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Assembled Vehicle Inspection (AVI) Process

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1 Assembled Vehicle Inspection (AVI) Process
Michigan Department of State Investigations Division Bill Burton, Senior Analyst

2 AVI Process Department of State Program Applications made by owner of vehicle Processing new title and special Vehicle Identification Number can take 6 to 8 weeks No License plate is allowed Owner may purchase a 30 day or 60 day permit to operate the vehicle if necessary

3 AVI Process Account for The Parts
Motor Vehicle Motorcycle Titled Trailer Engine Running gear (Frame, axle & Wheels Transmission Frame Box, if any Body Parts (doors, front and rear clips) Front end assembly, including the fork Frame, including axles Wheels Seat

4 AVI Process Ownership Documents
Owner’s Name and Address, or name and address of the person who assembled the vehicle. Date of Purchase Description of the parts and the prices paid. If there are other serial numbers on the parts used, they must be shown. (Engines, transmissions) Name, address and telephone number of any parts dealers or person who sold the parts.

5 AVI Process Scrap Titled Vehicles
Scrap is defined as “damaged over 90 % of the vehicle’s Pre-Damaged, Fair-Market Value” Vehicle must be completely dismantled The new assembled vehicle must be made up of major component parts from two or more vehicles. An assembled vehicle may not include both the frame (or unitized body supporting structure) and any other major component part from the same scrap title vehicle.

6 AVI Process Major Component Parts List
a)     Engine b)    Transmission c)     Right or left front fender d)    Hood e)     A door allowing entrance to or exit from the vehicle’s passenger compartment f)       Front or rear bumper g)    Right or left rear quarter panel h)     Deck lid, tailgate or hatchback i)    Trunk floor pan j)     Cargo box of a pickup k)    Frame, or if the vehicle has a unitized body, the supporting structures that serve as the frame l)     Cab of a truck m)       Body of a passenger vehicle

7 AVI Process TR–54 Form Inspection form given to the owner prior to making title application TR-54 must be completed by a Michigan police officer The completed TR-54 is submitted when filing the title application

8 AVI Process TR-54 - Part One
Vehicle Number Inspection Serial numbers are checked by police officer (Looking for the stolens) Police officer signs form and records additional information.

9 AVI Process TR-54 – Part Two
On-Road Equipment Inspection by police officer Police officer signs off on the equipment inspection

10 AVI Process Four-Wheel Motor Vehicles
Lights (Head lights, tail lights, turn signals, brake lights) Interior (Horn, wipers, safety belts, brakes) Windshield and Mirrors (Safety glass, outside mirrors, truck mirrors) Exterior (Bumpers, tires, exhaust system, rear differential)

11 AVI Process Units B through E
Unit B – Motorcycles (two or three wheels) Unit C – Trailers (under 3,000 lbs gross weight) Unit D – Trailers (More than 3,000 lbs gross weight) Unit E - Pole-Trailers

12 AVI Process Weight Slip for Trailers
If the AVI is for a trailer, it must be weighed at a local scales (Lumberyards) Owner may drive to a scales without a license plate Weight slip is submitted when title application is made

13 AVI Process At the Secretary of State
At the SOS Branch: Make title application

14 AVI Process At the Secretary of State
Complete a “Certification,” that describes the building of the Assembled Vehicle

15 AVI Process At the Secretary of State
New VIN is computed $10.00 fee for the new VIN Sticker Owner’s business hours telephone number

16 AVI Process At the Secretary of State
Other SOS Steps: All paperwork is carefully reviewed and verified as accurate by In-House Staff New VIN Sticker and Title are generated SOS Field Staff receives paperwork from Lansing, makes an appointment with owner, inspects the vehicle, places the sticker and releases the title

17 AVI Process Where Sticker is Placed
Pillar-Post (Not on Door) Frame or Permanent box

18 AVI Process Where Sticker is Placed
Tubular Frame (driver area) Or Engine Top Front Forks Or Under Seat on Frame Pillar / Post Driver’s Side

19 AVI Process Compliance Division Staff
August 2003, Compliance Division (the former BAR) Staff take over the VIN Sticker installation process from Investigations Division (former Enforcement) Since August 2003, the Compliance Staff have installed over 1,000 VIN Stickers

20 Michigan Department of State
AVI Process Michigan Department of State Investigations Division Bill Burton, Senior Analyst Telephone

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