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Presented By: Ravi Dev, Science Chair Christine Mitchell, Science Teacher Sierra Madre Middle School.

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1 Presented By: Ravi Dev, Science Chair Christine Mitchell, Science Teacher Sierra Madre Middle School

2  SMMS Co-Chairs: Ravi Dev and Christine Mitchell  PUSD Science Coordinator and Volunteer: Dr. Karen Jain  Former Science Olympiad Participants and Cal Tech Graduate Students: Brian Chmielowiec and Neal Desai  Co-Director of Southern California State Science Olympiad: Peter Hung  Former Science Olympiad Coach and LACOE Division of Curriculum and Instruction Consultant II, STEM: Anthony Quan

3  Rigorous Academic Interscholastic Competitions  Individual and Team Events  Challenging and Motivational Events  Science Disciplines of Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Computers and Technology  Students Require Knowledge of Science Facts, Concepts, Processes, Skills and Science Applications

4  Focuses on teamwork, cooperative learning, and hands on application.  3 Divisions: Division A (K-6), Division B (6-9) and Division C (9-12)  County, State, and National Levels of Competition  23 Events

5  15 Students will be selected to cross train for 23 different events. Teams of 1-2 will prepare for 5 events.  Athletic-style awards given for each event and overall championship trophies are awarded to school teams.  All day competition, competing with up to 40 other school teams.  Science and mathematics demonstrations, activities and career counseling sessions conducted by professors and scientists at Occidental College in Eagle Rock.

6 Anatomy Boomilever Can’t Judge a Powder Crime Busters Disease Detectives Dynamic Planet Entomology Experimental Design Helicopters Heredity Meteorology Metric Mastery Solar System Road Scholar Robo-Cross Rocks and Minerals Rotor Egg Drop Shock Value Simple Machines Sounds of Music Water Quality Wheeled Vehicle Write It/Do It

7  Last year was our first year competing!  Accomplishments: -Our Overall Placement - 2 nd Place for Dynamic Planet (Naiara Munich and Lydia Plaut) - 3 rd Place Overall for Crime Busters (Emily Chaparian and Shanthala Robinson)

8  Anyone can try out!  This is an extracurricular activity, you will have to balance maintaining regular weekly school and non-school responsibilities.  Attendance to weekly Tuesday Practices is mandatory. You must keep neat and organized journals for your notes.  Everyone on the Science Olympiad Team will need to be at the all day competition on 2/22/14, 7 am - 7 pm  Additional Costs (i.e. snacks, shirts, and supplies)

9  Tuesday, 9/10 First Practice (Practices every Tuesday 2:35-4) in Room 7  First Tryouts Tuesday 11/4 and 11/11  Second Tryouts Two Tuesdays, TBA  LA County Science Olympiad, Saturday 2/22/14 at Occidental College – 7 am-7 pm  Science Olympiad Photo and Potluck, TBA

10  Parents who are highly motivated by the world of science! Parents who can attend all Tuesday to work one-on-one with students to develop specific events and can help guide students through this process.  Parents who are able to contribute time by working on the Science Olympiad Parent Committee to organize and complete projects.

11  Science Olympiad – Background, Event Information, Sponsors, and What to Expect  Los Angeles County Science Olympiad -  Science Olympiad Student Center - Student Forums, Competition Forums, Wiki and Test Exchange (Practice Tests), Image Gallery, and Score Tracker  SMMS Science Olympiad Website - Announcements, Files and Resources

12  Complete and turn in application to Mr. Dev or Mrs. Mitchell by First Practice on Tuesday 9/10  Go online, visit Science Olympiad Website, Science Olympiad Student Center, and SMMS Science Olympiad Website  Find three events you are interested in. Even if events are events from last year, this will still give students areas of science to consider.  Get a large 3-ring binders and/or spiral notebooks. You will have a total of 5 events you will be preparing for.


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