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TELL US WHAT YOU THINK Consultation on the Draft Blaenau Gwent Single Integrated Plan 2013 to 2017.

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1 TELL US WHAT YOU THINK Consultation on the Draft Blaenau Gwent Single Integrated Plan 2013 to 2017

2 Each local service board in Wales has a duty to lead a process called single integrated planning. This involves working with key partners organisations working in an area to develop and deliver a plan. Background of Single Integrated Planning In simple terms, this is the process whereby local partners come together to identify the needs and priorities of the local area, and outline a clear direction for the future. The Single Integrated Plan should become the first place people go to find out what is planned for the area over a 3 to 5 year period. This process leads to a document being produced called the Single Integrated Plan which brings together all the relevant information in one place.

3 What is a Single Integrated Plan? A single integrated plan should be based on a comprehensive strategic needs assessment A single integrated plan should contain: Vision, Analysis, Action plan (3 to 5 years) Supporting strategies for information/intelligence function and engagement Assurance on delivery e.g. how it will be implemented and monitored All areas should have a Single Integrated Plan by April 2013, and should be regularly monitored, reviewed and reported on annually, and fundamentally reviewed every four years The Welsh Government have provided statutory guidance on Single Integrated Planning Shared Purpose – Shared Delivery. It states:

4 Single Integrated Plan in Blaenau Gwent The Draft Single Integrated Plan for Blaenau Gwent builds on all the good work carried out in developing the Community Strategy 2010 to 2030 This important strategy document set out and agreed a path towards a long-term vision (20 years) for the Blaenau Gwent area. ‘Blaenau Gwent a better place to live, work and visit’ In Blaenau Gwent, there have been five main plans that were developed and implemented in recent years to help the delivery of the intention set out in the Community Strategy. From April 2013 these plans will be replaced by this Single Integrated Plan

5 Understanding the need in Blaenau Gwent A Single Integrated Plans needs to be developed and implemented using robust evidence of need in a local area. In Blaenau Gwent, a Strategic Needs Assessment was carried out to draw together evidence and analysis to help identify needs and set priorities for strategic partnership work. The Blaenau Gwent Strategic Needs Assessment 2012 identified 30 key issues, many of which included subsets, e.g. the Key issue of Employment Opportunities includes Youth Employment, Assisted Employment Opportunities, Low Self Employment, Support Business, Job Preservation and Diversifying Economic Base. A full copy of the Blaenau Gwent Strategic Needs Assessment 2012 is provided as part of this consultation pack

6 Understanding the need in Blaenau Gwent A visual summary of the identified issues from the Blaenau Gwent Strategic Needs Assessment 2012

7 Turning Needs into Priorities…. In November 2012 a workshop which looked at ‘Turning Needs in Priorities’ was held. Partner organisations came together to consider the issues identified from the Strategic Needs Assessment. This helped identify the key issues for Blaenau Gwent, and shape the Single Integrated Plan which is now be consulted on.

8 The ‘New’ Draft Single Integrated Plan The draft plan has a simple structure, and includes: 1. Introduction 2. The Vision 3. An Assessment of Need 4. Proposed Themes & Priorities This process has led to ‘Making a Difference’ being produced which is the new Single Integrated Plan for Blaenau Gwent The strategy is a four year plan covering the period 2013 – 2017. 5. Cross-cutting Projects for 2013/14 6. Engagement Strategy 7. Information Strategy 8. Single Integrated Plan – next steps

9 Setting the Scene.. 1.Introduction This short section aims to give a perspective to Blaenau Gwent’s current situation 3.An Assessment of Need This section provides an overview of the Strategic Needs Assessment process in Blaenau Gwent. Also, information is provided from the needs assessment in each theme that follows. 2.The Vision This section provides information on important strategies such as the Blaenau Gwent’s Community Strategy, outcomes and proposed partnership structure in Blaenau Gwent, including the Local Service Board

10 Healthy Healthy behaviour and lifestyle Mental health and well-being Chronic health conditions Vulnerable people Independent living The 5 proposed themes and priorities This section introduces each of the main themes and outlines a summary of the priorities, which are: Learning Early years development School attainment Adult learning Thriving Employment opportunities Financial pressures Vibrant Housing Built and natural environment Access and transport Fair and Safe Crime Anti-social behaviour Domestic abuse Substance misuse Cohesion and involvement

