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1. Presentation and election of the Ordinand (or candidate)

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2 1. Presentation and election of the Ordinand (or candidate)

3 Those to be ordained are called by their name for attendance. If present, the Ordinand answers: “Present”

4 Instruction by the Bishop

5 The bishop explains to those gathered the meaning of Ministerial Priesthood.

6 Examination of the Candidate

7 The bishop asks the Ordinands if they are ready and willing to serve.

8 Litany of the Saints

9 The bishop calls on the help and intercession of the saints.

10 Laying of hands/ Act of consecration

11 This is the most important step in the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

12 In This step the Ordinand kneels as the bishop lays his hands on their heads and gives them gifts of the Holy Spirit with the help of God.

13 After finishing the laying of hands, the bishop, together with the Ordinands, pray the Act of Consecration.


15 Anointing with Chrism

16 The hands of the priest are anointed as a symbol for his sharing in Christ’s priesthood.

17 Giving of the signs and symbols of specific ministries.

18 The ranks such as Deacon, Priest, and Bishop are given different symbolic gifts as a sign of their ordination.

19 Gifts given to the deacon:

20 A book of the gospel. As a sign of his mission To proclaim the good news.

21 A stole and a Dalmatic. The Main uniform Of the Deacon. The stole is Worn across the Left shoulder and Fastened at the Right.

22 Gifts given to the priest:

23 Paten and Chalice. This Enables the Priest to Celebrate the Holy Eucharist.

24 This is the Uniform of the Priest. It is a stole And chasuble. Unlike The deacon, The stole is now Worn around the Neck and down his Chest.

25 Gifts given to the bishop:

26 This is a miter. It is a Tall-pointed Head-piece Worn by Bishops only.

27 This is the ring Worn by bishops Only. It is a sign Of his fidelity to The church.

28 This a crozier. It is given to Bishops during Ordination. It is The sign of a Bishop’s role as a Shepherd.

29 The bishop is Also given a Book of the Gospel as a sign Of his mission To proclaim the Word of God.

30 Let us now watch A short video-clip About Ordination.

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