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Coming of Age Literature

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1 Coming of Age Literature
Common Themes in Coming of Age Literature

2 Coming of age Synonym/Explanation Image/Example
Growing up The mental transformation from childhood to adulthood. Image/Example The O.C. is a coming of age television show that focuses on the lives of teenagers growing up in California.

3 Loss of Idealism before after Synonym/Explanation
Destruction of a false sense of security May start to expect the worst from others Loss of faith in dreams Image/Example The girl thought her father could protect her from anything, but his death shattered her idealism. before after

4 Desire for Independence
Synonym/Explanation (From parents), want to make own decisions, want to be able to do things on your own Image/Example For many teens, a car = independence

5 Search for Identity/Acceptance
Synonym/Explanation Desire to belong to and feel accepted by a group, may feel lonely or isolated Search for answers to the question “Who am I?” Image/Example Teenagers struggle to feel accepted, but remain unique.

6 Changing Attitudes and Values
Synonym/Explanation What is important to character changes Image/Example Once he was accepted at tech school, John stopped playing soccer and started concentrating on his trade.

7 Testing the Waters Synonym/Explanation
Trying out new things, seeing what you can get away with Image/Example Though her curfew was 12:00, Suzy kept testing the waters by coming home later and later

8 Dreaming of the future Synonym/Explanation Image/Example
Asking…What will my life as an adult be like? What do I want to do when I “grow up”? how will my life be different from my parents’? Image/Example

9 Resilience (n) Explanation
able to become strong, happy, or successful again after a difficult situation or event “bounce back” Image/Example I am amazed by the resilience of the hurricane victims. Word Family Resilient (adj.)

10 Rite of Passage (n) Explanation
A ritual marking culturally significant changes in an individual’s life cycle, such as birth, puberty, marriage, old age, and death Image/Example A rite of passage that occurs at age 16 is ___________. Word Family ritual

11 Epiphany (n) Explanation
moment of understanding or clarity in which a person comes to gain a new understanding about him or herself or the world around him/her Image/Example I had an epiphany when I realized… Word Family

12 Initial (adj.) happening at the beginning [= first] Image/Example
Explanation happening at the beginning [= first] Image/Example My initial reaction to the news was complete shock. Word Family Initial phase Initial stage Initial period Initials Initiation

13 Self-Reliant (adj.) Explanation
Able to decide what to do by yourself, without depending on the help or advice of other people Image/Example Ellen Foster learned to be self-reliant at an early age Word Family Self-Reliance (n) Reliable (adj.)

14 Initiative (n) Explanation
The ability to make decisions and take action without waiting for someone to tell you what to do Image/Example I took initiative when I…. Word Family Initiation Initial

15 Conformity (n) Explanation
behavior that obeys the accepted rules of society or a group, and is the same as that of most other people Image/Example Many teenagers try to conform to their friends by wearing the same clothes, shoes, and hairstyles. Word Family Conform

16 Alienation (n) Explanation
the feeling of not being part of society or a group Image/Example In this picture, the figure’s alienation is symbolized by his placement in a dark corner. Word Family Alien Alienate (v)

17 Reconcile (v) Definition
if you reconcile two ideas, situations, or facts, you find a way in which they can both be true or acceptable Sentence As I grew up, I began to reconcile the fact that people can be both good and bad at the same time.

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