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Magnificent, enduring, persistent, resilient Trees.

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2 Magnificent, enduring, persistent, resilient Trees


4 This huge 125 year old rhododendron is technically not a tree; despite their size, most are considered shrubs

5 144 year old Wisteria in Japan

6 At 1990 sq. meters (about 1/2 acre) it is the largest wisteria of its kind in Japan

7 This Angel Oak in South Carolina stands 66.5 ft (20m) tall and is estimated to be more than 1,500 years old.

8 The Angel Oak (John's Island, South Carolina) Reportedly the oldest thing -- living or man-made -- east of the Rockies, what it lacks in height, it makes up in width. Some locals simply call it ‘The Tree’.

9 The Antarctic Beech draped in Oregon moss. Native to Argentina and Chile, but growing in a PNW Rainforest.

10 Avenue of the Oaks at Dixie Plantation in South Carolina. These oaks were planted sometime in the 1790’s.

11 Baobab Trees in Madagascar; these trees are excellent at storing water in their trunks to use during drought.

12 Cherry blossoms in Bonn, Germany along cherry blossom avenue.

13 Native to Southern and Central Queensland in Australia, the Queensland Bottle Tree grows to 20 meters in height. While its trademark bottle shaped trunk can reach 8 meters in circumference.

14 Brazilian Grape Tree Flowers bloom and fruit is produced directly on the bark

15 On a steep hillside along the spectacularly rugged Mendocino County coast, is an 11-acre grove of ancient redwood trees with twisted trunks and branches that shoot out wildly in all directions as if frozen in the middle of a conniption fit. The contorted trees, most of which are 500 years old, survived only because their bent wood could not be turned into lumber, and they are a biological gold mine to conservationists. The grove of "candelabra" redwoods is known as the Enchanted Forest

16 The Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland, romantic, atmospheric, tunnel-like avenue of intertwined beech trees, planted in the 18th-century.

17 The Dark Hedges in Sunlight

18 Dinosaur Evergreen

19 Dragonblood trees of Yeman, gained its fearsome name due to its crimson red sap used as a violin varnish.

20 Often nature has awesome views and structures. And sometimes, man creates awesome structures. ‘Elephant Tree Arch’ (left) in Garden Folly is one such man- made structure... where a tree has taken root and grown on top. Elephant Tree by Shai Biran is another, yet this is a digital creation.

21 This is commonly know as a Flamboyant tree or a Royal Poinciana Tree. When dry, the seed pods make great rattles or ‘shakers’!

22 Formed Trees Trees forced to grow in certain shapes or directions

23 This one (left) wasn’t forced, this one (right) was.

24 Not Forced...

25 No one knows how this happened

26 There are many examples of insect damage or...

27 Erosion or what has been labeled natural processes...

28 Twisted Sisters

29 Wow… look at that!

30 Storm Damage

31 Planted (effectively)

32 Created (effectively)

33 Japanese Maple, Japanese Garden, Portland, OR

34 Which is the largest Tree?? It’s not these...

35 For a while, this was thought to be biggest...

36 Certainly not this old brute...

37 Largest Diameter tree in the known world. Originally thought to be multiple trees that had grown and fused together, DNA tests have shown that it is actually all one tree. (Its location is not disclosed.)


39 The Rainbow Eucalyptus

40 No one knows who tied the knot

41 Six Sycamore Trees in One, called Circus Tree created by Axel Erlandson.

42 Most Welcome Tree in the Yard

43 Nature Returns And she NEVER stops trying...


45 Thank you for viewing. I hope you enjoyed the presentation.

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