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The State of California, pursuant to Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998, designated the geographic area of the County of Merced as a Workforce Investment.

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2 The State of California, pursuant to Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998, designated the geographic area of the County of Merced as a Workforce Investment Area and provides funding thereto. WIA, Section 117, requires that Local Workforce Investment Boards shall be established in each local Workforce Area and that such boards shall be certified by the Governor. WIA further requires the Local Elected officials shall appoint the members of such boards based on criteria established jointly by the Governor and the State Workforce Investment Board. May 23, 2000, the Board of Supervisors, acting as the Local Elected Officials of the Merced local Workforce Investment Area, established the Merced County Workforce Investment Board (MCWIB) of Merced County and appointed its initial membership. 2

3 3 Merced County Board of Supervisors Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Youth CouncilYouth Programs Merced County Department of Workforce Investment (WI) Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Title I Administration Staff to the WIB & Youth Council One-Stop Operator One-Stop Career Center Merced One Stop Career Center (Satellite) Los Baños

4  The Youth Council is a subgroup of the Merced County Workforce Investment Board (MCWIB)  Pursuant to Section 117 (h) of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), there shall be an establishment of a permanent Youth Council  The MCWIB established the Youth Council in pursuant to WIA, Section 117 and in partnership with the Board of Supervisors, appoints its members 4

5  Members of the MCWIB ◦ MCWIB Bylaws:  At least three (3) seats on the Youth Council shall be filled by MCWIB members  The Chairperson of the Youth Council shall be one of the three (3) abovementioned WIB members  Representative of youth service agencies, including juvenile justice and local law enforcement agencies  Representatives of local public housing authorities  Parents of eligible youth seeking assistance under this subtitle  Individuals, including former participants, and representative of organizations, that have experience relating to youth activities  Representative of Job Corps  Representatives of youth who are enrolled In-School and Out-of-School  Representatives of apprenticeship training programs serving youth  Representatives of the private sector  Representatives of local educational agencies serving youth  Representatives of private nonprofit agencies serving youth,  And as appropriate, may include such other individuals as the chairperson of the WIB, in cooperation with the chief elected official, determines appropriate. 5

6  The Youth Council shall be responsible for ◦ Coordinating youth activities in Merced County ◦ Developing portions of the local plan related to eligible youth (as determined by the Chairperson of the Board) ◦ Recommending eligible youth service providers in accordance with WIA Section 123 (subject to the approval of the Board) ◦ Conducting oversight with respect to eligible providers of youth activities in the local area (subject to approval of the Board) ◦ And carrying out other duties, as authorized by the Chairperson of the Board 6

7  The MCWIB may delegate responsibility for the selection and oversight of eligible youth providers as well as other youth program responsibilities to the Youth Council  The MCWIB may delegate the Youth Council the authority to create its own budget for its operations and to expend WIA and non-WIA funds within that budget  MCWIB and Youth Council cannot mandate curricula for schools  Youth Council Members who are not MCWIB members can only vote at the Youth Council 7

8  WIAD 06-17 As of March 2007 added the following to the required youth council duties: ◦ Leveraging other LWIA youth program funds for the purpose of improving the effectiveness of local youth programs through collaborative planning, funding, and service delivery ◦ Making recommendations to the LWIB for connecting youth program activities, including those provided by local educational entities, to the One-Stop delivery system ◦ Making recommendations to the LWIB for including training in nontraditional occupations for women and girls, and pre-apprenticeship training in youth program activities 8

9  Public Access ◦ Sunshine Ordinance and Brown Act  Regular Meetings – at least six (6) scheduled meetings each year. Reasonable notice of the time and location of meetings shall be provided to the WIB members.  Quorum – the presence of a majority ◦ (If three consecutive meetings are missed - the member may be removed from the council)  Actions and Resolutions – quorum exists, all actions taken and resolutions passed by an affirmative vote of a simple majority (forward to WIB for ratification)  Standards/Polices/Procedures for the expenditure of funds consistent with those of Merced County  Minutes 9

10  Youth Council Members that have a conflict of Interest ◦ Shall be either  Disqualified from further Youth Council Membership  Disqualified from participating in Youth Council decision ◦ When disqualified for conflict of interest, disqualification must be announced at the meeting  A Youth Council member may not vote/ participate in the decision making of the following ◦ Provision of services by same member or entity that member represents ◦ Result in direct financial benefit or loss to member or family member 10

