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Sophomore Information Night January 8, 2014 Ready, Set, Go…

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1 Sophomore Information Night January 8, 2014 Ready, Set, Go…

2 Agenda Academic Planning Graduation Requirements Grades Naviance Extracurricular Activities PSAT & SAT

3 Discipline AreaStandard DiplomaAdvanced Studies Diploma Credits# of VerifiedCredits# of Verified English 4242 Mathematics 3142 Laboratory Science 3142 History and Social Sciences 3142 Health and Physical Education 22 Foreign Language 03 / 4 Foreign Language, Fine Arts or Career & Technical 2 Fine Arts or Practical Arts 1 Economics and Personal Finance 11 Electives 43 Additional Verified Credit in Mathematics, Laboratory Science, or History and Social Sciences 11 TOTALS22626-279 Graduation Requirements

4 EDUCATIONAL AND CAREER PLANNING FORM WASHINGTON-LEE HIGH SCHOOL Student___________________________________ Student #__________________ Counselor__________ Graduation Year:_________DOB______________ This is a tentative planning document which is to be reviewed annually and revised as appropriate. 8th Gr. ---- Cr. VC9 th Gr. ---- Cr. VC10 th Gr. ---- Cr. VCVC 11 th Gr. ---- Cr. VC12thGr. ---- Cr. VCTOTAL CREDITS English----English----English----English----*English---- * Geograph y ----*World Hist. Modern ----*Pre IB Gov’t AP Eur Hist Wld His/Anc ----*VA/US History ----*US Gov’t---- Math/Alg----*Alg/Geom----*Geo/Alg 2----*Math----Math---- Science----Biology----*E.Space Or Chem. ----*Science Or Chem. ----*Science---- Health/PE----PE 1----PE II----Elective----Elective---- Lang/Elec----Lang/Elec----Lang/Elec----Lang/Elec----Lang/Elec---- Elective----Elective FA/PA ----Elective FA/PA ----Elective FA/PA ----Elective FA/PA ---- Summer----Summer----Summer----Summer----Summer---- Credit Total Credit Total Credit Total Credit Total Credit Total GPA: Extra Curriculars Sign Date

5 Calculating GPA – Quality Points Most ClassesAP/IB A = 4.0A = 5.0 B+ = 3.5B+ = 4.5 B = 3.0B = 4.0 C+ = 2.5C+ = 3.5 C = 2.0C = 3.0 D+ = 1.5D+ = 2.5 D = 1.0D = 2.0 E = 0.0

6 Improving Grades Every quarter is 1/5 th of Final Grade Final Grade = 4 quarters + Final Exam Extra Help Sessions

7 Student Access Parent Access How do I log on? Contact: Eric Hill College and Career Specialist

8 Extracurricular Activities Colleges do care School activities Work experience Community service

9 PSATs Done - What’s Next? My College QuickStart™

10 What Should I Do Now? Get to know your counselor Extra Help Sessions Course Selection Course Request Forms (CRFs) due: February 21, 2014 Scheduling Information Night: January 30, 2014 College Research & Visits Be active during the summer

11 Academics Extracurricular Activities and Leadership Essays, Recommendations, and Interviews Other Factors College Admissions

12 Parent to Parent- Words of Advice Communicate with the school but allow your child to be a self-advocate. Support and encourage challenging courses. Have a folder to file all awards, letter of recognition, accomplishments, etc.

13 Before You Go… Online Reputation

14 Internet Do’s and Don’ts Do’s Keep in touch with your friends. Take advantage of privacy controls Be aware of who can view your online information. Don'ts Post incriminating information Use social-networking sites to disparage or bully others

15 Thank you!

16 Meet & Greet Counselors CounselorsLettersGrade Ms. Laura HaleA10 Ms. Meaghan TraverseB, E10 Mr. Frank DeRoccoC, O, N10 Ms. Elysse CatinoD, G, L, P10 Ms. Claudia VasquezS10 Ms. Ana Lily CaballeroF, R10 Ms. Heather MizellH, I, J, K10 Ms. Nina KuzielM, Q10 Ms. Kristin Devaney ShapiroT, U, V, W, X, Y, Z 10

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