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November 4, 2014 Early Voting: October 20 th – 31 st Voter registration thru October 6 th.

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1 November 4, 2014 Early Voting: October 20 th – 31 st Voter registration thru October 6 th

2  Adam Gusman  Jack Halliburton  John Hancock  Byron Hlavinka  Ann Hundl  Royce Johnson  Mary Jane Kaiser  Britni Key  Duane Korenek  A.J. Kresta  Jessica Lutrick  Leon Macha  Kate Manriquez  Rick Martinez  Wendy Arrambide  Cathy Banda  Blake Barger  Daniel Berglund  Scott Blackburn  Tracy Braden  Bertina Carter  Rebecca Creevan  Kristi David  Chris Elliott  Melissa Erwin  Barbara Fonseca  Tina Gerberman  Keri Graff  Cassandra Moreno  Heath Radley  Ken Raska  Gloria Ratcliff  Ana Rodriguez  Katie Rodriguez  David Rose  Susie Slattery  Kyle Smith  Jay Strasner  Donald Sutton  Christina Taylor  Wendy Valenta  George Willis, IV  Anisa Vasquez

3  Elementary Schools  Fine Arts  Library  FFA  Athletics  Finance

4  Additional Elementary Classrooms  Renovations to High School Auditorium  Construction of an Agriculture Education Project Center  Demolition, Renovations and New Construction at Ricebird Stadium

5  Myatt Elementary continues to be overcrowded with twelve (12) “temporary” portable classrooms.  Enrollment in 2003-2004 school year was 524 students. The 2013-2014 school year ended with 678 students.  Smaller class size requirements necessitate additional classrooms.

6  Move first grade to the Hutchins Elementary Campus.  Construct sixteen (16) new classrooms and a new cafeteria on the Hutchins campus.  Renovate the existing cafeteria into classrooms for special education, computer labs, and music.  Air condition the Hutchins gymnasium.


8 16 Additional Classrooms

9 Cafeteria

10 Auto Drop-Off / Pick Up

11 16 Additional Classrooms Cafeteria Auto Drop-Off / Pick Up

12 Bus Loading Zone and Additional Parking

13 Cafeteria 16 Additional Classrooms Auto Drop-Off / Pick Up

14 Classroom Addition Cafeteria Connecting Corridors Canopy at Bus Loop Canopy at Auto Loop Connecting Canopy Sidewalks and Stoops Cafeteria Delivery Fire Apparatus Drive On-Site Auto Stack On-Site Bus Drive Teacher Parking Security Fencing Renovation Owner Contingency Total Budget Estimate $3,264,474 $1,682,254 $133,833 $116,475 $157,306 $154,369 $103,703 $35,463 $88,176 $307,673 $109,036 $37,657 $23,152 $154,786 $636,838 $7,005,213

15  One of the original structures from the construction of the high school campus in 1952 – 1954.  Use of the auditorium for elementary programs in addition to high school performing arts and other assemblies.  Use of the auditorium as a community event center.

16  District proceed with all proposed renovations to be funded with surplus fund balance, maintenance tax notes, and/or voter approved bonds.  Complete auditorium renovations to include: New Proscenium Opening Stage Floor Stage and House Lighting Acoustics and Sound System Set and Costume Storage Replace Seating Renovations to Auditorium Entry and Restrooms Construction of New Dressing Rooms Exterior Renovations

17 Opinion of Probable Cost Guaranteed Maximum Price Under Proposed Budget $2,125,071 $1,945,206 $179,865 To take advantage of guaranteed maximum price that was almost $180,000 less than anticipated, the Board voted to move forward with this project since the bids were only firm for 30 days. If the bond referendum passes the auditorium renovations will be paid from the total $14M in funds available. If the bond referendum fails the renovations will be paid from $2M currently available and the other projects will not be funded.

18  Spring of 2013 Ag Teachers presented a proposal for construction of an Agriculture Education Project Center. Proper housing for livestock projects Laboratory facility for Advanced Animal Science, Livestock Production, and Principles of Agriculture courses Training facility for leadership and career development skills  Spring 2014 District purchased five acres adjacent to middle school property for construction of facility


20  Construct a facility to accommodate current and future needs for housing FFA projects and agriculture education instruction.  Facility constructed in a way that provides for a modern laboratory facility for teaching purposes.  Facility designed with adequate site security and emphasis on maintaining sanitation and ease of waste disposal.




