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2 QPILCH  Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House:  Non-profit community legal service  Partnership – law firms, barristers, QLS, law schools, CLCs  Legal referral agency  Direct assistance services – HPLC, RCLC, SRS

3 Self Representation Service  Service in Brisbane District and Supreme Courts established in late 2007. Now also Qld Court of Appeal  Established to meet recognised need – a public interest issue  Continuing success of Service is clear

4 Expansion to QCAT  Similar service, slightly different impetus.  Large multi-jurisdictional tribunal conducts matters in a way that is “accessible, fair, just, economical, informal and quick”.  Estimated 35,000 people involved in proceedings each year.  Outcome of proceedings will often have serious consequences on the welfare, dignity and daily living of people involved.

5 Scope of Service  Child protection and education  Anti-discrimination  Guardianship and administration  Right to information and information privacy  Manufactured homes  Residential tenancy  Retirement villages  QCAT Appeals

6 Who? Where? How?  Eligibility for assistance:  Means  Merit  Level 11, Bank of Qld building, Queen St.  Office space  Interview room  Appointment based  Applications for assistance received and assessed  Appointments made and files created

7 Insurance: QPILCH  QPILCH professional indemnity policy  Solicitors must hold a practising certificate  Solicitors must comply with QPILCH policies and procedures

8 Before appointment session  Client and Case Summary  Conflict check  Overview of client’s matter  Outline of assistance required  Firm responsibility to keep commitment to appointment sessions

9 At appointment session  Arrive at 1.50pm  QPILCH lawyers, not firm lawyers  A maximum of 3 client appointments  Treat client the same as you would any other client, but also be aware of client’s particular needs  Create record of appointment on file progress and advice sheet

10 Assistance provided  Discrete task assistance to assist people to:  understand the law, their legal rights and the perspective of the other party and perspective and requirements of QCAT;  observe QCAT rules and processes;  be aware of potential orders and the effect of not complying with orders; and  present their case in the best possible manner.

11 After appointment session  Inform QPILCH staff:  Of any queries or concerns about clients’ matters  Whether clients require ongoing assistance/a further appointment – the best option for further assistance  Of any urgent follow up work that needs to be undertaken, or referral that needs to be made (eg. for representation through QPICLH referral scheme)

12 Law Reform, training and other involvement  Policy/law reform - reflective of casework  Training  Walk for Justice May 17, 2010

13 Questions?

14 QPILCH contacts QPILCH Coordinator: Andrea de Smidt Email: Solicitor: Allira Thompson Email: Paralegal: Sam Boyle Email:

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