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Grade 8 General Information Night. What Defines WCI? Boundless Optimism and Energy of our Students Strong Educational Philosophy of our staff and administration.

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1 Grade 8 General Information Night

2 What Defines WCI? Boundless Optimism and Energy of our Students Strong Educational Philosophy of our staff and administration Strong Traditions as evident in our….

3 Our Mission Statement “ To value diversity, work towards excellence and inspire a passion for living.”

4 Value Diversity… ESL/ELD magnet and ongoing community support for new Canadians Clubs: Gay/Straight Alliance, WAYVE, Human Rights Club, Lighthouse Multicultural Events AT WCI we believe all People in our school community have the right to be safe, accepted, and included in all aspects of school life. (WCI Planner)

5 Work towards Excellence: Traditions and Accomplishments… VIP – Viking Integration Program Eco-school Designation Academics: contests, clubs and extra support Strong Activities Programs and Charitable contributions Community Relationships – Parents, WLU, U of W, Perimeter Institute

6 Inspire a Passion … Athletics Academics Activities Magnets: ESL/ELD, Strings, Extended French, Geotech Non-Magnet Programs – AP Others: CO-OP, Technology, Arts, Languages, Family Studies, Business, Film, Design, etc…

7 THE BASICS Most Common; 2 day rotation, 75 min. periods, 60 min common lunch Same course selection Computer will schedule 4 classes in Semester 1 and 4 classes Semester 2 Visit WCI Website for ongoing information: PERIOD BELL TIME DAY 1DAY 2 1 8:15 9:30 AA 2 9:35 10:50 BB COMMON LUNCH (Block C) 10:50 – 11:50 3 11:50 1:05 CD 4 1:10 2:25 DC Semester Implementation: The Bar is HIGH

8 Student Leadership A few words from…. Mitch Phillips And Mike Williams 2014-2015 Co-Mayors

9 WCI Guidance : Lynda Callaghan The Transition from Grade 8 to Grade 9 And The Road to Graduation

10 How Can We Help? A Counsellor is assigned to students alphabetically, and provides: Course selection assistance Information on educational programs and pathways Emotional and social support through referrals and academic strategies

11 Registering for Grade 9 Online Course Requests (My Way) by Feb. 26 th, at your current Gr. 8 school are being used for all WRDSB grade 8 students to select grade 9 courses. Another Board or Private school? Contact our Guidance office at 519- 884-9590 Ext. 2636 or connect this evening

12 Diploma Requirements : 30 Credits 18 compulsory credits 12 elective credits 40 hours unpaid community service Grade 10 Literacy Test – may attempt more than once or take OLC4OI

13 18 Compulsory Credits 4 English – one credit per grade 3 Mathematics – one in grade 11 or 12 2 Science 1 Canadian History – in Grade 10 1 Canadian Geography – in Grade 9 1 French as a second language – in Grade 9 1 Arts (Drama, Music,Visual Arts) 1 Health and Physical Education 0.5 Civics 0.5 Career Studies 1 Group 1 Credit 1 Group 2 Credit 1 Group 3 Credit

14 Group 1, 2 and 3 Credits English French as a Second Language A Native Language A Classical OR an International Language Social Sciences and the Humanities Canadian and World Studies Guidance and Career Education Cooperative Education Health and Physical Education The Arts Business Studies French as a Second Language Cooperative Education Science (Gr.11/12) Tech. Education French Computer Studies Cooperative Education

15 Course Coding CGC 1DI These 3 letters indicate Department and Course C= Canadian GC= Geography This digit indicates the year the course is studied. 1= Grade 9 This letter indicates the stream: D: Academic P: Applied O: Open This letter indicates the specialized programming I - Regular program F - Extended French Z - English as a Second Language W -Pre-AP; AP E - e-Learning

16 Grade 9 Program What does it look like? What decisions need to be made?

17 Grade 9 Compulsory Credits There are FIVE : English Math Science Geography French

18 Compulsory Course Decisions Applied Courses Essential concepts Focus on PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS Less writing, reading, research Academic: Essential concepts Focus on THEORY More writing, reading, research

19 Grade 9 Elective Credits There are THREE that you can choose. Choices include: Visual Art (AVI 1OI) Drama (ADA 1OI) Music (AMS 1OI or 1OX-strings, AMI 1OI or 1OX - Band, AMV 1OI- Vocal) Business (BBI 1OI, BTT 1OI) Family Studies (HIF 1OI) Physical and Health Education (PPL 1OY – Male, PPL 1OX- Female) Technology (TIJ 1OI)

20 Down the Road: Grade 10, 11, 12 Milestones to watch for: Grade 10: Academic or Applied Compulsory Courses (English, Math, Science, History) and Compulsory Open (Careers and Civics) Grade 10: pre-requisites to grade 11choices Grade 10: Literacy Test 40 hours of Community Involvement

21 Resource and Enrichment Centre(REC): Teresa Dunat-Banks Support for Students with an Individual Education Plan.

22 Resource and Enrichment Centre GLE Learning Skills Course Credit bearing learning support class Limited enrolment based on special permission and highest need Can earn up to four credits

23 Resource and Enrichment Centre Drop-in Support Access to computers and other assistive technology Support with assignment completion Test/exam writing accommodations Information about school- based and community enrichment opportunities

24 What is a Magnet Program? A Magnet is a Board designated specialized program offered at sites around the region that students who are out of boundary for that school may apply to. WCI MAGNET PROGRAMS: ESL Extended French Strings Geo-Tech (grade 11/12)

25 How Do We Enter a Magnet Program? Boundaries Apply Know Your Home Secondary School Be aware that Transportation is NOT provided Call our Guidance department at 519-884-9590 ext. 2636 for help.

