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Objective: To make the students aware of the theme and plot of the chapter. RE Tools : IT, Artist Image, Think, Pair. Material required: PPT, Pictures,

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1 Objective: To make the students aware of the theme and plot of the chapter. RE Tools : IT, Artist Image, Think, Share @ Pair. Material required: PPT, Pictures, Chart etc.

2 Norman Colin Dexter Born - September 29th,1930 Stamford, United Kingdom Crime writer : contemporary

3  Should criminals in prison be given the opportunity of learning and education?

4  Software(Mind it) Hardware(of story) 1 Predict 1 Point of View 2 Question 2 People 3 Visualize 3 Place 4 Connect 4 Plot 5 Evaluate 5 Pith

5 1. O – Level - Ordinary Level ( the lowest of three levels of standardized British Exam in a secondary school subject) Other Levels 2. A – Level - Advanced Level 3. S – Level - Scholarship Le vel

6  Third Person Point Of View  Author’s point of view

7 1. The Secretary of the Examination Board 2. The Governor of HM Prison Oxford 3. James Roderick Evans 4. Evans German Teacher from so-called Technical College(actually his accomplice) 5. Jackson-Senior Prison Officer, HM Prison Oxford 6. Stephens-Newly recruited Prison officer 7. Reverend Stuart Mcleery-Parson from St. Mary Mags Church as Invigilator in conducting Exam 8. Mr Carter, Detective Superintendent 9. Chief Inspector Bell from St Aldates Police Station 10. Evans accomplice acting as Mcleery & also as Driver of Prison Van, having Broad Scott Accent 11. Evans accomplice –pretty Blonde Receptionist in Golden Lion Hotel 12. Evans accomplice acting as Silent Prison officer at d end of story 13 So-called Assistant Secretary(actually Evans accomplice) of the Exam Board providing Correction Slip

8  No serious criminal record  Congenital kleptomaniac  Pleasant sort of chap (by Governor)  Evans the jail break(prison officers call)  Our little Einstein (by Jackson)  Mathematician ( by Stephens)  Insight into human psychology

9 1. So called German Teacher from so – called Technical college. 2. Man with Broad Scott Accent impersonating as Mcleery – parson from St. Mary Mags acting as Invigilator, and also Driver of prison van in the end of the story. 3. Pretty Blonde Receptionist at Golden Lion Hospital. 4. Man acting as Silent Prison Officer of the Prison van at the end of the story.


11 Mr. Jackson  Displays Π ww Medals on his Chest  Tiny core of comparison in heart  Addresses Evans as old son  Senior Prison Officer on the D-wing in HM oxford prison  Warm enemy with Evans Mr. Stephens 1. Newly recuited 2. Burly – surly looking

12  Good –for-a –giggle, gullible Governor Governor sitting in Evans Hotel Room in Golden Lion (catches him)

13 1. HM Prison, Oxford 2. Evans Cell in HM Prison Oxford 3. Elsfield Way : where Exam Board is 4. Redcliffe Hospital : where injured Mcleery is to be taken in Ambulance 5. Newbury : where Evans is supposed to be escaped 6. (middle of)Chipping Norton : where Hotel Golden Lion lies

14 1. Exam fixed 2. Evans Cell turned into Exam centre 3. Exams conducted 4. Evans Escape 5. Alert sounded, Police comes into action 6. Governor catches Evans in Golden Lion Hotel 7. Evans escapes again in Prison Van with d help of his accomplice

15  Never be over – confident  Never under – estimate your enemies  Battle of wits between crime and punishment  Hasty conclusions blurs clear thinking / evident facts  How the prisoner outsmarts the prison – authorities  Try try again till you succeed

16  Examination: German O-Level Exam  Day n Date: Tuesday 8 th June  Time: 9.15 A.M.—10.15 A.M.(started 10 min. late)  Venue: Evans Cell  Candidate:1-James Roderick Evans  Invigilator: Parson Mcleery from St. Mary Mags  Preparation : got individual tuitions from German tutor since last Sept. : Night Classes  Sponsored by : HM Prison, Oxford Authorities

17  Evans Make-up Material brought by his accomplice impersonating as Mcleery: 1. False Beard 2. a pair of spectacles 3. a dog collar 4. sticking plaster 5. a dog collar 6. Clerical Paraphernalia  Things he managed/provided with: 1. Razor Blade 2. Grey Regulation Blanket 3. Filthy looking red n white woolen Bobble Hat

18  Things Removed: 1. Razor 2. Nail Scissors 3. Nail-file 4. Paper-Knife  Room set/things added 1. Two small square table set between Bunk n distempered wall 2. Two hard chairs 3. Cell bugged(small listening device concealed)

19 Time DATE- 8:30 PM Monday, 7 June - 8:30 AM Tuesday, 8 June HappeningIncidents German Teacher wishes good luck (8:15 AM – Steady drizzle). Mr. Jackson and Mr. Stephens visits Evans cell inspects and exam sitting arrangements made.

20 Time DATE – 8:45 AM Tuesday, 8 June DATE – 9:10 AM Tuesday, 8 June DATE- 9:12 AM Tuesday, 8 June Happening Incidents Reverend Stuart Mcleery left his bachelor flat in Broad Street and Stepped out briskly towards Carfax. Receiver switched on by Governor (Evans cell bugged) Governor calls Jackson to examine Mcleery (Stephens examines him).

21 1. Sealed Question paper Envelope. 2. A yellow Invigilation form. 3. A special authentication card from Exam Boards. 4. Paper knife. 5. Bible. 6. Current copy of The Church Times.

22 Time DATE -9:25 AM Tuesday, 8 June DATE – 9:40 AM Tuesday, 8 June Happening Incidents Exam starts (10 minutes late). Assistent Secretary, Examinations Board, told for correction slip. Governor fears fake call(Escape Location – Golden Lion informed)

23  German wording corrected to :Zum golden Lowen Actually implies Golden Lion Hotel □ Answer Sheet Codes: Paper Index No-313 Centre No-271 which implies six figures-313/271 referring to middle of chipping Norton as per Ordnance Survey Map of Oxfordshire ESCAPE LOCATION-Golden Lion in d middle of Chipping Norton

24 Time DATE -10:45 AM Tuesday, 8 June DATE – 10:50AM Tuesday, 8 June Happening Incidents Stephens looks through peep – hole at 1 minute.Intervals found Evans having pen between his lips, Staring. Governor overhears Evans seeking permission from Invigilator to put on grey regulation blanket around his shoulders.


26 Time DATE -10:51AM Tuesday, 8 June DATE – 11:20AM Tuesday, 8 June Happening Incidents Stephens sees Evans in blanket, still staring. The Receiver crackled again in Governor chamber. Mcleery informed Evans that only five minutes remained.

27 Time DATE -11:22 AM Tuesday, 8 June DATE – 11:25AM Tuesday, 8 June Happening Incidents Jackson shouted along the corridor to Stephens. Governor ordered Stephens to accompany Mcleery to the main prison gates.(Fake call) The Governor heard the final exchange between Mcleery and Evans. Examination over.

28 3.8 %Trisodium citrate





33 Q1 :Give the brief character-sketch of Evans?Q2: Mention few precautions taken in the conduct of the Exam? Q3: How the governor tracks him down ? Q4: How Evans manages to escape?Q5: Give the brief summary of the story.


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