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Better than Concorde? The International Version of the French Baccalaureate (OIB)

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1 Better than Concorde? The International Version of the French Baccalaureate (OIB)

2 Who are we? Where do we come from? St Germain-en-Laye, France James Cathcart Coordinator of University Applications, History Teacher, OIB examiner Nicholas Baker Deputy Head, National Subject Leader OIB English

3 The structure of today’s talk: Defining the OIB Background: the French Baccalaureate The OIB: the Cambridge A level component The OIB ‘student profile’ The future of the OIB Making offers: recommendations

4 The OIB = French Baccalaureate Cambridge A-Level standard components in –English Language & Literature – History- Geography +

5 The French ‘Bac’: a broad educational philosophy Each stream of the Bac, despite its particular focus, includes: –French Literature (written & oral exams taken in Year 12) –An ‘Extended Project’ (independent research) –Mathematics –Science –History-Geography (taught as one subject) –At least one Modern Language –Philosophy (introduced in Year 13) –Sport Since entry to university is not selective, schools do not tend to be ‘results driven’

6 One Bac, three streams S: Sciences –Physics- Chemistry –Life & Earth Sciences –Further Mathematics ES: Social & Economic Sciences –Social & Economic Science –Extra Mathematics (Statistics & Probability) L: Languages & Literature –Advanced French Literature –Advanced Philosophy –Written exams in at least two Modern Languages

7 Establishing a hierarchy of subjects: ‘Coefficients’

8 Examination Results The overall Baccalaureate result is an aggregate of all marks awarded in all examinations taken The overall result is calculated according to the subject coefficients (weightings) for each stream The ‘relevé de notes’ lists the marks awarded for each subject and the overall mark All results are published as a mark out of 20 (‘x/20’) A hierarchy of ‘honours classes’ exists for overall results: –10-11.99/20 Passable –12-13.99/20 Mention Assez Bien –14-15.99/20Mention Bien –16-20/20 Mention Très Bien

9 National Baccalaureate Results (2006) % Mention Très Bien, 16-20 % Mention Bien, 14-15.99 % Mention Assez Bien, 12-13.99 % Passable, 10-11.99 2,91027,343.5

10 Comparison with A Level

11 The OIB: an Anglo-French Partnership French Ministry of Education University of Cambridge International Examinations, part of the Cambridge Assessment Group (UCLES)

12 The Cambridge ‘A-level’ component A-level-standard exams in: –English Language & Literature –History & Geography Written and Oral exams taken in English Taken by students in all three Baccalaureate streams

13 Origins & Purpose Launched at Lycée International de St Germain-en-Laye in 1985 To give bilingual students an integrated matriculation qualification to allow them equal access to French & British higher education To respect and nurture bi-culturalism

14 Philosophy Bilingualism (English language): allows ease in anglophone environment (academic or professional) Biculturalism (English Literature & History- Geography): inside & in-depth knowledge of two cultures (& educational cultures)

15 Standards & Quality Control Cambridge Subject Inspectors ensure that A- Level standards are maintained in terms of both –Examinable content –Assessment French Bac + A-level: matriculation standard in UK and France assured by national authorities Negates need for ESL/EFL qualification

16 The OIB’s ‘co-efficients’

17 Practical consequences for students taking the OIB 4 hours extra lessons per week (+ significant extra homework) Up to 40 hours of lessons per week

18 OIB ‘student profile’ OIB students are –Prepared for UK university education: educated to think, discuss, write & research in A-level style –Equally prepared for French university They also tend to be: –Academically strong –Highly motivated & ambitious –Effective in managing heavy work load –Intellectually flexible –Multi-lingual –Independent (Extended Project) –Culturally mobile, international in outlook –Busy: they have little time for extra-curricular activities Some have IGCSEs (but only English, History & possibly Maths) 100% go on to higher education

19 Typical OIB university destinations UK (often Russell group, but increasing variety) France: classes préparatoires, grandes écoles Canada (McGill) USA (Ivy league)

20 The OIB schools 23 schools in France & Belgium (21 entering students for examination in 2009) Predominantly French state international schools

21 Success & growth 200112 schools:285 candidates 200921 schools:686 candidates The future –French policy of continued growth for OIB –Effective Anglo-French partnership –Well-organised & dynamic community of schools –Heavy demand for bilingual education in France

22 Making Offers: recommendations OIB offers should be lower than those for the standard French Baccalaureate to reflect –Recognition of the demands of the OIB compared with the standard French Baccalaureate –The particular suitability of OIB graduates for higher education in the UK A Mention Bien (14/20) is the rough equivalent of 3 As at A Level (OIB Handbook, Cambridge Assessment) English Language Proficiency tests are not required

23 Making Offers: possible approaches 1.Overall offer only 2.Overall offer & conditions in key subjects Overall offer Conditions in relevant subjects NB - Philosophy is an unreliable indicator

24 Making offers: equivalences

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