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JIM PINCHEN SURREY MUSIC HUB COORDINATOR Hubs and disadvantaged children and young people.

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1 JIM PINCHEN SURREY MUSIC HUB COORDINATOR Hubs and disadvantaged children and young people

2 About us 18,000 young people aged 0 – 25 100,000 hours of tuition p.a. in 261 venues across Surrey 50 bands, choirs and orchestras Over 400 music teachers Over the last two years, working with Borough & District Councils and music charity Rhythmix we’ve helped generate an additional £638,000 to fund community arts activities. In 2012 – 3.8 million people attended Olympic Inspired Cultural Events in the SE region. Surrey had 35 Cultural Olympiad projects – more than any other region outside London. Surrey Arts currently receives 10.6% of the balance of its incoming resources from Surrey County Council, 26% from Arts Council England and 63.4% from fees, charges and other income. for every £1 that Surrey County Council directly invests into the service, there is more than £8 added.

3 In a number of areas across Surrey, more than 30% of children and young people live in poverty, some areas being significantly worse than the national average. 1 in 4 under 15 year-olds in Surrey is either overweight or obese. Surrey also has a significantly worse record for the number of hours that 5-18 year-olds take part in sport compared to the national average. A dozen wards have a higher rate of mental health issues amongst children and young people than the national average One in three children receiving free school meals leaves primary school with substandard Maths and English – twice as many as those children not receiving free school meals Approximately one child in 20 is disabled and the income of families with disabled children is more than 23% below the UK average income Since 2001, there has been a 22% increase in lone parents, above the 17% rise nationally Domestic abuse is higher than expected and cuts across all areas of society In one area of Surrey nearly 10% of homes have no central heating Taken from Surrey Uncovered 2013 Deprivation in Surrey

4 MUSIC HUB - CORE AND EXTENSION ROLES We are the lead organisation for Surrey Music Education Hub. This is a partnership between Schools, Borough & District Councils and other important stakeholders funded by Arts Council England. The brief of the Hub extends to both formal education in schools and non formal education in the community and its priority is to ensure high quality music education for all young people in Surrey. Core Roles Ensuring that every child aged 5-18 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. (1 st Access) Ensuring that clear progression routes are available and affordable to all young people. (Progression) Ensuring opportunities to play in ensembles and to perform from an early stage. (Ensembles) Developing a singing strategy to ensure that every pupil sings regularly and that choirs and other vocal ensembles are available. (Singing) Extension Roles Ensuring Continuing Professional Development programmes for teachers. Providing an Instrument Hire Service, with discounts for the disadvantaged. Providing access to large scale and high quality live music experiences for pupils, working with professional musicians and venues. Purpose To work together to ensure that children and young people receive music education that is high quality, wide ranging, sustainable and accessible to all and that there are clear routes for progression. Aims To make music activities available and accessible to all young people in Surrey whatever their age or needs To raise awareness about the value of music and the arts to everyone in Surrey To promote music activities that enrich lives, aid wellbeing and strengthen communities To promote excellence through expert people/ organisations offering professional, high-quality experiences. To ensure valuable music activities for all young people at a reasonable cost

5 Non formal education in the community Youth Music funded projects Community Music Orgs Rock and Pop orgs Community choirs Progression Alternative accreditation Rock Schools Music Industries SEN/DPortfolioFormal Ed All LAC NEET/RO NI SENOffendersDisabilityBME Young Carers Progression, community and barriers.

6 All LACNEETSENRONIDisabilityBME Young Carers Offenders How can hubs engage with disadvantaged children and young people Others…. Charities Community Organisations MINC Holders (YM) Services for YP (YMCA) Housing Trusts Young Carers Support Orgs Disability Groups Health Service (NHS/CAMHS) Forster Carers LA Services Arts Officers LAC Teams/social workers Community homes Youth Offending Teams Youth Services Children’s Rights Teams Alternative Learning Providers (PRUs) SENCOs Special Schools

7 Delivering on and going beyond our commitments as part of ACE funding proposals Exploiting and linking with LA services and tap into funding by delivering on LA strategies (priorities, aims and vision). Surrey County Council – Children, Schools and Families 2012-17 ….every child and young person will be safe, healthy, creative….. ….raise the participation age of Surrey’s young people (from age 16 to 17) in education, training and employment…. ….reduce the number of young people who are involved in crime…. …support to schools to further improve the attainment of pupils, especially those from vulnerable groups. …improve support and education for children with disabilities Better links with the wider arts sector/cross art form collaboration Better links with MINCs/YM funded orgs The potential of hubs Equality and Sustainability Why hubs must diversify

8 Case studies Voice and Volume (Rachel) Funders: Youth Music, LAC Services, SA, SCC Partners: Above plus SYSS, YMCA, APS, YMS. Surrey Police, CAHMS, Delivered by: Rhythmix/SA Target Group: Fully inclusive Accredited: AQA Artforms: Music, dance, BMX, visual art “Thank you so much for everything. Without you, I wouldn’t have the confidence to sing in front of anyone." (Young Person on project for Looked After Children in Surrey)

9 UAS Residential (+ young LAC arts residential) Funders: Asylum Support team, LAC Services, Artswork Partners: SA, SCC Services Delivered by: Rhythmix/SA/Ballyhoo Arts Target Group: Young unaccompanied asylum seekers Artforms: Music (football!) MINC Breakthrough Funders: YM Partners: SA, Rhythmix, ESDAS Delivered by: Rhythmix Target Group: Young Victims of domestic abuse Artforms: Music Circus Project Funders: SA, Guildford Schools Consortium Partners: SA, Rhythmix, Circus Accredited: Arts Award Target Group: School exclusion Artforms: Music and Circus “..loved every second…. making friends and music, it’s the best part of my week and the one thing I look forward to….” (young person on domestic abuse song writing programme)

10 Sound and Motion Lab Funders: Youth Music, Surrey Arts, SCC Partners: SA, Rhythmix, StopGAP, Orpheus Target Group: Digital Artists/dancers Artforms: Music and dance “… the single most creative and inspirational training event I have ever attended ….” Stop Gap Dance Company

11 The potential of hubs/music services

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