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Rite for Celebrating Marriage Outside Mass

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1 Rite for Celebrating Marriage Outside Mass

2 Introduction Signify and share in the unity and love that exists between God and his Church Covenant Total fidelity Unbreakable unity Sacrament modeled on the bond between Christ and his Church

3 Strive to develop marriage Remain faithful in good times and bad
Purpose Procreation and education of children Priest should pass on these principals in preparations Catechesis on Marriage and family Sacrament Rites Prayers readings

4 Elements to stress in the celebration
Usually done within Mass Liturgy of the Word Brings out importance of marriage in the history of salvation Duties and responsibilities Consent of the contracting parties Nuptial blessing on the bride Reception of communion by those present

5 Show special consideration for the un-catechized
Choice of Rite Catholic and baptized person who is not a Catholic-Rite of Marriage outside Mass Catholic and non-baptized Show special consideration for the un-catechized No preferential treatment White vestments Wedding Mass used except on Sundays and solemnities Advent or Lent

6 Rituals prepared for the customs and needs of the area
Roman ritual may be adapted Parts may be arranged differently Customs may be used if appropriate Must have the consent and nuptial blessing May be celebrated in the home

7 Rite for Celebrating Marriage Outside Mass
Entrance Rite Priest proceeds to the door or the altar and greets bride and groom Liturgy of the Word 3 readings #67-105 Homily drawn from the readings Dignity of wedded love Grace of the sacrament Responsibilities of married people

8 OT Readings Created in God’s image Two will become one
Isaac’s love for Rebekah Tobit-join us together until old age Strength of love Beauty of a good wife New covenant

9 NT Readings Love of Christ Bodies are a holy sacrifice
Bodies are temples Love is . . . God is love Wedding feast of the Lamb

10 Gospel Matthew Mark John Light of the World
Building your house on rock What God has united, man must not divide Great commandment Mark No longer two, but one body John Wedding feast of Cana Commandment of love May they be completely one

11 Rite of Marriage Introduction Seal and strengthen love
Christ’s blessing on their love Recalls baptism Call to lasting fidelity Presence of the Church

12 Declaration of consent
Questions Freedom of choice Faithfulness to each other Acceptance and upbringing of children Declaration of consent Statement Questions of the priest Faithful until death Blessings of Rings Sign of love and fidelity

13 General Intercessions
Prayers of the faithful Blessing of the bride and bridegroom Creation Marriage of Christ and his Church Responsibilities of each Oneness God’s part Conclusion Lord’s Prayer Communion Final Blessing

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