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Toni Harriott, Janine Mitchell and Antonia Ejoh–Steer: Lambeth SOS Evan Jones: Head of Community Services.

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1 Toni Harriott, Janine Mitchell and Antonia Ejoh–Steer: Lambeth SOS Evan Jones: Head of Community Services

2 The SOS Project  Set up in 2006  Uses trained ex-offenders to support engagement with high risk young offenders  Offers casework, mentoring and brokerage with other agencies  SOS exists in a multi agency world, working with both support and enforcement agencies to reduce re- offending


4 What do our staff do?  Peer support  Housing  Benefits  ETE  Accompany to appointments, not ‘signpost’  Support families  Fill the gaps between the silos  Work well with other agencies


6 Does it work?  EGYV boroughs are showing positive change  Boroughs without coordinated gangs services are moving in the wrong direction

7 Barking and Dagenham KG (29.31) Barnet SX (20.56) Bexley RY (16.65) Brent QK (25.76) Bromley PY (21.02) Camden EK (30.31) Croydon ZD (34.16) Westminster CW (44.14) Ealing XB (22.63) Enfield YE (27.94) Greenwich RG (22.10) Hackney GD (38.51) Hammersmith FH (26.95) Haringey YR (34.08) Harrow QA (15.49) Havering KD (19.08) Hillingdon XH (25.37) Hounslow TX (24.51) Islington NI (34.22) Ken & Chel BS (29.27) Kingston VK (20.87) Lambeth LX (40.67) Lewisham PL (43.96) Merton VW (24.19) Newham KF (38.97) Redbridge JI (26.07) Richmond TW (15.66) Southwark MD (46.56) Sutton ZT (18.72) Tower Hamlets HT (44.92) Waltham Forest JC (33.43) Wandsworth WW (28.28) 42.00 to 46.99 37.00 to 41.99 32.00 to 36.99 27.00 to 31.99 21.00 to 26.99 15.00 to 20.99 Serious Youth Violence rate per capita Map: 01/04/2013 to 30/03/2014 Source: MetMIS / 2011 Census Data, Office for National Statistics SYV rate per 10,000 population aged 0-19 RESTRICTED Victims aged 1-19 / Population aged 0-19 MPS Average SYV rate 29.06 per capita

8 More than +30% +10% to +30% 0% to +10% -10% to 0% -30% to -10% More than -30% No change Knives used to injure – victim under 25, non-DV Year to 28/07/2013 - % change vs. previous year Map: Rolling year from 29/07/2012 to 28/07/2013 vs. previous 12 months Knife Injury Victims under 25 exc DV RESTRICTED 8 FYTD % change at 28/07/2013 increase of % change vs. same period last year decrease of %change vs. same period last year Knives used to injure – victims under 25 RESTRICTED

9 Why it makes a difference  Serious youth violence is hard to engage with  It is by its nature hidden  We should take every opportunity we are given  Victims need to believe that change is possible  Proactive boroughs have reduced their SYV levels- it can be done

10 The E.R Project Aiming to reduce the victims of sexual exploitation and VAWG(Violence Against Women and Girls). Generating leadership in females and the right to always Expect Respect

11  St Giles Trust & Lambeth GVRU delivered a 3 month pilot Satellite Youth Centre Project aimed at young people aged 13 to 19.  The project was designed to offer drop-in surgery support to young people at selected youth centres across Lambeth.  During the sessions we helped service users access services such JCP, giving advice around housing options and assisting in sourcing education, training and employment opportunities. The Background

12  The pilot identified that there were not many female only sessions being run by youth centres within the borough.  The females we spoke to felt that the youth centres did not cater to them and everything was focused at the male service users.  Like their male counterparts we found the females were affected by gang issues. Though these issues manifested themselves in a high number of females becoming victims of sexual exploitation & VAWG.  Many of the victims displayed low self-esteem, a tendency to be aggressive and violent towards their peers, family and authority, and poor decision making leaving them exposed to high risk situations and relationships. What we found during the Pilot….

13  70% of the females we spoke to had low career aspirations and lack of engagement in the school setting.  Negative stereotyping and social media had a major impact on how girls identified themselves amongst their peers.  There was little to no early intervention work being carried out and a lot of the females were going unnoticed until it was to late. What we found during the Pilot….

14  The ER Project is designed to help empower females to see themselves as valuable members of the community.  We want nurture growth within females by creating positive self-image and role modelling.  We want build the confidence, self esteem, strength and self-worth of all of our service users. The aim of the ER Project

15  The ER Project helps services users to develop self awareness and inner wisdom to help makes choices that honour their beliefs and values  The workshops challenge negative stereotypes and explore how messages in the media shape how females feel about themselves and their peers.  We want to give our service users the tools for dealing with peer pressure, and help them to identify and maintain healthy relationships.  ER inspires service users to connect with their leadership potential, set goals and begin taking action to achieve them.  We want our service users to take ownership of their futures, celebrate their accomplishments to always expect respect. E.R

16 Our workshops are designed to be interactive challenging and fun. We give our service users a platform to discuss issues they may be going through or witnessing. Our sessions are based around: Healthy RelationshipsCreativity Sexual Health Career Mapping Healthy LifestyleStaying Safe Life SkillsCyber Bulling ER Project Workshops

17  The programme aims to make targeted youth centres more open and accessible to young women and the wider community.  We currently deliver weekly group sessions at: Marcus Lipton Youth Centre (MLYC) –Loughborough Junction Young People Matter (YPM) – Stockwell and Camberwell Foyer Supported Accommodation  We have the capacity to work 1:1 with a caseload of 20 identified clients.  To date we have delivered over 20 sessions and have just successfully finished our Summer Programme in MLYC & YPM ER

18 Group Session

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