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The Mouse and the Motorcycle By Beverly Cleary

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1 The Mouse and the Motorcycle By Beverly Cleary Copyright@1965

2 Vocabulary Chapters 1-2 Rumpled Revewed Faucets Prevented Luggage Chickadee Critically Interruptperplexed protestedeager quaintscurried threadbarescolded antimascassar rumor relentingreckless greedilysensible

3 Rumpled In disarray- a mess

4 Setting Where do you think this takes place? –The park –A hotel –A little boy’s bedroom –A new home

5 When? Read pages 11-14. Are there any author’s clues? –Weather –Mood –Location –Characters that would give it away… –Present time?

6 Who is the main character? Ralph (tell your partner what is so special about him) Mr. and Mrs. Gridley Guest of the inn Keith (their son) –Rumpled shorts and shirt

7 Characters? Describe Matt: –Young and ready to play with toys –Older, who knows much about the hotel –A friend of Keith’s.

8 Vocabulary Chapter 2 chromium quivering jauntily craved scrabbled momentum

9 Feelings of the mouse Ralph experiences many feelings as Keith unpacks his belongs. First, what were some items? Cars Apple Motorcycle All of the above

10 What were the feelings Ralph describes: Disappointment (the boy was young and only) Hopeful (there would be good quality food) Joy (apple laid by phone) Despair (when mom throws it in the trash)

11 Motorcycle Madness The very first bicycle was created by Kirkpatrick Macmillan in 1839. The first motorcycles were simply bicycles with small engines attached. In 1867 an American inventor named Sylvester Howard Roper created the first motorcycle,which was a bicycle with a coal burning motor to power it. By 1885, two Germans named Gottlieb Daimler and Paul Maybach, had designed a wooden framed contraption powered by a gasoline motor, having two large wheels and two smaller “training” wheels, and this invention was the one recognized as being the official first motorcycle.

12 The parts of a Motorcycle throttle Drive chain Engine Gear shift lever Fuel tank Seat Fork Handlebars Brake Exhaust

13 Plot a Course Cities, national parks, monuments, museums, natural wonders, and mountains are traveling attractions you may see if you planned a vacation like the Gridley’s. Directions: Plan a trip from OHIO to California that takes 3 weeks (consider time zones). You may highlight your course using traveler’s guide, maps, an atlas. Chart your miles by logging the distance you go.

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