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Huy DaoRoy McElmurryPriya Vaidyanathan Pro Shopper.

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1 Huy DaoRoy McElmurryPriya Vaidyanathan Pro Shopper

2 Problem Shopping is time consuming! Shopping list Coupon collection In-store navigation What’s the best deal? What’s the best product for ME?

3 Pro Shopper Mobile companion app Efficient route planner Smart product locator Quick product comparision Tailored to your preferences Highlights the best deals Coupons & Store promotions

4 Contextual Inquiry Participants Vikas Rajvanshy Lisa McElmurry Hang Le

5 Common Themes All participants Have a Written Shopping List Choosing Items in the Store is Challenging Comparison Shopping is Time Consuming “Impulse Buy” When Item is On Sale Hard to Navigate Store Efficiently

6 Tasks Locate Items in the Store Find the Cheapest Item Find the Cheapest High Quality Item

7 Storyboard Explorations

8 Design 1


10 Design 2




14 Design 3



17 Final Design



20 Scenario Walkthrough

21 Summary Time consuming, but rewarding process Lesson learned from contextual inquiry Design goals

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