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Curriculum Planning Fulltime - 2Ls & 3Ls Fall 2015.

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1 Curriculum Planning Fulltime - 2Ls & 3Ls Fall 2015

2 Curriculum Planning Fulltime - 2Ls & 3Ls Fall 2015 ABA Standards Loyola Required Curriculum ---Current as of 3/6/15

3 Curriculum Planning Fulltime - 2Ls & 3Ls Fall 2015  ABA Standards: Minimum cumulative GPA: 2.0 Complete the required curriculum; total 86 credits Maximum number of credits per semester: 17 credits Minimum number of credits per semester: 12 credits Minimum number of semesters: 6 semesters Maximum number of credits in any summer term: 8 credits

4 Curriculum Planning Fulltime - 2Ls & 3Ls Fall 2015  Loyola Required Curriculum FT - 1-Ls:  FALL SEMESTER: Civil Procedure - 4 credits Property – 4 credits Torts – 4 credits Legal Writing (& research) – 2 credits  SPRING SEMESTER: Constitutional Law - 4 credits Contracts – 4 credits Criminal Law – 3 credits Legal Writing – 2 credits Perspective Elective – 2 or 3 credit elective

5 Curriculum Planning Fulltime - 2Ls & 3Ls Fall 2015  Additional Loyola Required Curriculum FT – 2-Ls FALL SEMESTER:  Advocacy – 2 credits  Skills Training Course(s)—2 credits [before graduation] FT – 2-Ls SPRING SEMESTER:  Experiential Learning – 6 credits* [before graduation] Required for all students entering in Fall 2014 or later * Students who entered prior to Fall 2014 must complete 2 credits  Professional Responsibility** - 3 credits **take Professional Responsibility as soon as practical  Highly Recommended Core Curriculum Administrative Law – 3 credits Business Organizations – 4 credits Evidence – 4 credits Federal Income Tax – 3 credits Rigorous Writing Course

6 Curriculum Planning Fulltime - 2Ls & 3Ls Fall 2015 Graduation in 3 years:  Curriculum guide to graduate in 3 years with focus on bar passage and employable skills  Loyola General Requirements 86 credits (36 required course credits) Minimum of 74 graded credits 6 FT semesters on campus (minimum of 12 /maximum of 17 credits per semester) Exit interview with registrar

7 Goals and Objectives  Master fundamental bar courses  Learn how to work with a Code  Solidify your research & writing and other employable legal skills  Allow enough time to develop career opportunities and networking  Focus: legal concentration or certificate  Build the resume: co-curricular options

8 Available Options  Hold at 12-14 credits  Electives which are highly recommended core curriculum  Electives which are bar courses  Electives which are pre-requisites in track courses  Co-curricular Options which enhance resume

9 Bar Courses—Electives  Business Organizations!!! [Fall, Spring]  Conflict of Laws [Spring]  Criminal Procedure—Adjudication [S] & Investigation [F]  Estates [Spring, sometimes Fall]  Evidence!!! [Fall, Spring, Summer]  Family Law [Fall, Spring]  Negotiable Instruments [Fall]  Sales [Fall, Spring]  Secured Transactions [Fall, Spring]  Remedies (Equity) [Fall, Spring]  Federal Courts [Spring]  Advanced Civil Procedure Classes [Fall, Spring] See Bar Courses on website

10 Skills Training Courses  Clinical Programs  Externships  Trial Practice  Others: Negotiation; Mediation; Arbitration Research; Drafting Contracts; Journals; Competitions Pre-trial Litigation; Accounting for Lawyers; Street Law

11 Develop a Legal Concentration  Advocacy*  Consumer and Anti-trust Law  Child and Family Law*  Business Law  Education Law  Public Interest Law*  Health Law*  Intellectual Property Law  International Law and Practice*  Tax Law* * Designates a Certificate Program is available

12 Sequencing  Sequencing of Courses required for area of concentration or Certificate Programs Examples: Child and Family Law Tax Law Advocacy – Criminal Law Litigation Health Law

13 Sequencing—Child and Family Law F-15Sp-16F-16Sp-17 Family LawAdmin Law Family Law Child, Parent & State Education Law & Policy Domestic Violence Seminar Juvenile Justice ChildLaw Clinic Highly Recommended Elective Courses: Business Organizations, Evidence, Federal Income Tax Required Courses: Professional Responsibility; Minimum of 12 Child & Family Law credits, including 2 Electives in Child and Family Law; Practical Experience (i.e., Clinic); Participate in 6 Extracurricular Programs (i.e., Coffee Talk, ChildLaw Society)

14 Sequencing—Tax Law F-15Sp-16F-16Sp-17 Tax Clinic Bus Org Corporate & Partner Tax Advanced Corporate Tax Tax Audits, Procedures, Ethics Fed TaxEstatesEst & Gift Tax Int’l Tax Highly Recommended Elective Courses: Administrative Law, Evidence Required Course: Professional Responsibility

15 Sequencing—Advocacy (Criminal) Sm-15 F-15Sp-16Sm-16 F-16Sp-17 Crim Pro Invest. Crim Pro Adjud. TP I Int Crim Pro Invest. Crim Pro Adjud. Evid TP I/IITP I Int TP ITP I/IITP II Highly Recommended Elective Courses: Administrative Law, Business Organizations, Federal Income Tax Required Courses: Professional Responsibility; 2 Electives in Trial and Appellate Advocacy; 1 Elective in ADR; 1 Co-Curricular Experience (Clinic, Competition Team, etc.)

