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Genetic Engineering in Plants — Transgenic Plants 第十章 植物的基因工程.

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2 Genetic Engineering in Plants — Transgenic Plants 第十章 植物的基因工程

3 Agrobacterium tumefaciens and Crown galls

4 Transformation of plant cells byAgrobacterium tumefaciens

5 Agrobacteria cause crown gall tumors in plants

6 Structure of the octopine and nopaline plasmids

7 Structure of the nopaline Ti plasmid pTi C58 LB---left border RB---right border

8 Map of the nopaline T-DNA region

9 Formation of a cointegrate Ti plasmid

10 Binary vector system baced on Bin19

11 A GUS vector  CaMV-cauliflower mosaic virus  GUS-glucuronidase  NPTII---neomycin phospho- trasferase II

12 Regeneration of transgenic plants by leaf discs

13 Regeneration of plants from protoplasts Auxins/cytokinins↑, Root development Auxins/cytokinins↓, Shoot development

14 Regeneration of leaf disks infected by Agrobacterium

15 Transfer of T-DNA from Agrobacterium in to a plant cell---Vir proteins and T-DNA transfer

16 Transfering genes into plant cells by cointegration using T-DNA NPTII---neomycin phospho- trasferaseII

17 Transfer of an antisense gene for polygalacturonase (PG) into tomato cells by using a binary vector CaMV-cauliflower mosaic virus GUS-glucuronidase

18 Antisense technology

19 The antisense RNA procedure for blocking or reducing the level of expression of a specific gene

20 The regulation of biosynthesis of Ethylene (ETH)

21 反义基因在耐储藏番茄育种中的应用 ACC gene ( 1- 氨基丙环烷羧酸氧化酶, 乙烯合成途径酶类 ) anti-sense ACC-mRNA ACC-mRNA 乙烯合成被抑制 (-) 5 3mRNA (-) 5 3 (+) 3 5 cDNA anti-sense ACC gene pCaMV35s-

22 耐储藏番茄 华番一号 我国第一个基因工程农作物品种

23 Systemic infection of a plant with recombinant geminivirus Vectors Gene A---Replication in plant cells Gene B---Infectivity

24 Direct transfer of DNA into plant cells by microprojectile bombardement (shotgun)

25 Stable transformation of plastids in tobacco plants Sp---spectinomycin Sm---streptomycin

26 Cloning a plant gene by transposon tagging

27 Cloning plant genes by T-DNA insertional Mutagenesis EMS---ethylmethane sulfonate

28 Protection of plants from tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) infection by transgenic expression of the TMV coat protein(CP)

29 Established Bt and Roundup ready crops

30 Killing insect larvae with transgenic cotton plants that express the Bacillus thuringiensis(Bt) toxin gene

31 苏云金芽胞杆菌( BT )毒素蛋白基因

32 苏云金芽胞杆菌( BT )毒素蛋白基因 转 BT 基因水稻抗稻纵卷叶螟 抗病基因+抗虫基因+优质基因

33 Engineering herbicide-resistance plants

34 Roundup Ready® 转抗除草剂基因的 大豆和玉米

35 Plants as bioreactors to produce antibodies

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