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Mixology Head Voice, Chest Voice and the Mix Nikki Blackmer, Faculty.

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1 Mixology Head Voice, Chest Voice and the Mix Nikki Blackmer, Faculty

2 What makes a great Mix? No discernable break or flip One pleasing, consistent voice throughout range Appears to sing naturally and effortlessly Cones, Rings and Blends without fading in/out Total command of voice Uses voice artistically to enhance the emotion of lyrical line

3 Voice Registers Chest Voice WOMEN: C-F Chest Voice MEN: F-C Mix Voice WOMEN: Middle F – D Mix Voice MEN: A-F Head Voice WOMEN: High D and Up! Pure Head/Falsetto MEN: A and Up!

4 Qualities of Chest Voice Our Lowest Notes Rumbles in Chest Forward Direction Lowered Palate Tongue a Little Raised Speech Like Singing Powerful

5 Sensation of Low Notes

6 Qualities of Head Voice Our Highest Notes Sensation in Forehead Light, Pure, Hooty Lifted Palate Tongue Flat and Out of Throat “Julie Child” like Singing

7 Sensation of High Notes

8 Qualities of the Mix Voice Used by All Barbershop Voice Parts Qualities of Both Chest and Head Voice Palate Moves Tongue Raises and Lowers Sensations Move Around White and Black Paint Smeared Together

9 Sensation of All Notes

10 The Perfect Mix James Bond Martini: 3 measures Gin 1 measure Vodka ½ measure Kina Lillet Shaken, not Stirred Lemon Garnish

11 Your Perfect Mix Are you Ascending or Descending? What is the Emotional Color of those Notes? Do I have to Cone on that Note? Identify What is Going to Have to Change in your Mix Create Sound that is Powerful AND Effortless

12 Descending Exercise GOAL: Mix Head Voice All the Way Down Start on a High Note on a Pure, Tiny, Whistle Shaped OO (head voice OO is owl) Slowly Slide Down As You Enter the Break, Release Pressure and Go Even Slower Keep in Head Voice Until the Lowest Notes Possible (chest voice OO is roadkill)

13 Ascending Exercise GOAL: Sing Everything in Chest Without “Breaking” Three Notes Up and Down As Slow as You Need to Go to Ensure NO Break in the Voice Continue Up for an Octave, then Back Down

14 The Perfect Mix A Great Mix Voice is a Balance of Head and Chest at All Times Likewise it is a Balance of Ring and Space at all Times It is Always Supported with Breath

15 The Mix in Action

16 As you Ascend… Your Palate Will Lift Your Tongue will Flatten Sensation of Notes will Follow Curve of Head Upwards Add more white paint as you ascend

17 As you Descend… Your Palate will Lower Your Tongue will Raise Slightly Tones go Forward and Far Away (imagine a staircase leading out and away from you) Becomes Smaller in the Mouth Almost No Sensation in the Mouth Add more black paint on descent, but never pitch black

18 Visual Reminder

19 Neither Head nor Chest The Key to a Well Mixed Voice is that You don’t Solely Stay in Head Voice or Chest Voice You Mix 99% of the Time You Choose Head or Chest Quality to Make Bigger Emotional Impact to Lyrics You Don’t Give in to Your Break. You Exercise it Daily and Work Through It

20 Tags


22 Youtube Videos for further exploration of the Mix Voice.

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