24 Classroom

25 Tack and Feed Room Restroom

26 High Visibility

27 Floor Drains Student Lockers




31  Project Center Structure 75’ x 100’ with a 75’ x 50’ Shed  Pens constructed of pre- manufactured panels  Tack room, hay room and feed room  Utilities  Roadways and parking areas large enough to accommodate livestock trailers  Perimeter fencing  Security lighting  Sanitary waste disposal Total Budget Estimate $562,500 Committee has recommended a budget of $750,000.

32  Immediate need for new public restrooms to accommodate stadium capacity.

33  Demolition of existing storage and restroom facility beneath home bleachers. Storage and restroom building constructed in 1950’s.

34  Construction of new public restrooms. Condition and age of building makes renovations beyond what could be considered economically feasible.

35 Number of toilets is far less than what’s required by Building Code for stadium capacity.

36 Restrooms are in a deplorable condition. Restrooms do not meet current handicap accessibility requirements.

37  Imminent need for a different dressing facility for freshmen athletes.

38 Current ninth grade dressing room is not air conditioned. Combined dressing area is 1,000 sf. According to the current Building Code that should accommodate approximately 20 athletes. We have over 100 dress there daily.

39  Renovation of current ninth grade field house for a storage facility.  Renovation of existing field house to accommodate all sub-varsity athletes.  Construction of a new varsity locker room in the same building with the new public restrooms.

40 Home RestroomsVisitors Restrooms Covered Breezeway Varsity Locker Room Coaches Area

41 Home Restrooms Visitors Restrooms and Varsity Locker Room Covered Breezeway


43 Restroom Facility Athletic Field House Total Cost of Separate Facilities OPC for Single Building Increase in Project Cost 11.5% $1,214,000 $1,153,450 $2,367,450 $2,123,955 $243,495


45  Principle and Interest on Maintenance Tax Notes are paid from General Operating Budget (M&O) rather than Debt Service Budget (I&S).  Maintenance Tax Notes cannot be used for “new” construction.  May 20 th Board authorized the issuance of $2,700,000 in Maintenance Tax Notes, Series 2014. Refund Existing Maintenance Tax Notes, Series 2005 Paid Cost of Issuing Notes $2 Million in “New” Money

46 The ballot will allow voters to vote for or against this proposition: “The Issuance of $12,000,000 bonds for school buildings, school sites, and the levying of a tax in payment thereof.”

47 Total Par Amount Total New Debt Service Maximum I&S Tax Rate Maximum I&S Increase Estimated increase above the projected 2014-2015 I&S tax rate of $0.138 Actual 2014-2015 I&S Rate is $0.13798 $12 million $20,649,900 $0.165 $0.027


49 Current2017Max Increase Average Homestead Value$100,000 Standard Homestead Exemption$15,000 Taxable Value of Average Homestead$85,000 Taxable Value per $100$850 Maximum Tax Rate (2017; 2019)$0.1381$0.1652$0.0271 Maximum Tax Increase (Annual)$117.39$140.42$23.13 Maximum Tax Increase (Monthly)$9.78$11.70$1.92 Maximum Tax Increase (Daily)$0.32$0.38$0.06

50 Tax YearTax RateActual Taxes 2013$0.1556$132.26 2014$0.1381$117.39 2015$0.1645$139.83 2016$0.1652$140.42 2017$0.1645$139.83 2018$0.1652$140.42 2019$0.1645$139.83 2020$0.1650$140.25 2021$0.1648$140.08 2022$0.1642$139.57 2023$0.1648$140.08 Reduction of $0.0175 Maximum Increase $0.0271 Declines After 2019 Last Year’s I&S Tax Rate

51 ProjectCostBalance Maintenance Tax Notes and Bonds$14,000,000 Elementary Classrooms$7,005,213$6,994,787 Auditorium$1,945,206$5,049,581 FFA Project Center$750,000$4,299,581 Ricebird Stadium$2,123,955$2,175,625 Instructional Technology Equipment$878,666$1,296,960 Replace Student Work Stations$279,500$1,017,460 Replace Infrastructure File Servers$55,150$962,310 Replace Infrastructure Switches, etc.$620,993$341,317 High School Parking Lot Renovations$407,750($66,433)

52 Anticipated Bond Funds ($12 M) plus Funds Available ($2 M Maintenance Tax Notes)


54  Locations Wharton Co. Library, El Campo Branch Wharton Co. Annex, E. Milam St., Wharton  Dates and Times October 20-24, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. October 27-29, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. October 30-31, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

55  Election Day Vote Centers Wharton Civic Center Boling Fire Station East Bernard Library Wharton County Museum Meadow Lane Resource Center Christ Lutheran Church Hillje S.P.J.S.T Hall St. Roberts Catholic Church All Voters can Vote at ANY location


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