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Subject Selection Evening. Senior Education Options Queensland Certificate of Education School Based Traineeship / Apprenticeship Vocational Education.

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1 Subject Selection Evening

2 Senior Education Options Queensland Certificate of Education School Based Traineeship / Apprenticeship Vocational Education Non OP OP

3 Queensland Certificate of Education

4 20 Credit Points At a set level At a Set Standard (Pass, Sound, Equivalent) In a Set Pattern At least 12 credits from completed core courses of study (equivalent of 3 school subjects) Meet Literacy and Numeracy Standards By passing English/ Maths in any semester Passing the Core Skills Test

5 Queensland Certificate of Education Vocational Education certificates and School-Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships also contribute credit towards the QCE. The amount of credit awarded towards the QCE is dependant upon the amount of learning completed. For further information go to: and search for QCE

6 Subjects Offered at St Mary’s College An ‘Authority’ Subject is one which has an accredited work program written according to the Queensland Studies Authority Syllabus for that subject. Results in Authority Subjects are used for calculation of the Overall Position (OP). Contribute four points towards the achievement of the Queensland Certificate of Education.

7 Authority Subjects Study of Religion Accounting Biology Chemistry Physics Drama Visual Art Music English Graphics Mathematics A Mathematics B Mathematics C Physical Education Information Technology Studies Information Processing Technology Geography Legal Studies Modern History

8 Authority Registered Subjects Authority Registered Subjects are written to a study plan as outlined by the Queensland Studies Authority. These subjects are often studied by students who are OP ineligible and / or undertaking a SBA. Each subject contributes four points towards the attainment of the Queensland Certificate of Education on completion to a satisfactory standard.

9 Authority-Registered Subjects St Mary’s College offers the following Authority-Registered Subjects: Religion & Ethics English Communication Pre-Vocational Mathematics Visual Art Studies Recreation Studies – Rugby League Recreation Studies Building and Construction Industrial Graphics Studies

10 Certificate Courses Certificate I – Engineering – (2 QCE Points) Certificate I – Furnishing – (3 QCE Points) Certificate II – IT – (4 QCE Points) Certificate III – Fitness (6 QCE Points)

11 Year 12 Reporting The Senior Education Profile includes the following: – Queensland Certification of Education – Senior Statement – Overall Position – Field Position Statement – Queensland Core Skills Test Results – Vocational Education Certification – Vocational Education Statement

12 Post Schooling Course Prerequisites Pre-requisites for 2015 courses are published in the QTAC Tertiary Prerequisites Guide.

13 OP & Field Eligibility OP Eligibility - 5 or more authority Field Eligibility; Used for deciding tertiary entrance in approx 5% of all tertiary applications. Used when not all students in an OP band can be accepted into a Course. List subjects and their respective points found in the senior handbook. Add up each column (A – E), multiply total by 4 and if your new total for that column is greater than sixty you are eligible for a rating of (A- E) for that field based upon your senior exit results.

14 School-Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships Excellent introduction to workforce Experience the expectations of work Develop skills Negotiable number of days at school and at work Complete a modified school program – subjects combined with study lines. Difficult to combine OP course in Years 11 & 12 and traineeship / school- based apprenticeship Contributes 4 or more points towards QCE on completion or partial points at the end of year 12

15 Ms Karen Coulston – SBA Program

16 TAFE in Schools - SQIT Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE enables students to undertake TAFE Qualification one day per week whilst still at school.

17 Certificate Courses Available at SQIT Cert III in Community Services Work Cert III in Children’s Services Cert III in Events Certs II in Indigenous Primary Health Care Cert III Hospitality Nursing Pathways Program Cert III in Tourism

18 Certificate Courses at SQIT Cert III Visual Art Cert III Design Fundamentals Cert II Hairdressing Cert III Technical Production Cert III Media Cert III Retail Operations

19 Certificate Courses at SQIT Cert II Automotive Cert II Construction Pathways Cert II Engineering (Diesel Fitting) Cert II Electro-technology Cert III in Information, Digital Media and Technology Cert III Retail Operations

20 Subject Lines Seven Lines in the timetable. Each class will have four lessons per week.

21 Year 11 Subject Lines Line 1 - *Study of Religion or Religion and Ethics Line 2 – *Modern History, *Graphics, *Japanese,*Chemistry, *Physical Education Certificate 1 Engineering, Recreation Studies, Industrial Graphics Studies, Study Line 3 – Mathematics B or Mathematics A or Prevocational Mathematics Line 4 – *Geography *Mathematics C, *ITSC (Computers), *Visual Art, *Biology, Visual Art Studies, Industrial Graphics Studies, Certificate I Furnishing, Study Line 5 – English or English Communication Line 6 – *Accounting *IPT *Drama *Physics *Physical Education, Building and Construction, Recreation Studies – Rugby League Strand, ITS, Study Line 7 – *Legal Studies, *ITSC (Computers),*Music, *Physical Education, Building and Construction, Cert II IT, Study

22 Compulsory Subjects *Study of Religion or Religion and Ethics

23 Compulsory Subjects *Mathematics B *Mathematics A Pre-Vocational Mathematics

24 Compulsory Subjects *English Or English Communication

25 Examples of Course Options Students requiring an Overall Position; – Seven, six or five authority Subjects – Students studying six or five authority subjects can also do an authority-registered subject to enhance their chances of receiving the Queensland Certificate of Education

26 Students not requiring an Overall Position who wish to attain the QCE: – A combination of seven / six authority or authority-registered subjects.

27 Students undertaking a School-based Apprenticeship or School-based Traineeship: – A combination of authority and authority-registered subjects with structured work placement. – A combination of authority and authority-registered subjects with one day TAFE-in-Schools program. – A combination of authority and authority-registered subjects with one day TAFE-in-Schools and one day work placement.

28 Study Lines Students who are OP Eligible or are undertaking a School-based Apprenticeship/ TAFE are able to choose one Study Line. This enables them to complete set work/ assignments/ study during one line on the timetable. Students on study are supervised by teachers and have access to computers.

29 Queensland Core Skills Test The QCS Test examines skills that are emphasised across the Queensland Senior Curriculum. Year 11 Students undertake a range of QCS preparation workshops and sit practice exams.

30 Choosing Senior Subjects As an overall plan, choose subjects: – That will help you to reach your career and employment goals. – That reflect your interests and abilities – You enjoy! – That reflect your strengths and you can achieve well in – That develop skills, knowledge and attitudes useful throughout life.

31 Heads of Department Mrs Gleeson – Religion Mr Street – English Mr Dunne – Mathematics Mr Nolan – Science Mr Anderson - Physical Education Miss Alroe - Humanities Mr Condon - Creative Arts Mr Rix - Applied Design and Technology Mr Willocks - IT Mrs Nunn - LOTE Mrs Goodman - VET Coordinator

32 Who can I talk to? Your child’s teachers Mr Nolan – Careers Counsellor Mrs Goodman – VET Coordinator Miss Davidson – AP Curriculum Mrs Gillespie – Junior Curriculum Coordinator

33 Senior Subject Handbooks

34 The Process Week 5 +6 - Talk to staff and gather information to make selections. Monday August 20 th Online Subject Selection Opens via Email. Friday August 24 th Online Subject Selection Closes. Some classes may be allocated on a first submitted, first priority basis.

35 Online Subject selection process Click here

36 From Here Speak to teachers Access the Subject Handbooks Consult QTAC guide to Pre-Requisites Investigate TAFE and SBA options.




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