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Aftermath of WWI.

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1 Aftermath of WWI

2 How did Europe change after WWI?
Essential Question How did Europe change after WWI?

3 Russian Revolution In 1917, Russia went through a revolution.
A revolution is a big change of power in short amount of time. Poor people in Russia (serfs) were unsatisfied with their lives. They blamed the rich ruling class of Russia and demanded the Czar (King) step down The Czar of Russia (King) was Nicholas II

4 Russian Revolution This took place in 1917.
WWI had made the poor even poorer They took over the Russian Government and killed Nicholas II and his whole family, ending the 300 year Romanov Dynasty.


6 Russian Revolution After the Revolution, a Communist group known as the Bolsheviks took over Communism is a system in which people cooperate to survive. The leader of the Bolsheviks was Vladimir Lenin

7 Russian Revolution Lenin and the Bolsheviks make Russia a Communist country and change the name. Russia becomes the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)


9 The War Ends The Allied Powers win the war.
The war leaves almost all of Europe bankrupt. They force Germany to sign the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.


11 The Treaty of Versailles
The 1919 Versailles Treaty, which Germany was kept under blockade until she signed, ended the war. The treaty said: the war was all Germany’s fault. Germany had to pay money to the countries it attacked. Germany had to give up a bunch of its land and colonies Germany also had to disarm its military.

12 The Treaty of Versailles caused Germany to go through a depression
a time when businesses and people lost a lot of money

13 People who could not find jobs joined the Communist and National Socialist parties.
The National Socialist Party’s leader, Adolf Hitler, was gaining more and more power

14 The Treaty of Versailles
They were also mad because the treaty said that Germany alone caused WWI. Many Germans wanted revenge

15 Nazi Party As more and more Germans became poor and angry, more and more began joining the National Socialist Party. Before long, the party is very large and it’s leader, Adolph Hitler becomes very powerful. They also change the name of the party to the Nazi Party

16 We Will See Hitler Again


18 Mr. Cribbs is a Dictator Split class in two groups
Why are you unsatisfied with me as dictator? What is your new political party’s name? Who is your leader? How will you take me out of power? What will you do when you have power?

19 Mr. Cribbs is a Dictator How will you control the people of the other political party? Why are you unsatisfied with your new dictator? Who is your leader? How will you take them out of power? What will you do when you have power?

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