evaluating LEADER’s potential on your track Step 1: Analysis of track and vehicle data, estimation of theoretical savings potential Step 2: Test accomplishment (approx. 1 week); assessment of real energy consumption and analysis of optimization potential Step 3: Decision on further steps; Customer project Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

17 Strictly confidential 12.04.2017
Conclusions LEADER helps to … drive energy efficiently reduce wear and tear due to reduce speeds and brake use improve punctuality LEADER is available as ... solution for freight and passenger operation integrated system with a Back Office and Sydac Simulators for simulator based driver training and driving behavior analysis

18 Knorr-Bremse / Sydac – in brief
Sydac as a global leader in rail simulation supports you with the full range of training solutions Sydac, a company of the Knorr-Bremse Group Complete product range Full Cab Simulators with or without motion base Complex CGI vision Driver Console Simulators Mobile / Portable Simulators Reality Centers Part Task Trainers Engineering Simulators eLearning solutions, on laptop or tablet computer Sydac, an industry leading developer of rail simulation technology, engineering software and eLearning solutions Modular systems and software: Ability of cost effective and flexible development of tailored solutions Simplified integration of upgrades and future training demands Local support by the global Knorr-Bremse services network 18

19 Strictly confidential 12.04.2017
Contact Knorr-Bremse SfS GmbH Angéline Charré Moosacher Straße 80 D Munich, Germany Tel: Mob: Martin Moser Moosacher Straße 80 Tel: Fax: Manfred Walter Moosacher Straße 80 Tel: Mob: David Stewart Moosacher Straße 80 Tel: Fax:

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