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2 We live in Trnava. It´s an amazing town. It´s called small Rome
We live in Trnava. It´s an amazing town. It´s called small Rome. There are many churches in Trnava.There are nine primary schools in Trnava. Our school is one of them.

3 This is our primary school. Children from 6 – 15 years old study here
This is our primary school . Children from 6 – 15 years old study here. We´we got 397 pupils in this school year . We´ve got 33 teachers. Our building is situated near the town centre. The building was built in 1980.

4 Basic facts Lessons start at eight o´clock and finish at
half past twelve, twenty – five to two or twenty – five past two.

5 We´ve got several special classroms:
3 Language classrooms 2 IT classrooms History and Geography classroom Work room Kitchen Physical classroom Gym and fitness centre Library Canteen A Big garden Ethics classroom

6 In our English classroom we have got:
An interactive board wi-fi A computer and a CD player A blackboard and a whiteboard New desks and chairs Toys Plants Pictures and Posters Bookshelves

7 Foreign languages We can learn foreign languages
English , German and French.

8 Subjects We learn Maths, Slovak language ,Geography,
History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT, PE, RS, Ethics, Art, Music, Citizenship, Technic and floricultural Work.

9 Free time activities We can play : football, basketball, volleyball
and handball. We have got some obtional subjects: Mathematical, Historical, ICT, First Aid, Peer programme, English, Guitar lessons and Art lessons.

10 SCHOOL RULES We have to listen to the teacher. We have to wear slippers. We have to be quiet. We have to tidy our classroom. We have to clean the blackboard. We have to be at school at 7:45 am. We have to do our homework.

11 SCHOOL RULES We mustn´t eat during lessons. We mustn´t draw on the desks. We mustn´t run in the corridors. We mustn´t use the mobile phones. We mustn´t smoke, drink alcohool and energy drinks.

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