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Introduction to Legal Research. Legal Research at Drake.

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1 Introduction to Legal Research

2 Legal Research at Drake

3 Smart Research Practices

4 Fundamentals: Sources of Law Agency regulations Agency decisions Executive orders Public laws - statutes Court opinions - cases

5 Fundamentals: Primary v. Secondary Primary – force and effect of law Secondary – explains and analyzes the law; helps you locate primary materials

6 Fundamentals: Jurisdiction

7 738 N.W.2d 555

8 Case Law

9 Secondary Sources

10 Exercise Hypothetical Margaret Van Meter owns an 80 lb. Doberman Pinscher named Peanut. Peanut has never bitten anyone, but he is known around the neighborhood for growling, barking, and snapping at people who pass by the Van Meter property. Last week Alison Flynn came to Van Meter’s door to deliver a package. When Van Meter opened the door to Flynn, Peanut lunged through the door and bit Flynn in the face. Is Van Meter liable for Flynn’s injuries?



13 Animals 75-79 Access these pages through this path on the library’s home page: Class Presentations > Introduction to Legal Research 1 Read through the passages to get background information and to identify potentially relevant cases.




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