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Evangelical Christian School Senior Parent Night.

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1 Evangelical Christian School Senior Parent Night

2 What Should You Expect?  As Guidance Counselor, I will:  Work on schedules and academic choices  Make sure students meet academic requirements for graduation  Organize opportunities to meet college representatives  Make students aware of scholarship opportunities  Guide students in college and career choices  Send transcripts to prospective colleges  Work alongside and pray for parents and students

3 What Should You Expect?  As the parent of a senior, you will:  Discuss college options with your student  Decide what perimeters are appropriate for your family  Visit prospective colleges and universities  Help student apply to colleges and universities  Discuss major and career expectations  Look for and apply for scholarships  Fill out the FASFA and the FFAA  Make lots of money to pay for this!

4 What Should You Expect?  As a senior, you will:  Think about what kinds of colleges interest you  Consider what you want to be when you grow up  Devise a list of colleges  Apply  Write essays  Get recommendation letters  Ask for transcripts—midyear and final  Take the SAT and/or ACT  Send scores to ECS, NCAA, and colleges of choice  Make the best grades you can

5 First Things First  Choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions that one can make.  Pray!  Have open dialogue with your student—this is scary for both of you.  Encourage your student to take the initiative in the process.  I'll do my part, you do your part, and let's stand back and watch the student grow.

6 The SAT and ACT  SAT and ACT are very different tests.  SAT=Verbal, Math, and Writing (2400)‏  ACT=Verbal, Math, Science, and Writing (36)‏  While most colleges make you take the writing, the score for SAT does not include it.  Visit and to register.  ECS school code is 100512.  The scores are included on the transcripts if the student uses the school code.

7 Transcripts  Transcripts are the official record of high school coursework.  Included on the transcript:  Demographic information  All courses taken 9-12—semester grades  Cumulative GPA (weighted and unweighted)‏  SAT and ACT scores  Community Service Hours  Accomplishments

8 Transcripts  Request transcripts using the Transcript Request form.  This should be done when applying, sometimes at the midyear, and most definitely at the end of the year.  Allow one week.  Don't forget to tell me where you decide to attend so I can send a final transcript. If you don't, I won't know where to send your final!

9 GPA  The GPA will be recalculated by the college— each one is different.  Most will only take academic courses: English, math, science, history, and foreign language.  Weighted means honors and AP credits are included. (0.5 for honors, 1 for AP)‏  Unweighted means honors and AP credits are taken out. (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1)‏  Recalculated GPA is also sometimes called academic GPA.

10 College Applications  Most prefer on-line applications.  There is a Common Application for Florida schools.  Spelling, punctuation, and grammar do count!  Never leave a portion empty. It will only delay the process.  Deadlines! The traditional deadline is October 31.  Early decision can range between October 1-November 1.

11 College Applications  Extracurricular Activities:  List all clubs and activities, even those that are Christian, like missions trips, leading worship, etc. Extracurricular activities also include leadership, such as Student Government, NHS, etc.  Community service can be listed here. (The typical ECS grad has at least 160 hours of community service.)

12 College Applications  Recommendations:  Give teachers an addressed, stamped envelope.  Ask teachers to make two extra copies—that way you only have to ask once.  Allow at least two weeks for the teacher to write a recommendation.  Not all colleges will request a recommendation.

13 Scholarships  Where to look?  Civic organizations--  Internet  and  Bulletin board near my office  If something comes across my desk, I will disperse it.  It is the parent's and student's responsibility to apply for scholarships.  There is always a deadline!

14 Florida Bright Futures  This scholarship is funded by the lottery.  Florida Academic Scholars Award (FAS)‏  Public-- $126 per semester hour at 4 year, $78 per semester hour at 2 year  Private institution—Fixed award amount based on the agreement the institution has with the state  Some Christian schools honor the Bright Futures.  Covenant and Southeastern

15 Florida Bright Futures  Grade Point Average (GPA):  3.5 based on the following courses:  4 English, 3 Math, 3 Natural Sciences, 3 Social Sciences, 2 Foreign Languages or 15 credits  SAT score of 1270 (Verbal and Math)‏  ACT score of 28  Community Service:  75 hours  GPA's are not rounded. Either they have it or they don't.

16 Florida Bright Futures  Florida Medallion Scholars Award (FMS)‏  Public--$95 per semester hour at 4 year, $78 per semester hour at 2 year  Private—Fixed award amount based on the agreement the institution has with the state  Florida Bright no longer covers 100% of expenses at any institution. It is a flat dollar amount dependent upon the school.

17 Florida Bright Futures  Grade Point Average (GPA):  3.0 based on the following courses:  4 English, 3 Math, 3 Natural Sciences, 3 Social Sciences, 2 Foreign Languages or 15 credits  SAT score of 970 (Verbal and Math)‏  ACT score of 20  Community Service:  None required

18 Florida Bright Futures  To receive the Florida Bright Futures, you must fill out the Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) at  This releases transcripts and test scores to FBF.  I will put in all the grades—you fill out the FFAA.  It is your responsibility to make sure you have met the qualifications (SAT, ACT scores, GPA).  Your college will be notified, and the money will be applied on their end.

19 Money for College  Pre-Paid  Loans  Subsidized Loans—The government pays the interest.  Unsubsidized Loans—You pay the interest.  Loans accrue interest the entire time—payments begin 6 months after college is finished.  FAFSA—Parents must fill this out after January 1. It is available at  The government determines your EFC, or estimated family contribution.

20 Money for College  Scholarships        Work Study  Find a really rich uncle to foot the bill!

21 Dates to Remember  September 23: Christian College Fair, 9-10:30 am. ECS gym  September 25: ASVAB Testing  October 24: Homecoming, 7:30 pm Pelican Landing  December 18: First Semester Ends  April 2-9: Easter Break  May 19: Last Day for Seniors  May 21: 12 th Grade Commencement

22 Helpful Websites  Information on SAT:  Information on ACT:  Information on colleges and future plans:  Educational testing information:  College Athletics:  National Collegiate Athletic Association:

23 Helpful Websites  College and career news:  Information regarding various majors:  Choosing a major:  Federal Pin Number:  Federal Student Aid on the web:  US Department of Education:

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