16 Sequencing—Health Law F-15Sp-16F-16Sp-17 HC Bus. & Finance Admin. Law & HC Reg. Life Sciences & the FDA Corp Trans in HC Fed. TaxBus. Org. HC Payment & Policy HJP or HL Externship Highly Recommended Elective Courses: Evidence Required Courses: Professional Responsibility; Minimum of 12 Health Law credits; Practical Experience (i.e., Health Justice Project, Health Law Externship); Participate in 6 Extracurricular Activities (i.e., Health Law Society, Annals of Health Law, etc.)

17 Co-curricular Options  Publications & Journals Loyola Law Journal International Law Review Annals of Health Law Children’s Legal Rights Journal Consumer Law Review Public Interest Law Reporter  Competitions Moot Court Teams [over 15 competitions] Mock Trial Teams [Corboy Fellows; Thurgood Marshall; Civil Law Mock Trial Team; Criminal Law Mock Trial Team] Skills: Client Counseling; Negotiation; Mediation; International Commercial Arbitration  Tutors

18 Recommendation: Balance  Bar Courses  Skills Training Courses  Legal Concentration  Logistics: Flexible Credit Courses Enrichment Courses Exam Schedule

19 Flexible Credit Courses  Student Initiated Capstone Project 1-3 Credits: Requires proposal and consent of faculty advisor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  Directed Study 1-2 credits; research project for a faculty member, who choses scope and subject and who exercises control over the project. For each hour of academic credit the student will engage in substantial legal work for at least sixty (60) hours during the semester.  Independent Research 1-2 credits; requires consent of a faculty member supervising your research; the scope and subject being researched is arranged between the student and the faculty member. For each hour of academic credit the student will produce a scholarly work of publishable quality of approximately 30 pages in length.

20 Enrichment Courses  Explore your interests  Expose yourself to legal areas in demand  Enjoy more studies with professors you find interesting/effective

21 Exam Schedule  Exam schedules will not be changed to accommodate a student with one or more exams on the same day or consecutive days Choose your courses accordingly!

22 Advisors  You are welcome to schedule a curriculum counseling session with any of the following advisors: Dean Faught Dean Gaspardo Dean Kaufman Giselle Santibanez-Bania  If you wish to be assigned an advisor for curriculum planning other than the above, send Dean Gaspardo an e-mail request, indicating the area of interest if you have one, or the name of a specific professor you would prefer if you have a particular request  Feel free to simply ask a professor to be your advisor if you wish

23 Important Dates  Fall 2015 Registration Dates: Current PT 2L/3Ls: Thursday, March 19 th Current FT 2Ls: Friday, March 20 th Current PT 1Ls: Monday, March 23 rd Current FT 1Ls: Tuesday, March 24 th

24 Things to keep in mind:  711 Certification – must complete 43 credit hours before applying for a 711 license.  MPRE – offered 3 times a year – March, August, November Does not have to be taken in conjunction with Professional Responsibility (although recommended)

25 Key Registration Issues  Typical Blocks Password Block Wrong Date for Registration Financial Block Immunization Block Firewall Block No Transcript on File System Down

26 Typical Blocks  Password Block Pre-emptive Procedure:  Verify your password for LOCUS works before your registration date  If you haven’t changed your password since the last registration period your password will have expired  See User Memo#8 in computer lab or call 4-4444

27 Typical Blocks  Financial Block SBO [Bursar] Blocks:  Pre-emptive Procedure: Make sure your tuition and other fees are paid Any unpaid balance of $150 or more will BLOCK your registration [verify both tuition and other fees are paid] Go to Loyola homepage, click on LOCUS

28 Typical Blocks  System Down Keep trying!  Contact the Registration help line: (312) 915-7167 –Law Registrar Office (312) 915-7221 –University Registrar Office  Hopefully this will not happen while you are registering, but if it does, keep trying until the system allows you access to register  No concessions can be made for anyone disadvantaged by a system failure, sorry.

29 Pre-Approved Courses  Some courses require prior approval Externships Instructor Approval Courses  Procedure for registration Complete the Instructor Approval Registration Form from the Registration website and submit the signed approval to the Registrar The Registrar will register you for the course

30 Closed Courses  Once a course is closed the only way of getting in is to keep trying! There is almost always a fluctuation in the course enrollments during the registration period, the persistent student has the best chance of getting in when an opening occurs [especially happens on the first day of the class.]

31 Thanks!!!!  Good Luck with Registration  Communicate any Problems  Register Early

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