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BUILDING SUPPORT FOR ADVENTIST EDUCATION Elissa Kido, Ed.D. CRAE Webinar Series – Adventist Education at the Crossroads June 12, 2013.

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1 BUILDING SUPPORT FOR ADVENTIST EDUCATION Elissa Kido, Ed.D. CRAE Webinar Series – Adventist Education at the Crossroads June 12, 2013

2 CRAE INITIATIVES CognitiveGenesis Ongoing Research Increasing Academic Growth for all Ethnic Student Groups Pastors and the Future of Adventist Education Film on Adventist Education Dissemination/Marketing Strategies PLOT (Personality Life Orientation Test) Adventist Grad Rate Report 2

3 INCREASING ACADEMIC GROWTH IN ALL STUDENT ETHNIC GROUPS 3 Studying Academic Growth for Asian, Black, Hispanic, and White students in Adventist Schools Research Team: Dr. Edwin I. Hernández, University of Notre Dame & DeVos Family Foundations Dr. Elissa Kido, La Sierra University Dr. David Sikkink, University of Notre Dame Dr. Jerry Thayer, Andrews University

4 Change in students’ achievement and ability over 1-3 years was greater than the change in the norm group for students in all ethnic groups. PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS

5 What kind of educational outcomes is the SDA education system producing among children from all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds? Are there racial, ethnic, and income educational performance gaps among the children participating in Adventist education? THE QUESTIONS FOR ADVENTIST LEADERS ARE...

6 Denise White “A comparison of the academic achievement of Seventh-day Adventist elementary students by school type: The influence of teacher, student, parent, and school variables” Patricia Williams “The effects of health and wellness on academic achievement and cognitive ability in students attending Seventh-day Adventist schools” Dave Lawrence “The relationship between expenditure and student achievement in Seventh- day Adventist K-8 schools in the United States” DISSERTATIONS THAT USED COGNITIVEGENESIS DATA

7 Andy Sandiford “Differences in Academic Achievement of Students Involved in Extracurricular Activities: Band, Choir, Varsity Sports, and Intramural Sports in Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 in Seventh-day Adventist Schools in the US and Bermuda” Deloris Trujillo “A factor analysis of CognitiveGenesis data identifying the characteristics of Adventist holistic education components” Marianne Gilbert “An analysis of spiritual factors on Academic achievement in Seventh-day Adventist schools” DISSERTATIONS THAT USED COGNITIVEGENESIS DATA

8 “Few researchers have tackled the topic of religion and its correlation with academic achievement.” -Cannon, Clark and Regenerus “An Analysis of Spiritual Factors and Academic Achievement in Seventh-day Adventist Schools” -Dissertation by Marianne Gilbert Defended April 2013 SPIRITUAL FACTORS AND ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT

9 Emphasis Placed On Religion In School Intention To Be An Active Christian As An Adult Spiritual Things Important To My Mother and Father Mother’s Spirituality* Teachers’ Spirituality* Like Sabbath School; Friends do too. ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT LARGE GAIN (8.5 + MONTHS)

10 Parents Participate In After-School Activities Parents Monitor TV Programs Parents Attend Church Frequently Teachers Have A Spiritual Influence On Me Support (non-financial) from Constituent Seventh-day Adventist Church Members LARGE GAINS CONTINUED

11 2012 GRADUATION RATES SDA academies in the NAD have a 96.9% graduation rate. 92.9% of these students go on to college.

12 EDUCATION EVANGELISM MARKETING KIT Marketing Kit could include:  Bookazine  One-page Brochure  English  Spanish  10 2-3 Minute Videos  PBS Documentary Film

13 BOOKAZINE Developed to speak to parents, educators and the media. Includes information about the study and quotes from individuals who have benefited from Adventist Education.



