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Benefit from the Mistakes of a Harvard Graduate Paul J. Kim, Esq. Managing Director.

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1 Benefit from the Mistakes of a Harvard Graduate Paul J. Kim, Esq. Managing Director

2 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Today’s Objectives 2 Learn from a Harvard graduate’s mistakes Re-consider your approach to college admissions

3 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Thank you for your time. Allow me to introduce myself…. 3

4 © 2011 Paul J. Kim I’m a 1 st generation immigrant who benefited from the sacrifices of his parents Professional Career Highlights International Management Consulting – Bain & Company Wall Street Finance – JP Morgan Corporate Strategy & Marketing – Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies Licensed Attorney, State of New Jersey Academics Stuyvesant High School (NYC) Harvard University (AB with Honors) Columbia Business School (MBA) Rutgers Law School (JD) 4

5 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Over the years, I have learned how college, graduate school and job applicants are evaluated Admissions Interviewer Harvard University – 15 yrs. Columbia Business School – 10 yrs. Corporate Hiring Experience Bain & Company – college students Johnson & Johnson – MBA students; industry hires Wyeth – MBA students; industry hires Resume Coach Columbia Business School – selected to guide 1 st Year MBA students with building their resumes 5

6 © 2011 Paul J. Kim I have advised students and their parents based on this knowledge Seminar Speaker & Advisor University Groups – Princeton, Rutgers Korean Consulate of New York City Parent Associations and Students – High Schools in NYC and Suburban Atlanta Church and Other Organizations in NY, NJ, PA, WA 6

7 © 2011 Paul J. Kim I’ve written a book about my what I’ve learned over the years Published in 2003; 264 pages; ISBN: 978-1410790927 Available at and Barnes & Noble Key Topics Covered Preparing for college admissions Transforming college into a foundation for one’s future career Developing a rewarding career after college 7

8 © 2011 Paul J. Kim 8 (347) 688-8295 Specialties: Admissions Strategies Personal Essays Admissions Interviews Resumes I have been an admissions consultant serving clients since 1990 Students: 8 th graders – 12 th graders

9 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Along the way, I’ve made many mistakes. Let’s discuss a few, shall we? 9

10 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Mistake #1: Thinking that a great academic record and a diverse set of extracurriculars were enough to get into a top college 10

11 © 2011 Paul J. Kim 11 The goal of every admissions committees is to bring in students who: You have to differentiate yourself and address these 4 critical issues Have the potential to be an alum who makes the school look good Marketing 101: Know Your Customer Can contribute meaningfully to the school community Are willing to matriculate if accepted Have the ability to do the work

12 © 2011 Paul J. Kim 12 Admissions Screening Process Because there are so many applicants with strong grades, factors such as the following become even more important during the evaluation process. Campus Visits Essays Extracurricular Activities Interviews Recommendations

13 © 2011 Paul J. Kim 13 Admitted students had differentiation

14 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Mistake #2: Focusing so much on getting into Harvard that I did not know what to do once I got there 14

15 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Choose Your College Wisely Would you wear a Brooks Brothers suit even if it didn’t fit you, just so that you could wear fancy name-brand attire? Source:,, (1/1/08)

16 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Choosing a College is Like Choosing a Supermarket Go to the one that has the right ingredients for what you want to create. Source: Company Websites

17 © 2011 Paul J. Kim 17 I got into my dream school. NOW WHAT? Critical Issues: Choosing classes / selecting a major Knowing which summer internships / term-time jobs and activities to pursue Writing a cover letter, resume Preparing for job interviews Deciding on graduate schools Evaluating future career paths? Getting into a competitive college is important, but it is more critical to use the opportunity to prepare effectively for life after college

18 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Consider this: Not all Ivy Leaguers are successful, and not all successful people are Ivy Leaguers. Choose the school that’s right for you!

19 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Mistake #3: Not realizing the importance of social skills 19

20 © 2011 Paul J. Kim The Importance of Social Skills Regardless of your chosen profession, over time, your social skills become more and more important. Technical Skills Social Skills Contribution to Success DEVELOP THEM NOW

21 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Developing Your Social Skills Get involved with social skill-developing extracurricular activities at school and in your community.  Organizations – newspaper, yearbook, student businesses, student government  Teams – athletic teams, academic teams  Cultural Groups – even if you aren’t of a certain ethnic background, you can still join  Interest Groups – Christian club, book clubs  Volunteer Groups – Big siblings, tutoring programs

22 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Social Skills = Influence Influence = having people partner with you so that you can achieve your goals  Social skills enable you to know: What to say How to say it When to say it Who to say it to Become a Person of Influence

23 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Mistake #4: Forgetting to stay positive 23

24 © 2011 Paul J. Kim 24 I did not have a perfect track record Rejected by numerous: Employment Opportunities Business Schools Law Schools

25 © 2011 Paul J. Kim Consider This Successful people are not those who've never fallen. They are those who have the courage and strength to GET BACK UP each time they fall.

26 © 2011 Paul J. Kim I have learned a lot from my mistakes. I make sure that my clients benefit from these lessons that I’ve learned over the years. 26

27 © 2011 Paul J. Kim 27 Crimson Sherpa is a different type of college admissions consulting service Like other companies, we serve clients with: Admissions strategies for 8 th – 12 th graders College applications guidance Personal essay assistance Admissions interview preparations But, we also provide FREE mentorship Before College: life coaching, “bridge” between parents and students During College: academics, extracurriculars, summer plans, grad school plans, career planning After College: career management Crimson Sherpa’s Goal: a LONG-TERM relationship focused on your child’s success

28 © 2011 Paul J. Kim 28 Source: Annie* / Duke University / Wash. Univ. in St. Louis Med. School “Paul is more than just a mentor. He is a true friend. Paul guided me through the tough college admissions process and brought out the best in me. He inspired me to become more like the person he envisioned for my future.” Student Testimonials Thomas** / George Washington University “I’ve been dreaming of getting into my college since sophomore year and you made it really happen for me. I think all the times we have talked, you only complimented me and made my confidence go up. Every time we met and had dinner, you also told me a lot about life in general rather than just colleges. I think this was one of the most important times of my life because it gave me a lot of ideas about life.” ** Long-term client since 12 th grade * Long-term client since 11 th grade

29 © 2011 Paul J. Kim 29 Parent Testimonial Parent / 11 th Grader / Atlanta, GA “Paul has been providing guidance to my daughter for the past 2 years, since she was a freshman. As she entered high school, we were very concerned about the road ahead – college admissions, selecting a major, future career paths, etc. We feel so fortunate that we met Paul. He provided such insightful and knowledgeable advice regarding all of our concerns that my daughter and I are now very confident about her future. Paul provides strategic guidance on what classes to select, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, etc. He also guides my daughter in a way that makes her feel at ease. As a result, I’ve seen a significant improvement in her outlook on college admissions since she first began working with Paul. As my daughter approaches her critical junior year, we are confident that with Paul’s guidance and mentorship, she will have another successful year as she prepares for college admissions.”

30 © 2011 Paul J. Kim 30 Crimson Sherpa clients have had solid results since 1990 Colleges Include Amherst Boston College Columbia Cornell Dartmouth Duke Emory George Washington Georgetown Northwestern Notre Dame Princeton Rutgers Swarthmore U Michigan UNC U Penn U Virginia Vanderbilt West Point Yale

31 © 2011 Paul J. Kim 31 We would be honored to have you as a client! (347) 688-8295

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