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Cakes and sweets. Ingredients: All purpose flour- 1¾ cup Baking soda- 1 tsp Sugar- 1 cup Walnut- ½ cup Egg white- of two eggs Vanilla extract- ½ tsp Vegetable.

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1 Cakes and sweets

2 Ingredients: All purpose flour- 1¾ cup Baking soda- 1 tsp Sugar- 1 cup Walnut- ½ cup Egg white- of two eggs Vanilla extract- ½ tsp Vegetable oil- ½ cup Frozen strawberry- 10 Sugar powder- for garnishing Method:  In a bowl combine Flour, Baking Soda, Sugar and Walnuts together.  Whip together Egg Whites, Vanilla Essence and oil in big jar till well mixed using speed 3.  Combine Strawberries. Beat in mixer at low speed till strawberries are broken somewhat.  Add flour mixture. Mix slowly till smooth but pieces of Strawberries are still visible. Pour batter into greased muffin tins, filling to half.  Bake at 350 F till they are done, it will take about 30 min. If desired drizzle with powdered sugar on top. Strawberry cup cake Yield-10 cups

3 Ingredients: Peanuts- 2 cups Salt- ½ tsp Sugar- 1 tsp Groundnut oil- 1 tbsp Method:  Roast the Peanuts in a heavy bottom pan under low flame. After roasting let it cool, and remove the skin when the peanuts are warm.  Now place the deskinned groundnuts in the big jar and inch several times till the groundnuts are crushed.  Add salt sugar and oil and grind at low speed and increase the speed to high. Add little more oil if required.  Allow to mature for at least 3 hours before use.  Research studies have shown that regular consumption of Peanuts helps reducing weight.  Avoid overweight by including this wonderful recipe in your diet regularly. Peanut butter Serves-4

4 Ingredients: Tomatoes- ¾ kg Red pumpkin- ¼ kg Onion- 3 Sugar- ½ cup Cinnamon – 4 Cardamom - 4 Tomato ketchup Method:  Cook Vegetables till soft then cool. Blend well in a big jar till smooth using high speed. Strain well to get a smooth puree.  Make a paste of Ginger, Garlic, Cumin Powder, and Chilli Powder in a small jar using speed 6. Add Salt, Sugar, and remaining Vinegar to the puree.  Take a clean cloth and place Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Pepper in that and tie the cloth with a thread and put it in the puree. Now place the puree with spice bag on fire and simmer till the puree becomes thick.  Once the ketchup is thick enough throw the spice bag and store the ketchup in clean dry bottles. As a preservative a pinch of sodium benzoate can be dissolved in a teaspoon of water and added to a bottle of ketchup of 1-liter capacity. Chilly powder- 1 tsp Ginger- 2 inch piece Garlic- 4 flakes Vinegar- ½ cup Salt & pepper- to taste Cloves- 4

5 Ingredients: Broken black gram dal- 1 cup Sugar- 3 cups Water- 100 ml Colour- (food grade) ¼ tsp Saffron- a pinch Method:  Soak the Black Gram Dal for 4 hours. Grind in medium jar at high speed for 30 sec till very soft without adding much water.  While grinding add colorant to the batter along with a pinch of salt. Make sugar syrup adding water to sugar and boil till single strand consistency.  Take a clean cloth and make a small hole in the center. Heat oil in a kadai. Place the batter on the cloth and tie it up with a thread.  Squeeze in batter into the oil like circle with loops around. Fry till crisp but do not over fry. Remove and soak in hot sugar syrup.  Soak for 5-8 minutes and remove from syrup and arrange on plates and serve hot. Jangiri Yield-10 pieces

6 Ingredients: Carrots- ½ kg Milk- 1 liter Sugar-1 ½ cups Cashew nuts- ¼ cup Ghee- ¼ cup Cardamom seeds- ¼ tbsp Method:  Wash and trim Carrots. Cut the cleaned Carrots to 1 inch pieces. Place the Carrots in big jar and run at speed 1 till carrots are completely grated.  Heat ghee in a pan and fry grated carrot in the ghee well. Pour milk over the pan and keep boiling repeatedly till a semi solid mass is formed.  Now add cardamom seeds and cashew nuts. Stir on low flame till the product becomes non sticky to the vessel sides.  Remove from fire and transfer the contents to a greased plate and serve hot.  Rich in carotenoids, VIT A helps overcome defective vision. Carrot halwa Yield-1/2 kg

7 Ingredients: Frozen milk cubes- 80g (approx 6 cubes) Frozen mango- 80g Liquid milk-20ml Powdered sugar-40g Ice cream powder- 10g Vanilla essence/ mango essence-10 drops Method:  Preparation of frozen milk cubes: Boil milk and simmer it to thicken for sometime. Let it cool and pour over ice trays and freeze till the cubes are set.  Preparation Of Milk: Dissolve powdered sugar, ice cream powder, and vanilla/mango essence in cold milk and mix well.  Now add the prepared milk, frozen milk cubes, frozen fruit to the big jar and blend at speed 1 for 30s. Smoothie ice cream is done, serve immediately.  If consumption is delayed refrigeration should be done to avoid melting. Ice cream Yield-2 big scoops

8 Ingredients: Sesame seeds- 1 cup Sugar-1 cup Ghee- ½ cup Cardamom powder- ½ tsp Method:  Place sesame seeds in small jar and inch several times till the they are crushed.  Place crushed Sesame Seeds on a saucepan with low flame. Add sugar immediately. Keep stirring on low flame till sugar melts completely. Add ghee if desired.  When the mixture becomes non sticky to the vessel sides, remove from fire. Pour into a greased plate, when little warm cut into desired shape.  Allow to cool completely. If handled when hot product shape may not be retained.  Calcium rich. Sesame burfi Yield-5 pieces

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