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Georgia Tech RescueBot ARLISS Comeback Competition 2013.

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1 Georgia Tech RescueBot ARLISS Comeback Competition 2013

2 ARLISS Competition 2012 See website for videos

3 Agenda Contest overview and rules Previous projects This year’s international project

4 General “Stuff” Mid September in Black Rock Desert, NV Two competition classes – CanSat – Open Ninth year Georgia Tech has been involved

5 To Win … 1.Survive launch 2.Survive landing 3.Autonomously move toward target 4.Stop within 50m of target 5.Prove the device moved autonomously towards the target

6 Class Requirements CanSat Class – Size and weight of Coke can Open Class – Fit in 5.75” diameter, 9.57” deep cylinder – Weigh less than 1050g

7 Year One Only CanSat entry Finished closest to target Outside of 100m (1350m) Unable to prove autonomous control

8 During Launch … Year 2

9 CanSat did not survive, and the parachute was lost

10 Year Two - Rover CanSat entry Open-Class entry – Wheeled rover – PIC18F452 microchip – Servomotors for drive and steering

11 Year Three CanSat entry Open-Class entry – Tracked rover Rover did not move upon landing GPS antenna had shorted, drained battery

12 Year Four Only Open Class entry Only one tire inflated, did not move upon landing Finished 3,000m from target

13 Year Five Only Open-Class entry Two-wheeled rover

14 Year Five Overview

15 Year Five Circuit GPS BS2sx USB Datalogger

16 GPS Testing on La Playa 0.26 miles

17 Year Five Results Landed 1.2km from target Did not move much due to bent axle

18 Year Six

19 Year Eight Results Survived impact without physical damage (encased wheels and shock absorbers) Did not move after landing Microprocessor appeared functional, but GPS not functional

20 Year Nine Results Survived landing without major structural damage First launch, GPS unit broke Second launch, microprocessor battery depleted

21 Year 10 Boeing-sponsored expansion to Georgia-Tech- based club. Collaboration with international students – Hungary (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) – Greece (University of Patras) – South Korea (Kumoh National Institute of Technology) – India (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)

22 Potential Concepts Hopping rotochute Glider Blimp Fanboat Rolling propeller car Wheeled rover Tracked rover …

23 Team Subgroups Electronic circuit design and construction Hardware design and construction Software – system integration Software – guidance and control Team coordination Contest logistics

24 Questions?

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