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Success High School Presented by: Amy Cordrey Andrew Terry Gene HeffingtonBrennon Sapp November 30, 2004 A 635 Public School Finance.

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1 Success High School Presented by: Amy Cordrey Andrew Terry Gene HeffingtonBrennon Sapp November 30, 2004 A 635 Public School Finance

2 Mission Statement The mission of Success High School, with the help of parents and the community, is to promote the overall intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of each student so that he/she will become a productive, healthy, creative citizen of our society. Success…one student at a time

3 About Our School Success High school was established in 1975. It is set in a rural school district and serves a diverse population of students. Success is a comprehensive high school that provides unique challenges for all students. We maintain high academic standards of excellence through a combination of Advanced Placement classes, college-preparatory classes, and research-based instruction that enable all students to attain their highest level of academic performance. Success High School provides a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities to enhance the development of individual talents and interests. We are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Student Population 1692 students grades 9-12. 52 ECE students 15 Title I students

4 Total Number of Students 1692 ECE Students 52 Title I Students 15

5 ADA2002/2003 – 92.7% 2003/2004 – 93.7%

6 State & Board Funds

7 State Funds $5,108,171.69 Local Funds $178,535.49

8 Administrative Staff 1 Principal 4 Assistant Principals 4 Guidance Counselors 1 Athletic Director 1 Media Specialist

9 Staff Distribution An academically vigorous course load, offering all core content classes while maintaining class sizes sufficient to enable students to perform at the highest level. 22:1 student to teacher ratio

10 Success High School Teaching Staff 11 English 10 math 9 Social Studies 8 Science 4 Art 1 Band 2 Chorus 3 Technology 3 PE/Health 7 Foreign Language 6 ECE Instructors 1 ECE Coordinator 1 GAP/GT Coord. 4 Business 1 ROTC 3.5 Tech Education

11 Administrative Staff 9 Certified Staff 20 Teaching Staff 74.5

12 School Budget to Superintendent

13 Staffing Expenditures $4,978,021.61 Non-Staffing Expenditures $308,685.57

14 School Budget to Superintendent (Staffing)

15 Certified Salary $4,077,232.50 Classified Salary $669,470.00

16 School Budget to Superintendent (Fringe Benefits)

17 SBDM Committees: Providing opportunities for leadership Safe Schools Committee Planning Committee Communications Committee Budgeting Committee Technology Committee Curriculum/ Instruction Committee School Climate Committee

18 SBDM Council Members Mr. Whitaker-Principal Mr. Heffington-Teacher Mrs. Cordrey-Teacher Mr. Terry-Teacher Mr. Sapp-Parent Mrs. Fankhauser-Parent

19 Non-Staffing SBDM Budget

20 $308,685.57 Non-Staffing SBDM Budget

21 Oldham County Fee Schedule Art: Ceramics I $45.00 Ceramics II $45.00 Ceramics III $45.00 Dimensional Design $30.00 Special Art I $45.00 Special Art II $45.00 Special Art III $45.00 Visual Art I & II $25.00 Business: Accounting I $20.00 Accounting II $20.00 Business Principles & Appl. $20.00 Family & Consumer Sciences: Child Care Services (Not Lab) $25.00 Creative Foods $20.00 Fashion/Clothing Design $20.00 Foods $20.00 Life Skills $20.00 Sports & Foods $20.00 Foreign Language: (Eligible for Exemption)* 30 Per Class Industrial Arts: $15 Per Class Music: All Choir Classes $15.00 Other Courses: ACT/SAT Preparation $22.00 B/W Photography$120.00 Drama I $10.00 Drama II $10.00 Greco-Roman Mythology $10.00 Journalism-Newspaper $10.00 Journalism-Yearbook $10.00 Reading Skills $15.00 Speech I $12.00 Speech II $12.00 Science: (Eligible for Exemption)* $15 Per Class Other Fees: Athletic Insurance $20.00 Basic Student Fee $15.00* Engineering & Algebra $2.00 FFA Dues $10.00 Freshman Planner $6.00 Learning Strategies $6.00 Parking Permit $20.00 Technology Consumables Fee $10.00* Textbook Fees: $4 Each Class Requiring A Textbook *These fees are eligible for exemption if you qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch Program.

22 Programs Offered Extended School Services Art, Music, Drama courses Collaborative Instruction for Special Education ACT and SAT Preparation Partner with district Career Center Group Counseling Program Advanced Program Summer School and Intersession Effective Learning Program Engineering Class Vocational/Technical Classes

23 Academic & Extracurricular Activities Band—Concert and Marching National Art Honor Society Beta Club Choral Music Pep Club Sigma Delta Gamma French Club German Club F.B.L.A—Future Business Leaders of America F.C.C.L.A—Family & Career & Community Leaders of America Honor Society Diplomacy Club Literary Club Science Club Student Council Drama Teens Who Care Fellowship of Christian Athletes Yearbook Ski Club School Paper

24 Athletics Baseball Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball Cheerleading Cross Country Dance Team Football Field Hockey Boy’s and Girl’s Golf Boy’s and Girl’s Soccer Softball Boy’s and Girl’s Tennis Track Volleyball Wrestling Swim Team

25 Activities Budget $1,381,750.00

26 Activity Accounts Under $10,000

27 Activity Accounts $10,000 & Higher


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