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Westford Academy Guidance Department Presents

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1 Westford Academy Guidance Department Presents
The College Search Process Westford Academy Guidance Department

2 Guidance Department Westford Academy Guidance Department

3 Counselor Assignments Class of 2015
Adams – Cardarelli Larry Guidetti Casey - Downey Karen Halloran Dudley - Heiman Susan Lynch Hiremath – Livorsi Barbara Kutner Locker - Neuhardt Jill Karatkewicz Noble – Ryan Tracy McLaughlin Sacco – Vavruska Heidi Hider Valasco - Zhru Wendy Pechacek Westford Academy Guidance Department

4 Westford Academy Guidance Department
Collaboration Student Guidance Counselor Parent Westford Academy Guidance Department

5 a scene from MODERN FAMILY Phil takes Haley to his alma mater
Westford Academy Guidance Department

6 Westford Academy Guidance Department
Program of Studies Westford Academy Guidance Department

7 Westford Academy Guidance Department
Time Management Activity Westford Academy Guidance Department

8 Westford Academy Guidance Department

9 Westford Academy Guidance Department

10 Westford Academy Guidance Department
Junior Year Timeline February 2/7 deadline to register for SAT on March WA - now closed 2/11 Jr. Parent Night 2/13 deadline to secure Jr. Job Shadow 2/14 deadline for Course Requests 2/14 deadline to register for AP Exams After Feb vaca - Individual Student/Parent Meetings with your counselor begin March Continue College Meetings April 4/4 deadline to register for SAT on May area high schools April vaca – visit colleges May 5/9 deadline to register for SAT on June area high schools 5/5 AP exams begin 5/13 Junior Job Shadow Day Summer Essays, college visits & lists, etc. Westford Academy Guidance Department

11 Post-Secondary Options
Four Year College/ University Two year Community College 5th year programs Employment Gap Year Alternative Programs Technical/ Vocational programs Military Internship Programs There are many options that are available to the high school graduate including of course the traditional four year college or university – public or private. But also, two year community colleges and certificate programs – Community colleges have seen an increase in the number of students applying and enrolling 2 year community college programs do in part to the rising cost of tuition at most four year schools and the state of the economy. Massachusetts Community Colleges in particular offer the best value for higher education given their MASS Transfer program where students complete a 2 year program and are guaranteed acceptance to any UMASS School. We’ll talk more about specifics regarding the MASS TRANSFER Program as an option later in this presentation. 5th year programs and what have been traditionally know as boarding schools may also be an appealing option for many students looking to gain another year academics prior to college to strengthen skills and gain maturity. Many athletes look to all gain another year of practice prior to enrolling in a D1 or D2 college program. Employment – some people will be looking to start working and exploring their interests on the job. Possibly deferring the pursuit of college for the time being to pursue interests in opportunities available within the workforce. GAP Year Taking a GAP year, or Interim Year, in between high school and college to travel and experience the world is becoming a more acceptable and appealing option for many students. Taking a gap year — time off between high school and college — is designed to be a break from academics before college, for personal growth, and for travel. Whether students choose a gap year at sea or through outward bound, or doing service in a foreign country “Students often land in college more focused, mature, and refreshed and often do better academically” 1 in 10 high school graduates participate in a gap year program in Europe and it is becoming more common in the US. For a productive year between high school and college: Secure a place in college first. Then defer enrollment for a year. Do your homework – a well planned/organized gap year will be a successful one. March 3rd, :00-3:30 10 Campus Drive, Dedham MA 02026 Alternative Programs – City Year, AmeriCorps, – A year of service can be a valuable and rewarding experience. For example being a corp member in City Year you dedicate yourself for 10 months one of 23 urban locations across the United States where you serve full-time in schools as tutors, mentors and role models and focus helping at risk students improve attendance, behavior and course performance. And in AmeriCorps you offer service to communities in with critical needs including disaster relief, operating after school programs for disadvantaged youths and building affordable housing. Offering a year of service have the ability to gain perspective, work on a team, and develop leadership skills. Many of these alternative programs provide members with scholarships awards that can be used for college. Technical/ Vocational Programs - offers instruction and practical introductory experience in skilled trades such as mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, and construction, beauty and health technical fields. Often the programs have strong cooperative opportunities and partnerships with local businesses that enable students earn money while working toward earning licenses and certificates with guaranteed employment following graduation from the program. Nashoba Valley Technical School has a strong post-graduate program in Military – a number of students will look to serve our country in the military in either the Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard. The ROTC option for students may also be appealing when looking to both serve in the military and go to college. Scholarships offered through ROTC help pay for the cost of college and college graduates are automatically awarded the rank of officer upon entering active duty following college graduation. Internship Programs – offer individuals practical/hands-on experience in fields of interest. Internship programs are another pathway to college following high school – whether going to court with a lawyer or collecting fish scale samples with a wildlife scientist internships enable you to learn to work with a professional team, to take on new experiences and be challenged by increased responsibilities all while building a resume, networking, and improving marketability for employers after college. Westford Academy Guidance Department

