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1 LYCEE INTERNATIONAL English section Friday, October 10th 2008 Strasbourg.

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2 1 LYCEE INTERNATIONAL English section Friday, October 10th 2008 Strasbourg

3 2 The English Section  One of the 6 International Sections (with German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and Russian Sections)  A strong academic and extracurricular programme  A unique opportunity to acquire a bilingual and bicultural education  The results, and the track record of a lot of our alumni justify the Lycée ‘s reputation as one of the outstandingly successful schools in France.  A preparation for further education with an extensive support system for university entrance (UCAS)  Admissions: all candidates are given a written test in English and an oral interview

4 3  The students are enrolled in classes of different levels which meet their specific language needs: English Special (1 to 4) or English National – based on their level of competence.  National: for native or near-native students who are aiming at British or American examinations or the International option of the French Baccalauréat. Work includes the extensive and intensive study of literature.  Special: for non-native speakers who have attained a satisfactory level of competence and motivation. Courses are centred on the acquisition of language skills but students must be able to study works of a literary nature.  A note on group changes: changes must be justified pedagogically, both language and history teachers have to agree.

5 4 English Special Language/ Literature History Seconde 4h/ week2h/week Première 4h/week1h/ week (civilisation) Terminale 3h/ week- preparation for the Baccalauréat Anglais LV1 /

6 5 English National Language/ Literature HistoryGeography Seconde IGCSE 4h/week2h/week Première OIB 4h/week2h/week Terminale OIB 5h/week3h/week2h/week

7 6 IGCSE International General Certificate of Secondary Education  At the end of 2nde (Year 11) National pupils take IGCSE examinations in English Literature and English Language  Biology is optional

8 7 General  Open to students from the three “séries” of the French Baccalaureate: S, ES and L.  The OIB examinations replace the traditional English and History/Geography examinations in the French Baccalaureate and are an integral part of the French Baccalaureate  Moderated and supervised by the University of Cambridge  A Level standards  Higher "coéfficients“ reward both the students‘ bilingualism as well as the extra hours and hard work demanded by this very rigorous programme  Our students have achieved a 100% success rate since the foundation of the examination. OPTION INTERNATIONALE DU BACCALAUREAT (OIB)

9 8 English Literature and Language  An experience of studying and appreciating literature  A four hour written paper: essays on texts taken from a list covering the three genres - Drama, the Novel and Poetry; as well as an unseen exercise in Comparative Literature  An oral, which lasts half an hour: a 15 minute commentary on an unseen passage taken from a Shakespeare play that they have studied, followed by a discussion of two other texts chosen from the list of texts

10 9 OPTION INTERNATIONALE DU BACCALAUREAT (OIB) History-Geography  A four hour written paper: essay topic and document study - in Twentieth Century World History (1945-1990) - in World Geography - Students may choose to answer either in English or in French  An oral, which lasts fifteen minutes and is conducted entirely in English: - five topics in History and five topics in Geography - a ten minute detailed presentation of one topic, selected at random, and answer questions arising from their talk.

11 10 Nature and coefficients of the tests  Language/Literature coefficient 10 in section L - 9 in ES - 9 in S  The written test lasts four hours and comprises a choice of three essays. (coefficient 6 in L- 5 in ES-S).  The oral test consists of a 30 minute interrogation after a 35 minute preparation on a number of works or texts. (Coefficient 4 in all sections).  History/Geography coefficient 8 in L - 9 in ES - 7 in S  The written and oral tests are based on specific syllabi for Terminale. ( Coefficient 5 in L - 5 in ES - 4 in S).  The oral exam consists of an interrogation after a 20 minute preparation on topics covered in the course. The candidate must answer in English. (Coefficient 4 in L - 4 in ES - 3 in S).

12 11 Examinations  Cambridge English as a Foreign Language Examination : First Certificate of English Certificate of Advanced English Proficiency in English  IELTS : International English Language Testing System ( )  American Examinations : - Preliminary SAT®/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT) - Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)  Preparation classes for the Cambridge are offered to candidates (lunchtime classes at school)

13 12 European Language Portfolio A European Framework with common reference levels developed the Council of Europe Language competences described according to common criteria accepted throughout Europe To provide a record of the linguistic and cultural skills they have acquired The European Language Portfolio project has two main aims: a) The pedagogic function - to enhance the motivation of the learners - to improve their ability to communicate - to reflect their objectives, ways of learning and success in language learningto learn autonomously b) The documentation and reporting function - to document its holder's language proficiency and experiences in other languages in a comprehensive, informative, transparent and reliable way. - There are many occasions to present a Language Portfolio (a transfer to another school, change to a higher educational sector, the beginning of a language course, a meeting with a career advisor, or an application for a new post.

14 13 Various Projects Theater/Cinema outings Poetry workshop and prize sponsored by The Rhine Valley Irish Association. This year’s theme is: CHANGE (Seconde level) School trip to Indianapolis (Seconde Special 2) Terminale yearbook American Elections Exhibition (Terminale Special) Christmas Party We are also very happy to welcome parents/ guest speakers to come to class and share a specific skill.

15 14 Useful Websites lycé Information on the O.I.B(Asiba = Association des Sections Internationales Britanniques et Anglophones): /asiba/ Information on the IGCSE: University of Cambridge Examinations (First, Advanced, Proficiency): IELTS examinations: British universities: also the very useful Guardian university guide: http://

16 Picture Gallery 15

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