11 All members are subject to: 1. Political Reform Act of 1974 Revised 2011 2. Fair Political Practices Commission 3. California Government Code Section 1090 et seq. (conflicts of interest in the contract making process) 4. Merced County Workforce Investment Board’s Rules covering conflict of interest and disclosure of economic interests 11

12  Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the MCWIB in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the MCWIB Bylaws, any special rules of order the MCWIB may adopt, or any applicable State and federal laws and regulations.  All MCWIB and MCWIB committee meetings are subject to the Brown Act. 12

13  The Brown Act allows a legislative body to use Remote Access to meet, receive public comment and testimony, deliberate, or conduct a closed session.  Any MCWIB member or committee member may participate in a MCWIB meeting, or a committee of the MCWIB, by means of a telephone or video conference or by any means of communication by which all persons participating in the meeting are able to communicate with one another, and such participation shall constitute presence at the meeting.  The following requirements must be meet to remotely attend a meeting: 1.At least a quorum of the legislative body must participate from locations within the local agency’s jurisdiction; 2.Additional Remote Access locations may be made available for the public. 3.Each Remote Access location must be specifically identified in the agenda of the meeting, including a full address and room number, as may be applicable; 4.Agendas must be posted at each Remote Access location, even if a hotel room or a residence; 5.Each teleconference location must be accessible to the public and have technology such as a speakerphone, to enable the public to participate; 6.The agenda must provide the opportunity for the public to address the legislative body directly at each teleconference location; 7.All votes must be by roll call. 13

14 14  Vision ◦ Today’s youth….Tomorrow’s leaders  Role ◦ Strategically link/connect all youth delivery systems in a way that promotes a countywide vision of successful youth.  Mission Statement ◦ Fund programs and foster collaboration to instill in our youth the knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed in their education and career

15 1. Develop and implement and outreach program for youth to increase their knowledge of programs and services available to youth 2. Provide oversight for all MCWIA Youth programs and assure goals, objectives, and timelines are being met. 3. Research and evaluate the best practices and current indicators for success of state and national youth programs. 15

16 1. Develop and deliver the marketing message of the Youth Council ◦ Creates linkages with youth programs, business, education, and local communities to promote awareness of the Youth Council and its programs ◦ Encourages the development of youth leadership within the community and Youth Council ◦ Promotes awareness of the value of youth development in education and training programs ◦ Identifies youth programs within the County to promote and support 16

17 2. Provide oversight to all Workforce Investment Act functions that the Youth council is responsible for. This includes: ◦ Requests for Proposals ◦ Assures policies and procedures are properly applied ◦ Develops competitive grant funding ◦ Investigates how money is spent in relationship to results produced 3. Review customer satisfaction input and use it for continuous improvement of youth programs and services. 17

18  Conduct oversight with respect to the WI Youth Contractors of youth activities in the local area ◦ Investigates how money is spent in relationship to results produced ◦ Developing competitive grant funding 18

19 ◦ The MCWIB may delegate the Youth Council the authority to create its own budget for its operations and to expend WIA and non-WIA funds within that budget 19

20  Ethics Training Every Two Years ◦ AB 1234 requires elected or appointed officials to complete two hours of Ethics training that may consist of an online course or in-person training Free online training provided by the California Fair Political Practices Commission & Office of the Attorney General And is found using the following link: 20

21  Developing the parts of the Local Plan applicable to eligible youth  Other Youth duties as assigned by the MCWIB 21

22  Disadvantaged Youth – 14 -21 years ◦ In-School Program(16-18 years) ◦ Out-of-School Program(17-21 years)  Grants Serving a Youth Population 22

23  To ensure that the program services the highest risk youth in Merced County, the MCWIB YC implemented local policies that ensure that the youth served in the programs are the most in need. Under the local eligibility criteria, only youth that meet the following criteria are eligible for services: ◦ Low income, and  Basic skills deficient or have not obtained a high school diploma or GED (In-School Youth Age 16-18)(Out-of-School Youth 17- 21)  Have one (1) or more of the following barrier(s) as defined by the WIA: 1) Deficient in basic literacy skills; 2) School Dropout; 3) Homeless/Runaway or Foster Child; 4) Pregnant/Parenting; 5) Offender; or,  One (1) or more serious barriers to employment identified in the locally defined sixth (6 th ) barrier.  23