12 Finding the BEST FIT College
The college search is not about getting into the best college. We don't believe in a best college. There is no school that is best for ALL students. Size Location Programs Majors available Academic supports Cost & Financial aid Extracurricular Activities Student life Athletics *Princeton Review, Westford Academy Guidance Department

13 What Colleges Want to See
Challenging HS curriculum Grades with strong effort or upward trend SAT/ACT Scores – required for most colleges SAT/ACT scores that match your academic record Well-written essay Dedication to extra-curricular activities - passionate Strong recommendation letters Well prepared interview - if applicable Extra-curricular activities: In depth – passion. Not just adding activities to create a list – that would be transparent to colleges. Westford Academy Guidance Department

14 Westford Academy Guidance Department
WA Transcript Westford Academy Guidance Department

15 Westford Academy Guidance Department
WA Histogram Westford Academy Guidance Department

16 Westford Academy Guidance Department
SAT vs. ACT SAT Subjects Math Critical Reading Writing March 8, May 3, June 7 Register at ACT Subjects English Math Reading Science Reasoning Writing Section recommended) April 14, June 14 Register at -We can talk about the differences as a family to see which exam is best suitable for your student. -SAT Optional schools Westford Academy Guidance Department

17 Westford Academy Guidance Department
Naviance User ID and Password Each student Each parent/guardian Friday weekly s Very important information from the Guidance Department Westford Academy Guidance Department

18 Westford Academy Guidance Department
College Search Westford Academy Guidance Department

19 Westford Academy Guidance Department

20 Westford Academy Guidance Department

21 Westford Academy Guidance Department

22 Westford Academy Guidance Department

23 Westford Academy Guidance Department

24 Westford Academy Guidance Department

25 Now… Let’s start THE LIST
Safety Realistic Reach Westford Academy Guidance Department

26 Westford Academy Guidance Department
Application Options Early Decision Early Action Regular Decision Rolling Admission Westford Academy Guidance Department

27 Averages for Accepted WA Students
UMASS at Amherst Average GPA 3.52 Average SAT (out of 1600 – Math & Reading) Westfield State University Average GPA 3.0 Average SAT (out of 1600 – Math & Reading) State options have become increasingly competitive for admissions for 2 reasons: Their strong academic programs The economy – safety school financially Admission into the state schools is not a sure thing. If it is a goal to attend a state school, then students need to do as best as they can junior & senior year. Westford Academy Guidance Department

28 Westford Academy Guidance Department
Mass Transfer Enroll in a linked degree program at Middlesex Community College Upon completion of Associates Degree: No application fee No application essay General Education Requirements satisfied Eligible for Full transfer of credit to a UMASS campus or MA state school Guaranteed admission with an incoming 2.5 GPA Tuition discount based on final GPA Is a statewide transfer program to streamline the transfer process from Middlesex Community College to a Massachusett’s State college or University. Reason someone will take this path is to save money: An inexpensive way to obtain a 4-year degree. If don’t know what you’d like to major in, it’s a less expensive way to find out what you’d like to major in. If a state school is currently a reach school and you don’t get accepted as a freshman – this is a good PLAN B to get there. Westford Academy Guidance Department

29 Westford Academy Guidance Department
Student To Do List BEFORE we process course selections, students must: Submit the on-line course recommendation in iStudent by 2/14 Submit the Junior Job Shadow Agreement Form in Naviance by 2/13 Register for AP Exams by 2/14, if applicable BEFORE we schedule your Junior/Parent Meeting, students must: Submit the Junior Year Profile Survey in Naviance Submit the Personality Survey (Do What You Are) in Naviance Submit the Cluster Finder Survey in Naviance Complete at least one College Search in Naviance and SAVE it Begin adding colleges to “Colleges I’m thinking about” in Naviance Westford Academy Guidance Department

30 Westford Academy Guidance Department
Naviance Westford Academy Guidance Department

31 “College is a match to be made,
not a prize to be won.” ENJOY the process!

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