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3 Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt Everett Emergency Management Responder: Columbine HS, New Orleans, Sandy Hook FEMA trainer Subject Matter Expert for 530 Mudslide Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

4 What Have You Managed? Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

5 Now What….. You are notified that a cafeteria worker at one of your schools is on the way to the hospital with a suspected case of Ebola. What are your first few actions? Who is going to want to talk to you? Who can help you with this incident? Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

6 IDEAL JIC/JIS School Public Health Hospital Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

7 A Case Study Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

8 Taft HS – OVERVIEW Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt, School Shooting – 9 am Drill that morning before the shooting Neighbor saw student with a gun… called 911 Two staff talked him into putting gun down. Police took over Parent Notification. Released kids alphabetically. Parents not all notified for 6 hours. Joint IC At the School… PD took the lead

9 Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

10 Taft- Who’s Impacted and What’s Their Message? Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt, Taft HS Taft Elementary School Lincoln JR High Taft College Taft Library

11 Taft HS Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt, Crashed the Parent Communication Network Cell phones went down Oil Company the major employer in town… people left work

12 Taft HS Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt, Kern County Superintendent of Schools (like ESD’s) – Resource but not used Notified by monitoring Facebook New Board of Supervisors member wanted the Press Conference delayed until he got there. 9:20 – CNN calling everyone looking for someone to interview

13 Comprehensive Crisis Response Plan Policies and procedures for 3 types of events: Get ‘em out Keep ‘em in Keep ‘em in Bring ‘em back Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

14 Essentials of Crisis Response Plan Management team Written plan Coordination between agencies Communication systems Staging areas Accountability procedures Family Reunification system Aftermath plan Equipment and Supplies Rele ase Acct. commun ication links After math plan Staging team Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

15 Incident Command – JIC/JIS Schools Emergency Management Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

16 School and School District ICS First Responders (Fire, Police, EMT) Partners (Mental & Public Health, Parents, Media, etc.) Incident Command System Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

17 Joint Information System NIMS describes the use of the Joint Information System (JIS) to complete the critical tasks of information sharing and coordination. The JIS is a system that ensures coordination and integration of information across jurisdictions, organizations, and agencies during an incident. The PIO uses the JIS to:  Determine information to be communicated to the public.  Create clear and easily understood messages.  Ensure information is accurate.  Identify how messages should be conveyed.  Coordinate information being distributed to ensure consistency with other agencies’ messages. Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

18 JIS Configurations The role of the PIO is the same regardless of the type or size of the event. Examples of JIS configurations are:  One PIO talking by phone to an “on-scene” PIO to confirm the number of responders at the scene prior to an initial news release.  Two PIOs talking to each other on the phone about a news story that involves both of their agencies.  Three PIOs on the scene of a crisis “huddling” prior to making a statement to the media.  Over 150 PIOs working a major disaster, often from different locations—all to ensure clear and accurate information is being delivered amid the confusion of a disaster response. Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

19 Establish Media Pools Media pools are used to restrict access to an area due to space limitations or safety issues. A media pool:  Allows access to one media representative from television, radio, print, and Internet to a restricted area.  Operates with the understanding that any video, audio, or interviews acquired will be shared with the rest of the media.  May allow access to more than one person from each media type when necessary (e.g., television reporter and a camera operator, or newspaper reporter and photographer).  Leaves the decision as to who will be in the pool to the media. Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,



22 School Safety Procedures Saves The Lives of 476 Students

23 ICS Organization: Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

24 School District ICS Incident Commander Security Search/ Rescue Damage Assess. First Aid Student & Staff Care Campus Map Displays Message Center Plans Supplies Volunteers Timekeeping & Documenting Staffing Facilities Communications PIO/ Liaison Safety Officer Logistics Student Release Logistics Planning/ Intelligence Admin. Operations District Damage Assessment Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

25 Unified Command Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt, The Unified Command organization consists of the Incident Commanders from the various jurisdictions or organizations operating together to form a single command structure. Fire & Rescue Incident Commander Local Law Enforcement Incident Commander School Incident Commander

26 Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

27 Multi Agency Coordination Group as set up in Sparks, Nevada Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt, MAC Coordinator Emergency Manager Intelligence Fusion Center Communications Washoe County Community Relations Department Resources Washoe County Health District Liaison Local Subject Matter Expert Policy Advisor Assistant City Manager, Sparks

28 530 Mudslide Public “Faces” became exhausted right before our eyes. Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,


30 "As the search for survivors and bodies in the Highway 530 Mudslide entered its fifth day, an emotional and physical fatigue is rising to the forefront not only of the victims’ families and community members struck in catastrophe, but also of the officials embroiled in the details. Snohomish County Fire District 21 Chief Travis Hots didn’t appear at Wednesday’s media briefings on the slide, and was taking a much needed rest, Snohomish County Executive John Lovick said. Steve Thompson, Snohomish County’s public works director, appeared noticeably worn. Normally stoic, calculated and composed department of emergency management director John Pennington briefly broke down while speaking about the outpouring of support he has seen from the county and state. “We are humbled beyond belief in this county,” Pennington said through tears. “It’s very hard.” Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,


32 Let’s Look At The BEFORE of This Picture Presidential Visit… timing, security, screening, chose location, barricades, who gets to meet him, where is the best photo op, logistics of media… badging, staging, parking, food, safety, equipment, printing, politics, Coordination of other events, What else? Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

33 Lets Look at the AFTER of This Picture Controversy of his visit Conspiracy Theory Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

34 On a Good Day…. Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

35 But On A Bad Day... You Can’t Do It Alone Dr. Mary Schoenfeldt,

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