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Chapter 7 The Catholic Church.

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1 Chapter 7 The Catholic Church

2 The Church The Church is the community of people who believe in Jesus Christ, have been baptized in him, and follow his teachings. Members of the Church are called Catholics It is rooted in beliefs, sacraments, and ministry that go back through the centuries to Jesus and the Apostles Jesus Christ, the son of God, is the cornerstone of the Church, our identity.

3 Marks of the Church There four identifying Marks of the Church One
Holy Catholic Apostolic It is by Christ and through the Holy Spirit that the Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic

4 Church is One & Holy Saint Paul wrote, “Now you are Christ’s body and individually parts of it. Jesus prayed at Last Supper his Father for his followers “that they may be one just as we are We celebrate our unity in the Eucharist Holiness are those who listen to the Gospel message and respond to it. Our daily challenge is to live as Jesus taught.

5 The Church is Catholic (universal) and Apostolic
Jesus said, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. That is, the Church welcomes everyone equally to hear and accept the Good News of Jesus’ Salvation for all The Church grew as it was built on faith of the Apostles, therefore, church is Apostolic Apostolic Succession was handed down by apostles to the pope and bishops

6 Faith Words Church – community of people of believe in Jesus Christ, have been baptized in and follow his teachings Marks of the Church – One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Ecumenical Councils – pope & bishops come together to discuss & make decisions on issues of faith, morals, and life of the Church Apostolic Succession – Apostle's authority and call to service is handed down to their successors, the pope and bishops of Rome

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