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Transcendentalism Review

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1 Transcendentalism Review

2 “Self Reliance” Who is the author?
indicates that one should be concerned with behaving in ways that are consistent with a. God's laws. b. one's conscience. c. the behavior of one's role models. d. what is necessary for the common good.

3 “SR”…asserts that society encourages people to
a. fit in. c. rely on themselves. b. seek truth. d. follow their consciences. Emerson suggests that people should trust only in a. their own mind b. government c. society d . God

4 “Walden” Who wrote this?
“Walden” claims that people can avoid having life "frittered away by detail" by a.socializing less. c. leading much simpler lives. b.celebrating daily joys. d.following their consciences.

5 “Walden” Thoreau went to live at Walden Pond because he felt the need at that time to a. find the true meaning of life. b. explore his spiritual feelings. c. escape the demands of society. d. prove that his principles were more than just talk.

6 “Walden” Thoreau suggests that his experience at Walden Pond convinced him that following one's dreams is a. too risky. c. a hopeless effort. b. too selfish. d. worthy and reasonable. Thoreau expresses an attitude toward newspapers and letter-writing that could best be described as a. angry. c. mocking. b. amused. d. fascinated.

7 “Walden” Thoreau left Walden Pond because he
a. became bored and restless. b. was needed at his family's home. c. thought it was time to do something else with his life. d. wasn't able to accomplish what he had hoped to accomplish there.

8 “Civil Disobedience” Who wrote this?
Which of the following is most worthy of respect? a. the law c. the will of the majority b. God's laws d. the individual conscience According to Thoreau, being jailed changed his attitude toward the State by a.increasing his fear of it. c.decreasing respect for it. b.increasing his understanding of it. d.decreasing his understanding of it.

9 “Civil Disobedience” Of the following, which does Thoreau argue is the ideal situation? a. a society ruled by a limited monarchy b. a society ruled by an absolute monarchy c. a society ruled by a democratic government d. a society with no need for the rule of any government Thoreau argues that government is most helpful to the governed when it a. leaves everyone alone. b. works as a tool of the majority. c. is sensitive to the needs of the minority. d. provides support for education and settlement.

10 “Civil Disobedience” At the time Thoreau wrote "Civil Disobedience," it was his belief that the most immediate need was to a. dissolve the government. b. improve the government. c. overthrow the government. d. return the government to a previous form.

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