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Welcome to the Driving Camp Pachfurth! "You will experience emotions you never expected to exist!" Between the "Twin Cities" Vienna and Bratislava the.

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2 Welcome to the Driving Camp Pachfurth! "You will experience emotions you never expected to exist!" Between the "Twin Cities" Vienna and Bratislava the technically most advanced and one of the largest driving safety centres in the whole of Europe is waiting for you. Our highly professional and widely experienced team offers you all aspects of active driving events: Training for beginners and experts on cars, motorcycles and trucks Fun training for adventurers in sports cars, off-roaders and go-carts Industrial product promotion - for manufacturers and dealers The promised emotions can be only experienced during a personal visit at our Driving Camp, to which I sincerely would like to invite you! Christian Thiesen General Manager


4 Are we allowed to show off? The Driving Camp Pachfurth. The eight On-Road-Modules are full of latest technology. With slide- machines, water obstacles, bump roads and low-friction surfaces. For cars, motorcycles, trucks, busses and small transporters. At our spectacular off-road-area you can even find more highlights. With steep grade, adjustable wadebasin, stone stairs, cross inclined hill, waterfall and a lodge with a nice view. For training, adventure and experience. The 1 km long wet-handling-track offers real motor sport feeling. With challenging curve combinations and cross-aquaplaning. For comparable driving, perfect line-training and drift-experience. Our partner the Technical Hydraulic makes sure that we are always equipped with the latest technical standard. In the safety centre a lot of extras provide pure comfort. All this includes ten training containers, floodlight, car-wash and workshops. On top of that our offer is completed by the largest Austrian kart- racecourse, a quad-track and a jet-ski-lake in the neighborhood.

5 1 2 4 5 6 9 7 13 3 8 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 100 Meter 13 11 Circle with low-friction surface & bump road Truck slide-machine with low-friction surface Off-Road-wadebasin with traction section Car slide-machine with low-friction surface Multifunction area with straight aquaplaning Downhill-grade with curve (7%) Motorcycle area with slide-machine Off-Road area with artificial waterfall Braking track with five different surfaces Main-building with event area Event-hall with training room Incline course with curves (12%) Wet-handling-track with cross-aquaplaning

6 A home for your guests! "Every event needs a special centre of attraction!" That is our philosophy for successful events at Pachfurth. The high quality and multi-flexible facility invites your guests to product- presentations, trainings or celebrations. Beside our eventful outdoor area our main building provides all necessary requirements. Our restaurant happily fulfils all your culinary desires, covering from finger- food to gala buffet for all kind of events - of course everything freshly made! Interesting data for you: Welcome-hall (250m²) Two passable event-halls (darkening possible, with 400 and 700m²) Five seminar rooms (40-80m²) Reception with rentable back-office 2 exclusively furnished club rooms (each 50m²) Off-road lodge with terrace (for up to 50 people) Separate garage for car-cleaning and preparing


8 Safe drivers do it better. Our experienced instructors introduce you to all kind of exercises. No matter if you are young, old, female, male, beginner or expert. At Driving Camp Pachfurth we offer everyone his or her specific training. Our classical safety training: Car- and motorcycle intensive-training Advanced training for high und highest demands Training for professional utility vehicle drivers For special demands we offer: Special trainings combined with company specific contents Seminars for economic and defensive driving Off-Road-training


10 Let's do it the other way - not only classical! In addition to the existing training programmes we offer you a whole lot of more excitement and adventure – for sure very creative alternatives: Adrenaline & Thrill? Off-Road-adventure in extreme topography Drift-taxi as co-pilot Sports car driving on the circuit Competition & Team-Events? Off-Road trial-parcours Ability tournament Partner- blind driving Fun & Pleasure? Quad-adventure Pro Go-kart-race Jet-ski-experience on the lake


12 On top of that… Presentations… … of your product the alternative way. In a spectacular supporting program of active driving and motor-sport elements we create your presentation for dealers, customers, suppliers and employees for an unforgettable event. Brand Staging… … and load up your brand with positive and emotional experiences at Pachfurth, benefit from the professional facilities at the Driving Camp. Multiply… … your contacts in a unique atmosphere at the driving safety centre, which creates a lot of enthusiasm among your guests by experiencing unexpected adventures.


14 Also your destination? The Driving Camp Pachfurth is easily reachable: Coming from Vienna Airport it only takes you 15 minutes, not even 500 m from motorway A4. Did we draw your attention? Then we look forward to see you as soon as possible! Christian ThiesenMarco Kessler General ManagerGeneral Manager T: +43 2164 22 3 77-88T: +43 2164 22 3 77-55 F: +43 2164 22 3 77-98F: +43 2164 22 3 77-98 Find us in the internet at! Driving Camp Pachfurth Friends + Experts GmbH Freizeitzentrum 2 A-2471 Pachfurth

15 Motorway A4 Airport (15 Minutes) Vienna (25 Minutes) Bratislava (25 Minutes) Budapest (120 Minutes) Pachfurth (2 Minutes) Exit Bruck a. d. Leitha Ost Bruck a. d. Leitha (5 Minutes)

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