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Nieves María Sánchez Gómez Inyud Mohamed Mohamed 4º A (E. S. O) Ceuta.

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1 Nieves María Sánchez Gómez Inyud Mohamed Mohamed 4º A (E. S. O) Ceuta

2 . Recycling is the conversion of waste products into new materials, such as waste paper which can be converted into new paper goods.

3 It's easy, you must separate trash into 6 different sections: Paper and paperboard (paper, magazines, brochures, etc.) that is not greasy. Plastic bottles (no chemicals) Plastic and metal (cans, tetrapack, cardboard cereal, detergent bottles, aerosol, cookie boxes, plastic bottles and water. glass Other: garbage in general. (wrap chips, candy, food, etc.).

4 GREY BIN  Mixed Glass & Jars - all coloured & clear glass; tops & lids as well  Paper - Newspapers, Magazines, Junk Mail, Envelopes, Shredded Paper & Wrapping  Telephone Directories - Directories & Catalogues  Cardboard - Cereal Boxes, Food Boxes, Cardboard Packaging etc  Cartons - All Drink Cartons Including Tetra Paks  Food Tins & Drink Cans  Large Tins - Biscuit & Sweet Tins  Aerosols - Empty Household Spray Cans  Foil - Including Take Away Trays (Must Be Clean)  Small Household Batteries  Household Plastic Packaging - Yoghurt Pots, Bottles, Butter & Margering Tubs, Food Trays, Ice Cream Tubs, Bags & Film, Ridgid Packaging From Electrical Goods, Easter Eggs, Sweets etc

5 YELLOW BIN  All glass, even light globes & broken glass.  All plastic containers (empty), including salad dressing, tomato sauce, condiment bottles & empty plastic bags. Please do not flatten plastic bottles.  All cans & tins including aerosol cans & tin foil.  All paper products including wax cartons & pizza boxes (empty).

6 GREEN BIN  Kitchen scraps  Cotton, corks & small piece of wood  Disposable nappies  Lawn clippings & small prunings

7 BLUE BIN  Paper and cardboard, which are not dirty.  It is advisable to fold the boxes to avoid holding up extra space. The paper and cardboard helps reduce forestation and environmental impact of manufacture.

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9 Let us help the earth

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