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Women’s Justice Network Legal Aid Q U E E N S L A N D.

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1 Women’s Justice Network Legal Aid Q U E E N S L A N D

2 Introductions zLegal Aid Qld zWhat is Women’s Justice Network? zWhat have we learnt?

3 Legal Aid Queensland zInformation zAdvice zRepresentatio n z14 Offices z350 Staff

4 Web Access to a data base comprising of: z180 info-screens of legal information zLinks to other internet sites zGlossary of over 1,000 legal terms zPublications list of over 350 publications zCommunity referral data base covering statewide, all community and government referrals

5 Women’s Justice Network The Women’s Justice Network is a network of community organisations and legal advice services connected through personal computer videoconferencing sites. The network was set up by Legal Aid Queensland to provide legal information and advice to women in South- West Queensland. It comprises 21 community sites and 8 legal advice sites; some of the community sites are shared sites with telehealth.

6 Technology zInternet /World Wide Web - yWJN & LAQ Websites yLinks to other women’s websites zPC Videoconferencing - yOne to One appointments yNetwork Meetings

7 Geographical Area

8 Roster of Legal Services

9 Beyond Legal Advice zCommunity education zMultipoint meetings zFamily visits with people in prison zCounseling, Centrelink, Child Support zFamily Law Conferencing zSupport groups

10 Access to a range of services for women

11 What have we learnt?

12 Legal Advice per Service

13 Cultural Identity

14 Technology

15 Differences between communities

16 Uptake and usage zCommunity awareness zHow women access legal advice zLocal circumstances zCircuit solicitor zRegionalism zTechnology zIntermediaries zWomen’s Focus zCultural factors

17 Community Access Points zLAQ Community Access Points zHow would they be developed? zWhat would they provide?


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