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Andrew Hamilton – CEO

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1 Andrew Hamilton – CEO


3 History What we do Business model Validation Future developments

4 History  Founded in 2001 by University of Auckland, HP, Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte  Supported by NZ Government  Identified by Forbes as one of the top ten business growth hubs in the World – 2010  Awarded best internationally connected incubator by Technopolicy – 2011  Licensed University of Queensland the Icehouse Owner Manager Programme for SME growth – 2012  Launched China Market Development Hub – 2013

5 We provide the expertise, networks and funding to enable Kiwi entrepreneurs and business owners to accelerate growth. We’re committed to changing the entrepreneurial landscape in New Zealand to create an environment that inspires, supports and celebrates business growth.

6 Seed – Global from Day One Seed Fund Angel – Ice Angels, Arc Angels, China Angels Growth – Entrepreneurs Challenge, Global from Day One Launch Fund Customer prospect targeting International connections service International partnerships – Market Development Hubs in Asia Programmes for capability development of start-up & established entrepreneurs to grow their business Business coaching Business of International Quality framework

7 Customer Metrics  New Zealand wide  Start-ups & Established SME  Maori, Migrants, Youth 2013 2001-2012

8 Business Model Customer Fees  Programme Fees USD1,000 per day  Coaching Fees USD1,000 per month  Equity 6% in start-ups  Funding carry on investor returns & membership fees USD1,000 per year

9 Success Stories CUSTOMERS

10 2003 - revenue: { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "2003 - revenue:

11 Setting a wireless standard for wireless inductive power – industrial & consumer TE Electronics are a partner & investor Significant customer adoption Provider of wireless inductive power applications for B2B and B2C

12 2013 – USD1m seed round investment, syndicated between leading NZ and US investors including Sir Stephen Tindall, Sand Hill Angels & Insight Express. Tracking digital files across the cloud and providing real time analytics to rights holders and content owners Real time analytics provider for peer to peer internet networks

13 Success Stories FUNDING ECOSYSTEM

14  USD$5m Fund  6 seed investments 41 investees USD35m 5 exits

15 Future Developments  BIQ framework  Market Development Hubs


17 Future Developments  BIQ framework  Market Development Hubs  China Hub  China Angels


19 Extra slides

20 What is a Business of International Quality? Enters, grows and competes for market share in international markets Defends its Kiwi markets from the best international competitors Subject to heightened competition so typically needs to be more productive and innovative.

21 A business of international quality ™ …  has a clear and explicit competitive advantage valued by customers and properly protected in the markets it participates in  is led by a strong & diverse management team aligned around a long term strategic direction and able to respond quickly to changing market conditions  displays solid financial management leading to a strong balance sheet and access to the funding necessary for growth  has a deep understanding and cultural awareness of the customers it serves and the markets it operates in and therefore invests in the appropriate in-market representation  is expert in implementation and continuous improvement and invests in systems that allow the scaling-up of the business  is supported by a growth-focused board with strong sector affinity Excellence in these areas allows a business to successfully take its business global and defend its domestic markets against international competitors

22 Measuring BIQ status QUANTITIVEQUALITATIVE  Interpretation of responses depends on industry and business size  Judgment of informed Icehouse faculty remains required Company performance  Revenue  Revenue growth (CAGR)  International share of revenue  International growth (CAGR)  Profitability EBITDA Market  National & global market share  Rank in market & market growth  % international customers  # countries covered  # patents and trademarks People & Organisation  # people employed  Increase in # people employed  # people outside NZ  Increase in # people outside NZ  # JV’s, agencies or distributors internationally Leadership  strength of management team  strategic direction Offering  competitive advantage  cost position  IP position Market  market understanding  segmentation & focus  professional sales & marketing function Processes  are processes in place? Capital  financial management capability  balance sheet strength Governance  strength of board Alignment  complete alignment of owner, board, CEO and senior management team

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