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Leaders in Research & Development of Specialty Chemicals U nited Chemicals and Polymers Chemicals and Polymers Marine Coatings.

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1 Leaders in Research & Development of Specialty Chemicals U nited Chemicals and Polymers Chemicals and Polymers Marine Coatings

2 Introduction A Chemical Company Custom Formulator of Specialty Chemicals – Adhesives – Electrical Potting & Encapsulation – Paints & Coatings – Soaps & Detergents – Agrochemicals – Specialty Blends

3 Expertise A company uniquely positioned to provide you professional assistance in custom formulation of epoxies, polyurethanes, as well as various cleaning solutions, and agro chemical formulations, chemical blends, reagents and other chemical intermediates; a true testament to the significant experience and solid track record of our directors and staff in the chemicals and polymers industry.

4 Experiences Over a decade of experience in custom formulations Leaders in Research and Development of Specialty Chemicals Expertise in high performance coatings Developed several coating systems for the United States NAVY

5 Paints & Coatings Interior Paints – Premium Residential & Commercial Paint Exterior Paints – Non-Yellowing Residential & Commercial Paint Industrial Coatings – Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Alkyds, Acrylics Marine Coatings – Primers, Base coats, Anti-Foulants

6 Marine Coatings Anti-corrosive primer Base Coats Finish Coats Anti-Foulants

7 Certifications Marine AF 25 Marine AF 45 Marine AF 50 Marine AF Aluminum Marine SPC 99

8 Publications Press Release “Blue Water® CRUSHED Interlux®, Pettit® & Seahawk® - PERIOD. “ “Blue Water® is now officially the Best Value AND the Highest Rated bottom paint tested independently by PRACTICAL SAILOR, March 2009.”

9 Partnership Blue Water Marine with its proven marine coating technology teams up with the technical expertise of United Chemicals & Polymers United Chemicals and Polymers becomes the exclusive distributor of Blue Water Marine Paints in the South Pacific

10 Marine Coatings Product Line Anti-Fouling Anti-Corrosives Specialty Primers Finishes Thinners Net Dip

11 Anti-Fouling Marine SPC 99™ - Self Polishing Copolymer A/F (60 month) Marine AF 50™ - Deep sea ablative A/F (up to 36 months) Marine AF 45™ - Coastal vessel A/F (up to 24 months) Marine AF 25™ - Coastal vessel A/F (12-24 months) Marine AF Aluminum™ - Aluminum vessel A/F (copper thiocyanate) Marine AF Copper Free - Aluminum vessel A/F, ( zinc biocide)

12 Anti-Corrosives Marine AC 70™ - Modified Epoxy A/C, 4:1 mix ratio, 70% Vol Solids Marine AC 70 Chromate Free Epoxy Primer - Primer for bare metal (aluminum and steel) Marine AC 80™ Pure epoxy A/C - 4:1 mix ratio, 80% Vol Solids Marine Vinyl Epoxy Tie Coat - Tie coat between epoxy and AF Marine AC-1™ - Underwater metal primer and / or AF sealer Marine Gel Film - Spray on gel with AC properties Marine Penetrating Oil Coating™ - Penetrating oil for steel preservation

13 Specialty Primers Marine Super Solids Glass Flake Epoxy - High abrasion resistant glass flake epoxy (2 part) Marine Yellow (Zinc Chromate) Etch Primer - Zinc chromate / acid etch for aluminum (7:1 mix) Marine Chromate Free Etch Primer - Chromate free aluminum etch primer (1 part) Marine Zinc Rich Epoxy - Zinc rich epoxy primer for steel (2 part) Marine Zinc Silicate Primer - Zinc silicate primer for steel (4.5 gal kit) Marine Alkyd Primer Lead Molybdate - Raw wood primer, lead molybdate Marine Red Lead Primer - Raw wood primer, red lead Marine Coal Tar Epoxy Primer™ - Rusty metal primer – 4:1 ( USACE C200 ) Marine HS Epoxy Non Skid Deck Coating™ - Medium grit non skid coating Marine Rusty Metal Primer™ - Rusty metal primer (1 part) Marine Rusty Metal Sealer™ - Rusty metal sealer, 100% solids – 3:1 mix (2 part) Marine Strontium Chromate Primer™ - Aluminum primer – 1:1 mix ratio (2 part)

14 Finishes Marine Alkyd 50™Alkyd – 50% Volume Solids Marine Alkyd 50™ Primer Alkyd – 50% Volume Solids Marine Urethane™ - Urethane finish – 3:1 mix ratio (2 part) Marine Polyester Urethane (VOC Compliant) - VOC compliant urethane (vs. Awlgrip/Stirling) Marine High Build Acrylic Primer/Finish V1 - Hi build acrylic finish with AC properties (DTM) Marine Acrylic-Epoxy Gloss Finish - Acrylic epoxy finish (compares to AME 229) Marine High Heat Finish 550F™ - High heat primer up to 550F Marine High Heat Finish 1200F™ - High heat primer up to 1200F

15 For Additional Information Email: Tel: 908-338-8058

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