24  In addition, the MCWIB has adopted a comprehensive sixth (6 th ) barrier definition that has identified the following high risk barriers: ◦ Have repeated at least one secondary grade level or are one year over age for grade; ◦ Have a core grade point average (GPA) of less than 1.5; ◦ For each year of secondary education, are at least two semester credits behind the rate required to graduate from high school; ◦ Are emancipated youth; ◦ Have aged out of foster care; ◦ Are previous dropouts or have been suspended five or more times or have been expelled; ◦ Are court/agency referrals mandating school attendance; ◦ Are deemed at risk of dropping out of school by a school official; ◦ Have been referred to or are being treated by an agency for a substance abuse related problem; ◦ Have experienced a recent traumatic events, are victims of abuse, or reside in an abusive environment as documented by a school official or other qualified professional; ◦ Have serious emotional, medical or psychological problems as documented by a qualified professional; ◦ Have never held a job (applies to older youth); ◦ Have been fired from a job within the 12 months prior to application (applies to older youth); ◦ Have never held a full-time job for more than 12 consecutive weeks (applies to older youth); ◦ Documentation may include standardized tests, demonstration or observation to identity lack of survival, life, or coping skills ◦ Meets criteria for English as a Second Language (ESL) or Limited English Proficient (LEP) ◦ Is behind in credits or at risk of failing school or behind grade level (even if they test at grade level) ◦ Is not able to function socially in a comprehensive school and has elected to enroll in a alternative program such as Independent Study ◦ Has multiple piercing, tattoos, radical hair color, or cut which may be an impediment to gaining or obtaining employment 24

25  Emphasis is placed on quality and effective year-round youth services that focus on academic excellence and career guidance. The MCWIB YC continues to focus on assisting youth in: staying in school; attaining 10 th grade level in Reading and Math; and successful transition into post secondary education or employment.  Academic Excellence Path  Manual and Online skills diagnostic assessments *  Online Tutorial Program determined by diagnostic assessment  10 th grade or two (2) grade level improvement in Math/Reading  Post-secondary Education/Training  High School Diploma or successful pass of the General Education Development (GED) Test to obtain a California High School Equivalency Certificate  Career Guidance Path  Manual and Online skills diagnostic assessments *  Assist youth in evaluating career options  Career planning, job readiness, and work experience  Post secondary training and employment referrals 25

26  Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) is a manual assessment used to determine the academic level of individuals which include reading, math, and language skills  Interest Determination Exploration and Assessment System (IDEAS) is a manual assessment designed to be used in conjunction with career exploration and guidance units. The IDEAS inventory helps students and adults develop an awareness of possible career choices.  PESCO is a computer management system that assesses the aptitude which includes coordination/dexterity, grade equivalent (reasoning/reading math), and personality interests/styles/temperament/ethic  WorkKeys a computer management system used to measures workplace job skills, job analysis, and skill training 26

27  In-School/Out-of-School ◦ Placement in Employment or Education ◦ Attainment of a Degree or Certificate ◦ Literacy and Numeracy Gains (Out-of-School only) 27

28 28 Report Date: 07/1/2011 - 06/30/2014 Data as of 06/21/13 Youth 2011/12 State Rate 2011/12 Actual Rate 2011/12 Success Rate 2012/13 State Rate 2013/14 State LWIA Rate Entered Employment or Education65.0%87.1%134%72.0%89.4% Attained Degree or Certificate61.0% 94.6%155%60.0%80.5% Literacy and Numeracy Gains40.0%57.6%144%54.0%56.3% Performance Outcomes

29  Workforce Investmen t Act  Reauthorization  Training & Employment Guidance Letters ◦ TEGL 26-12May 26, 2013 ◦ TEGL 30-10June 2, 2011 ◦ TEGL 15-10December 15, 2010 ◦ TEGL 17-05February 17, 2006  Change 1August 13, 2007  Change 2May 20, 2009 ◦ TEGL 9-00January 23, 2001 ◦ TEGL 7-99March 3, 2000  Waivers ◦ EDD  Directives WIA Directive 06-17 WSDD-87, WSD 12-17 29

30 Began May 4, 2011- with an Appreciation Reception June 26, 2012-(Reception) June 1, 2013- (Newspaper Recognition) 30 Steve Weaver, Business Owner of Hot City BBQ-Los Baños CA

31 31

32 Link:  This directory contains a list of the Youth Council Members and contacts information under the following categories: AbuseAddictionBasic NeedsBirth Control CareerChild CareCounselingEducation EmploymentHealthHotlinesJobs Legal AidMedical ServicesParentingPregnancy RapeRecreationResource Information RunawaySubstance AbuseVolunteer 32

33 Thank You for your time, hard work, and willingness to be a Youth Council Member 33

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