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International Paper - Riegelwood Plant Riegelwood, NC.

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1 International Paper - Riegelwood Plant Riegelwood, NC


3  For this project, a 5,000,000 gallon tank (60’ high x 120’ diameter) was to be cleaned and restored, with a protective coating applied to the exterior. The tank is located in International Paper’s Reigelwood Plant, a large scale industrial paper pulping plant*.

4  For this project, Saffo Contractors prepped, abrasive blasted, pressure washed, and applied protective coating to the tank. Blasting was done to an SP6 commercial grade and paint applied included 3 coats of Carboline paint: zinc epoxy primer, epoxy- polyamide intermediate, and a polyurethane finish coat conforming with the industrial standards as described by International Paper.

5 Saffo crews removed over 12” of pulp waste coverage from the top of the tank. Extensive Cleanup

6 Side View of Tank

7 Pre-Blast Detail

8 Post-Blast Detail

9 Blast Comparison

10 Pressure Washing

11 Scissor Lift Pressure Washing

12 Intermediate Coating Applied

13 Finish Coat Application

14 Before

15 After


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