16 TEN 2-3 MINUTE VIDEOS Short videos targeting students, parents & teachers. Narrated by Dick Duerksen

17 TEN 2-3 MIN VIDEOS Stop and Listen to Your Kids Using Rules to Reach Goals Read For Fun Making Music Makes Sense Learning & Homework Go Hand in Hand Aim High and Expect Success Take Time to Connect with your Child Positive Friends make a Positive Impact Positive Spiritual Outlook and Academic Success 17

18 Teach the Children Well A documentary film for PBS television that explores the extraordinary story of Adventist Education from the producers of The Adventists. 20 million plus viewers 2013 scheduled release

19 Film is very near completion Next few weeks will see editing process moving to the music addition and animation stages Premieres in October throughout the NAD Trailer available to stream at item/adventist-education-trailer-2/ item/adventist-education-trailer-2/ TEACH THE CHILDREN WELL - D ETAILS 19

20 RESOURCES Bookazine: http://www. /as30/store- productDetails.aspx?ID=37149 English Brochure: http://www. productDetails.aspx?ID=37305 Spanish Brochure: http://www. productDetails.aspx?ID=37377 Videos: http://www. cognitivegenesis. org/?page_id=123 9 20

21 Phase1: Assessing Adventist Academics Phase 2: Disseminating Findings / Marketing & PR Phase 3: Building Support for Adventist Education 21 CRAE MASTER PLAN


23 Most policy-makers base their decisions on common sense and anecdotal analogies to previous crises. COMMON DECISION-MAKING PROCESS

24 Agent-based Stakeholder Modeling (ABSM) proprietary software Using Game Theory, Risk and Decision Theory, and Nobel Winning Economic Theory…. ABSM predicts outcomes regarding a high- stakes issue based upon stakeholders’ profiles: Position Importance Influence A BETTER WAY TO GUIDE DECISIONS: ABSM

25 The software allows us to: Map the current landscape of stakeholders and coalitions who are vested in the issue. Simulate the precise bargaining dynamics and coalition formation over time. Track the complex interactions of all stakeholders to identify both strategic opportunities that would help achieve desired goals and threats against them. THE ABSM APPROACH 25

26 determine what stakeholder activities would most effectively boost support and enrollment provide information for data-driven decisions/strategies related to Adventist Education in the conference simulate real-time impact of proposed scenarios and their real-world outcomes OUTCOMES 26

27 USED BY Over 450 Clients: Government Agencies & the Private Sector

28 Preliminary findings at the NAD level Pastors are a critical group that can mobilize as well as create opposition for Adventist educational outcomes. If pastors are perceived as more balanced in supporting Adventist education and given incentives for student placements, a much stronger pro-Adventist coalition could be created. NAD-ABSM

29 Do the preliminary NAD results apply at the conference level? ABSM Pilot Initiatives with: Central CA Conference  currently in phase 3 Southeastern CA Conference  currently in phase 2 PILOT INITIATIVES 29

30 Phase I: Planning and Framing Session question is developed, subject matter experts are selected Phase 2: Data Collection and Preliminary Analysis landscape is described, analyzed, & modeled Phase 3: Gaming/Simulation Session, Test Courses of Action (COAs), and Policy Options changes to landscape are tested Phase 4: Final Analysis and Report synthesis of effective and ineffective COAs for the conference to reference when making decisions on the issue THE 4 PHASES 30

31 ABSM MATCHING GRANTS FOR CONFERENCES IN 2014 must explore a question/issue with the goal of building support for Adventist Education 2 Grants available for $4,000 - $7,000 (typical ABSM study cost $16,000+) applications will be available in the fall 31

32 HIGHER- ACHIEVING SCHOOLS HAVE Good support from pastors and members of the constituent churches

33 If pastors are the critical group in building support for Adventist Education— How can educators collaborate with pastors to harness their influence and help make the Adventist Education Advantage available to more students and their families? What strategies and programs can educators develop for greater pastor involvement in our schools? What else can educators do to help build support for Adventist Education? EDUCATION IS EVANGELISM! CHALLENGE TO EDUCATORS

34 “In the highest sense, …the work of education and the work of redemption are one ….” -Ellen White, Education, p. 30

35 “Something Better – the watchword of education.” -Ellen White, Education, p. 296

36 The mission of the Center for the Study on K-12 Adventist Education (CRAE) is to serve and advance Adventist education by seeking and sharing knowledge about the North American Division K-12 Adventist educational system--its values, its pedagogy, and its challenges.

37 CRAE 4500 Riverwalk Parkway Riverside, CA 92515 (951) 785-2997

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