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Industrial Pharmaceutical Size Enlargement Faculty of Pharmacy OCTOBER 6 University.

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1 Industrial Pharmaceutical Size Enlargement Faculty of Pharmacy OCTOBER 6 University

2 AGGLOMERATION The increase of PS combined with change in product shape. The action or process of gathering particulate matter in a conglomerate. APPLICATION :1- No or low content of dust (safety). 2- Increase bulk density & lower bulk volume. 3- Free flowing powder. 4- Defined shape & improve product appear. 5- improved metering & dosing capabilities.

3 EQUIPMENT & PROCESSES Mechanisms applied to build agglomerates utilizing tumble & pressure agglomeration. TUMBLE AGGLOMERATION : Growth occurs after addition of liquid binders. Apparatus used are the balling disc, balling cone, & balling drum. Mechanism : equipment rotates around its axis & a liquid binder is sprayed into the moving bed. Agglomerates are built up during tumbling,rolling & sliding.

4 Tumble can be used in case of batch or continuous mixers. Powder & binder are fed into the fluidized bed. If fluidized gas is hot drying takes place. PRESSURE AGGLOMERATION : Very high force acting on a mass of particulate matter within defined volume. No binders only a few dry or liquid binders & or lubricant.

5 P AGG used in piston, roller, isostatic, & extrusion presses & pelleting machines. Presses operate either mechanically or hydraulically. Materials is densified in dies by oscillating pistons or shaped by reciprocating from halves. In roller press, two rollers of equal size with smooth surface, rotate counter-currently. In table ting. Two types of machines, the excenter press & the tablet press.

6 OTHER SIZE EP SINTERING : formation of agglomerate by heating exp. Formation of iron pellets. SPRAY DRYING : hollow spheres from in the drying tower from dissolved or susp material, exp spray dried milk & spray dried lactose.

7 MICROENCAPSULATION PACKAGING METHOUD ; small portions of liquids, powder, agglomerates or even gases are wrapped into shell to form more or less spherical particles. Additive to improve handling, taste & release characteristics. Coacervation property, PPT Of colloid material by means of an electrolyte or another colloid polymeric material of opposite charge. Simple coacerv. PPT of gelatin by sod. Sulphate, complex coacerv. PPT of gelatin with gum acacia








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