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5 Dynamic Subordinancy “Caine Mutiny”.

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1 5 Dynamic Subordinancy “Caine Mutiny”

2 Overview Dynamic Subordinancy Viewing Followership Role
10 Rules of Followership Techniques of Military Dissent

3 Dynamic Subordinancy Definition: Taking responsibility for ourselves & our actions while taking the opportunity to create win/win situations for ourselves & our bosses Your Role Take active steps to strengthen relationship Enhance support in organization


5 Cast of Characters Lt Commander Queeg: Captain of U.S.S. Caine
Lt Stephen Maryk: Executive Officer (second in command) Lt Thomas Keefer: Communication Officer Ensign Willis Keith: Asst Communications Officer Lt Cmdr DeVriess: Former captain of U.S.S. Caine Lt Greenwald: Defense Counsel for Lt Maryk 4 4

6 Viewing Followership Role
Job Boss/Subordinate Relationship Responsibility for Ourselves


8 Integrity “Integrity is the fundamental premise for military service in a free society. Without integrity, the moral pillars of our military strength, public trust, and self-respect are lost.” General Charles A. Gabriel Chief of Staff, US Air Force (CSAF), AFDD1-1 7 7

9 10 Rules of Followership Don’t blame boss Don’t fight boss
Use initiative Accept responsibility Tell truth & don’t quibble Do homework Suggestion implementation Keep boss informed Fix problems as they occur Honest day’s work


11 Military Dissent Techniques Delivery Establish Preconditions
Evaluate the Issues Delivery Control Your Emotions Chain of Command Write Dissent Down Provide Support (facts) Solution


13 Summary Dynamic Subordinancy Viewing Followership Role
10 Rules of Followership Military Dissent

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