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Catholic Church is one of the biggest Christian religious community in the world, wich proclaims rues of faith and life called Catholicism. The Catholic.

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2 Catholic Church is one of the biggest Christian religious community in the world, wich proclaims rues of faith and life called Catholicism. The Catholic Curch is one of the three main stands of Christianity, next to the Orthodox Church and the Protestant Churches. The church maintains unity in doctrine, permits while differences in liturgical celebrations and distinct hierarchical organization and canonical (ie Churches sui iuris ). Therefore, the Catholic Church can extract dominant in terms of numbers the Latin Church (also known as the Church of Rome or west) and the Catholic Churches of the East, which, despite their numbers and the differences between them are presented together due to their small size.

3 The beginnings of Christianity dates back to the first century - the period of activity of Jesus Christ. After the death of Jesus was about 33 N. E. his teachings proclaimed the twelve closest disciples, called apostles, around which gathered an increasingly large group of faithful, initially almost exclusively Jewish. Around 36 AD, after his conversion on the road to Damascus, and joined the ranks of the apostles Paul of Tarsus, who contributed to the rapid growth of Christianity. In subsequent years were coming Christians throughout the Roman Empire, especially among the lowest social strata. The church in the second century was not yet all the features of Catholicism. Note Christians focused mainly on storage " apostolic tradition " and therefore created a hierarchical church organization and authority which was to watch over the purity of the faith. Then the established creed and canon of the sacred books. Catholicism formed gradually as a result of the assimilation of elements of Hellenistic and Roman culture. Jesus Christ and the apostles

4 In this case, the content of the main Christian confessions of faith is essentially uniform; between Catholicism and Orthodoxy there is a discrepancy in the origin of the Holy Spirit (the problem of the Filioque ), while both religious beliefs oppose parts of Protestants emphasizing humanity rather than the divinity of Jesus, and grant special place of Mary, recognized for mother of God (Theotokos title) and mother of mankind, believing in her virginity (lifelong) and Assumption (Catholicism as the Immaculate Conception). There is one God in three Persons. In God is the unity of nature and essence, and the triplicity of individual Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Incarnate Jesus Christ is true God and true man - this means that it is the fullness of divinity and humanity. The Holy Spirit as a third divine person of the Father and of the Son, by one breath.

5 The Catholic Church is the largest Roman Catholic religious community in Poland, which is now under the authority of the bishops belonging to the Polish Episcopal Conference. Polish baptism Probably the first, along with southern influences on the present-southern Polish Christianity arrived in the Eastern rite propagated among others by the brothers Cyril and Methodius (there is a presumption that the prince was baptized Vistulans). Subordination Vistulans and other southern tribes wielkomorawskiemu you, then, probably, shortly Czechs led the Polanom, most powerful and independent role to the establishment accounted for the unification of the Polish lands. Mieszko, the first of the historic Piast dynasty, adopted 14 April 966 baptized by a priest of the Latin rite, Bishop Jordan. From this moment we are talking about the Catholic Church in Poland. The 968 was established in Poznan established missionary bishop. Boleslaw I the Brave, son lives, according to the chroniclers, he established the Christian faith among subjects, even using force. Mieszko I

6 Many Catholic celebrations in Poland continued to gather in the culture of the country and is celebrated as a day free from work. Highlights : January 1 Mary, Mother of God (formerly: Circumcision of the Lord ) January 6 Epiphany sweat. Three Kings ( 1960 day off from work, again from 2011) March 25 Annunciation of the Lord The first Sunday after the full moon of spring : Resurrection of the Lord, sweat. Easter ( Easter Sunday, and Easter Sunday, Easter Monday ) (2 days off from work) April 23 : Day Saint. Wojciech ( feast of the principal patron of Polish ) 3 May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Polish ( feast of the patron saint of the main Polish ) 8 May Day Saint. Stanislaus of Szczepanów ( feast of the principal patron of Polish ) Pentecost sweat. Pentecost or Whitsun - 50 day after the Resurrection of Christ ( Easter Sunday VIII ), the Church celebrated the feast for 2 days ( 1 day off ) Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, sweat. Corpus Christi - always on Thursday after Trinity, at the end of May or in June, 60 days after Easter ( day off ) August 15 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God ( Mary) Herbs ( day off ) Blessed Virgin Mary of Czestochowa, Our Lady of Czestochowa November 1 All Saints' Day ( work) November 2 All Souls Day, sweat. All Souls' Day ( recognized by Christians for the feast ) December 25 Nativity of the Lord, sweat. Christmas ( in the Act on non-working days : 25 and 26 December are public holidays within the Christmas holidays )

7 Holy Trinity Parish in Starachowice is a Roman Catholic parish, belonging to the deanery Starachowice-North in the Diocese of Radom. Parish erected in 1688 by the bishop of Krakow John Malachowski. Church of the Holy Trinity in Starachowice-Wierzbnik was built between 1681-1688, consecrated in 1741 by Michał Kunicki suffragan bishop of Krakow, remodeled in the years 1881-1912, 1929-1937, 1937- 1951, 1984-1989.

8 Pope John Paul II (Latin: Ioannes Paulus PP. II) responsible. Karol Józef Wojtyła (born May 18, 1920 in Wadowice, died. 2 April 2005 in the Vatican ) - Polish bishop of the Roman Catholic auxiliary bishop of Krakow, then Archbishop of Krakow, Cardinal, deputy chairman of the Polish Episcopal Conference ( 1969- 1978 ), 264 Pope and 6 The sovereign Vatican City State ( October 16, 1978 - April 2, 2005 ), Knight of the Order of the White Eagle, blessed the Catholic Church. The poet and linguist, as well as an actor, playwright and educator. The philosopher of history, phenomenologist, mystic, and a representative of Christian personalism. He is the first pope who took most foreign travel, and most people canonized [6] [ 7]. His beatification process was one of the shortest in the history of the Church, began a month after the funeral, and ended up six years after his death, and the process of canonization ended three years after the beatification, nine years after the death of.


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