11 What is in each theme.. What is in each theme.. Each of the five themes have the same format, and include: Why do Blaenau Gwent Partners need to work together on this theme? This section provides an introduction to the theme, and provides some of the relevant statistics to the theme that were gathered from the Strategic Needs Assessment 2012. What are the outcome(s) we are working towards? This outlines what long term outcome(s) this theme and its priorities will make a significant difference towards What do we need to do? These are the proposed priorities for this theme for the Single Integrated Plan from 2013 to 2017 How do we intend to do it? For each priority in a theme, a list of actions and intentions are provided. These lists are not a complete list, but intended to give an idea of what will be done What difference do we want to make? Some examples of what results we look to achieve from carrying out the work associated for this theme

12 We will use ‘Thriving Communities’ all have the same format Why do Blaenau Gwent Partners need to work together on this theme? Summary statistics include information about poverty, unemployment, business, benefit claiming, financial pressures, and deprivation What are the outcome(s) we are working towards? Blaenau Gwent has a thriving economy People in Blaenau Gwent are supported to live free from poverty What do we need to do? The priorities for this theme in the Single Integrated Plan are to: Improve employment opportunities Support people facing financial pressures An Example of a Key Theme..Thriving

13 How do we intend to do it? Some examples of actions and intentions for the two priorities Improve employment opportunities Attract inward Investment e.g. motorcycle racetrack Map employment provision Implement job support schemes such as ‘BG100’ Use work based learning to improve skills Enterprise facilitation Support people facing financial pressures Financial Inclusion strategies Partnership approach to support for worklessness households Partnership referral systems for debt and financial advice Improve digital inclusion across Blaenau Gwent What difference do we want to make? Examples include more people in work, businesses succeeding, higher levels of income, more people receive the right financial support, less people living in poverty

14 Cross-Cutting Projects for 2013 to 2014 Each year, the Blaenau Gwent Local Service Board identifies a small number of priority projects to focus their attention on, which are above and beyond the work that is carried out through the Strategic Partnerships. The development of this Single Integrated Plan, including the Strategic Needs assessment has led to the proposed projects for 2013 to 2014, which are Help people in Blaenau Gwent deal with the impact of welfare reform. Investigate the negative effect of alcohol misuse by people in Blaenau Gwent.

15 Blaenau Gwent’s Enabling Strategies Proposal for Blaenau Gwent’s Information Strategy 2013 to 2017 are to: Proposal for Blaenau Gwent’s Public Engagement Strategy 2013 to 2017 are to : The Welsh Government Statutory Guidance Shared Purpose: Shared Delivery specifies that each LSB should develop enabling strategies for public engagement and information, as part of the Single Integrated Plan. 1.Develop an effective partnership approach to public engagement in Blaenau Gwent. 2.Improve the coordination of public engagement activities across Blaenau Gwent. 3.Encourage involvement of people in Blaenau Gwent in public engagement activities. 1.Create a culture in partnership organisations that values and exploits the power of information 2.Utilise effectively the expert, professional, well trained people working in partner organisations 3.Develop good data quality and information which is shared effectively across partner organisations

16 Consultation Exercise on Single Integrated Plan What do you think? Consultation gives interested people, organisations and groups the opportunity to give their views on the draft strategy in their own words. We are actively seeking your views on the draft strategy, and it would help us if you could frame your response in writing (hand written or electronic) around a set of questions. There are 2 questionnaires, 1 full and 1 summary version (both available on internet)

17 Summary of Questions Part 1: General Comments Covering look and layout, readability, purpose, and direction of the draft strategy Part 2: Specific Comments about the themes and priorities : Covering Thriving, Learning, Health, Fair and Safe and Vibrant Part 3: Specific Comments about the Priority Projects, Engagement and Information Strategies Covering the cross-cutting priority projects, and the Engagement and Information Strategies Part 4: Final Comments Any further comments not expressed already Part 5: About the Respondent General and contact details about the respondent

18 Round Up of Consultation Where possible, we will look to incorporate feedback and where appropriate make changes to the final strategy document. Once the formal consultation period is over, we will produce a summary report of the consultation responses received. Please be mindful that it may not be possible to reflect all comments we receive, therefore we will be looking for key and consistent messages to inform the final strategy. 12 weeks consultation Friday 14 th December 2012 to Friday 8 th March 2013

19 Round Up of Consultation… Electronic copies of the consultation document can be found on the Council website, on the ‘Current Consultation’ webpage. You find it easier to complete your response via the on-line questionnaire, which is also on the ‘Current Consultation’ webpage. All relevant documentation can be found at any one of the Libraries in Blaenau Gwent

20 Policy and Research Section Strategic Business Unit Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council Municipal Offices Civic Centre Ebbw Vale Blaenau Gwent NP23 6XB Telephone: 01495 355786 Email: If you would like further assistance in completing your response to the draft strategy in the first instance please contact the Policy & Research Team, who will do all they can to assist you in submitting your feedback. Further Assistance..

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