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Holmes Smith Consulting Services, Inc. College Planning Career Planning Life Coaching TM.

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1 Holmes Smith Consulting Services, Inc. College Planning Career Planning Life Coaching TM

2 Holmes Smith Consulting Services, Inc. offers affordable and customized services for College Planning, Career Planning, and Life Coaching Our Philosophy: College is for everyone and there is financial support for college! There is a great career for everyone! When you discover who you are – great things happen!



5 College Planning We assist all families (whether you are just getting started or putting the finishing touches on your college applications, or evaluating your enrollment options) with customized services aimed at: Locating scholarships Comparing college characteristics and selecting the "right" college Completing college applications - including how to write effective essays Strategizing solutions to obtain competitive SAT/ACT scores and much, much more!

6 Our Services We utilize a variety of tools and resources to provide the following services to parents and students: Customized Service We provide one-on-one consultation to meet student's individualized college planning needs aimed at selecting the "right" college, completing college applications, locating scholarships, choosing a college major, SAT/ACT prep, writing effective application essays, decision making, comparing college characteristics, and developing a college plan for admissions and funding. Small Group College Planning Sessions We conduct college planning workshops at local community centers, local churches, and libraries. Students participating in the small group workshops spend time exploring and completing required documents for college search, admissions and funding. These workshops are conducted year-round.

7 Summer College Planning Institute High School students will be given the opportunity to participate in a 2 week, non- residential, college planning session to learn from experts about locating financial aid and scholarships, strategizing to obtain a competitive SAT/ACT score, and surviving the college experience. The program also provides a variety of course offerings across the college planning spectrum, including: completing scholarship requirements, filling out college applications (including how to write effective college essays), evaluating college awards letters, selecting the "right" college, and choosing a college major. Target audience: rising seniors (students who just completed the 11th grade) or recent high school graduates Location: Sessions will be held in - Wilmington, DE, Washington, D.C., Waldorf, MD, Richmond, VA and Westmoreland, VA When: During the months of June, July, and August, 2012 Our Services cont’d

8 The Professionals at Holmes Smith Consulting Services, Inc. have extensive years of experience in education (college and high school). They have provided college and career coaching to high school students, parents, and adults. These students have been admitted to public, private, and Ivy League colleges and universities and have received over $1M in scholarships. The experts at Holmes Smith Consulting Services, have helped students be accepted to the following Colleges/Universities: Wake Forest Villanova University University of Virginia Virginia Tech University of Michigan Drexel University College of William and Mary Loyola University University of Maryland Georgetown University U.S. Naval Academy University of Mary Washington Pennsylvania State University Boston College Catholic University of America George Mason University University of Hawaii-Manoa West Virginia University Penn State College St. John’s University University of Oregon Syracuse University George Washington University Duquesne University







15 Career Planning Services Personality and Career Assessment/Test Identify your interest, skills, and personality type Career Exploration Identify careers that you find interesting and exciting. Learn about earning potentials in various occupations and information about entering and advancing in careers. Career Profile/Brand/Resume Learn how to create a resume that will highlight and market all of your achievements and major contributions Interview Practice Time “Practice makes perfect.” This service will allow you to practice interviewing strategies that will help you gain personal and professional confidence.



18 Life Coaching Services Individuals balancing their careers, families and work life will be able to consult with a professional regarding: Professional Goals: Career changes Career advancements Fulfillment Goals: Establishing a small business Work –life balance Learning Goals: Completing a high school diploma/GED or college degree Obtaining an advanced degree











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