26 How do I apply to a Magnet? Complete course selection via My Way at your home school. Complete a WCI Profile Sheet Examples of these forms are found on our website, For experienced strings, NOT currently in a Gr. 8 strings, apply and book audition by Jan. 16 th, and accept program by Feb. 13 th.

27 Additional Magnet Information Transportation is not provided if the magnet is not at your home school. No additional fees are charged. Acceptance: –Currently in Gr. 8 ESL, Extended French or Strings, no special acceptance –Strings Audition, offer will be made at Audition, must accept by Feb. 13

28 Advanced Placement: Craig Nickel A school specialized program Advanced Placement is NOT a magnet Any student registered at WCI can apply.

29 What is “Advanced Placement”? Advanced Placement (AP) is an internationally recognized standard of academic excellence administered by the College Board of America Students in Grade 12 write a standardized exam on a common date in the first two weeks of May Exams are graded on a scale of 1-to-5

30 Benefits of AP Significant enrichment opportunity (depth and breadth of curriculum) Flexibility – students select the AP courses they are suited to Preparation for university material, pace and independent learning Higher Ontario report card marks (usually!) Opportunity to earn university transfer credits

31 WCI – An Accredited AP School! All AP courses offered at WCI have been audited by the College Board and have been certified as meeting the rigorous standards of AP AP courses completed at WCI are eligible to receive an official AP designation on the Ontario transcript

32 2013-14 AP Results for WCI 83% of all WCI exams received a grade of “4” or “5” Average grade of all WCI exams was 4.39 7 students recognized as “AP Scholars” 6 students recognized as “AP Scholars with Distinction” 5 students recognized as “AP National Scholars

33 AP Courses offered at WCI 2014-15 ENG 4UW (English) FEF & FSF 4UW (French) MHF 4UW & MCV 4UW (Calculus AB & BC) SBI 4UW (Biology) SCH 4UW (Chemistry) SPH 4UW (Physics)

34 Pre-AP at WCI In order to prepare Grade 12 students as fully as possible for their AP courses, WCI offers pre-AP enrichment courses in Grades 9, 10, 11 These courses cover the Ontario curriculum (OSS) but involve enrichment work well beyond the scope of OSS

35 Pre-AP at WCI (Cont’d) GRADE 9 PRE-AP ENG 1DW (English) MPM 1DW (Math) SNC 1DW (Science) GRADE 10 PRE-AP ENG 2DW (English) FSF 2DW (French) MPM 2DW (Math) SNC 2DW (Science)

36 Pre-AP at WCI (Cont’d) GRADE 11 PRE-AP ENG 3UW (English) FSF 3UW (French) MCR 3UW (Math) GRADE 11 AP SBI 3UW (Biology) SCH 3UW (Chemistry) SPH 3UW (Physics)

37 Profile of a Strong Pre-AP/AP Candidate Academic excellence in the chosen subject area (> 85% or Level 4) Excellent command of spoken and written language Strong work ethic Enthusiastic and self- motivated

38 Profile of a Strong Pre-AP/AP Candidate Enjoys challenging work Possesses curiosity and passion for the subject Involved in the extracurricular life of the school Willing to assume leadership

39 Enrolling in Pre-AP/AP Courses at WCI Meet the requirements of the Profile of a Pre-AP/AP student Obtain a Pre-AP or AP Application form from your Guidance Counselor for EACH course you will apply to If unable to secure an application form from home school, contact WCI Guidance @ 519-884-9590 x2636 or see our website

40 Enrolling in Pre-AP/AP Courses at WCI Submit the completed application directly to WCI in person or by e-mail (sharon_dotchin- Due dates for applications: - Gr. 8 – Fri. Jan. 12, 2015 - Gr. 9-12 – Fri. March 6, 2015

41 Acceptance in Pre-AP/AP Courses Student applications will be reviewed by Mr. Nickel in consultation with the WCI faculty responsible for the AP courses Invitations will be extended to successful candidates: -Gr. 8 – Thurs. Jan. 15, 2015 -Gr. 9-12 – late April 2015

42 VIP: Viking Integration Program An intentional mentoring program that matches trained senior students with small groups of Grade 9 students

43 Thank You! General Questions: Cafeteria Where is my child? You will find each other in our lower hallway, cafeteria. Explore: Feel free to walk around the building!

44 January 13 th, 2013

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