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Holy Orders Aaron Almario Adan Cañas Bryant Contreras Nick Gatti Joshua Perez.

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1 Holy Orders Aaron Almario Adan Cañas Bryant Contreras Nick Gatti Joshua Perez

2 What does Holy Orders Celebrate?  It Celebrates the Ministry of Jesus as a Priest Prophet Servant Leader

3 Priesthood of all Believers Also know as the common priesthood of the baptized Means that every Christian can minister in a – Priestly role Reconciling people with God – Prophetic role Proclaiming God’s truth – Servant Leader role

4 Apostolic Succession Apostolic succession is assured in the sacrament of holy orders This means priests and bishops represent Christ and act in the name of Christ Even though their acts represent Christ they are human and therefore are not flawless But when they preside in celebrating the sacraments we are assured that Jesus himself acts through them

5 Why not Women? The ordination of women is not possible When Jesus picked his apostles he chose men not women Because Jesus chose men so did his Apostles The church believes that they are bound by Jesus’ and his apostles choice to ordain only men

6 Bishops Successors of the Apostles Have the fullness of Holy Orders They are entrusted with three key tasks 1.Leading worship and Sacraments (priestly function) 2.Teaching and applying the truth of the Gospel to their own times (prophetic function) 3.Pastoral governance (servant- leader function) They are also entrusted with the oversight of dioceses, caring for the spiritual needs of the people in their diocese and fostering a unity of faith with the wider church.

7 Priests Coworkers with the bishop of their diocese Responsibilities – Worship – Teaching – Governing Priests generally minister within – Parish – School – Or another setting within a dioceses

8 Deacons They serve bishops by helping priests to carry out their tasks They may proclaim the Gospel and preach Assist the bishop and priests at the Eucharist

9 Celibacy Catholic priests and bishops are not allowed to marry A married man can become a deacon, but a single deacon can never marry The choice of celibacy is a way of giving oneself entirely to the service of God and his people

10 Primary Symbols & Actions The church community as a whole is a primary symbol of Holy Orders The ordaining bishop asks the people in the assembly for their approval of the candidates The laying of the hands is the other main symbolic action It symbolizes the candidates empowerment by the spirit

11 Three Orders, Three Rituals At their Ordination, bishops receive the Book of Gospels; their head is anointed with sacred oil; they are given a ring, which signifies marriage to the church; they receive a miter and a shepherd’s staff, a symbol of the leadership style of Jesus, the good Shepherd The ritual of ordination for priests includes clothing them in the official vestments of the office, anointing their hands with oil, and presenting them with a paten and a chalice holding the bread and wine, signs of their role into the Eucharist Deacons, like new priests, are also dressed in their vestments during their ordination ritual. They also receive the Book of Gospels, a symbol of the ministry of preaching that is part of a deacon’s official role in the church

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