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Western Academy of Beijing 11 September 2014.  Family Name A to G  BA in Political Science from Trinity College in US  Master's in international education.

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1 Western Academy of Beijing 11 September 2014

2  Family Name A to G  BA in Political Science from Trinity College in US  Master's in international education from Harvard University in US  Worked three years as the HS Counselor at the American School of Bombay in Mumbai, India.  Was the Associate Director for K-12 International Services for the College Board. Served the overseas school community in the use of College Board Programs such as the SAT, PSAT, and the AP Program in their curriculum.  Worked for five years as the coordinator of international admissions at a selective liberal arts college.  Teacher supervisor of SAC (Student Ambassador Club) & GSA adviser

3  Family Name: H to L  BA in Economics from University of Massachusetts- Amherst  Masters study at Bath University in International Education  Worked in education for over 20 years; 10 years as Head of Counseling at the International School of Lausanne, Switzerland  Prior to WAB was Academic Counselor, DP coordinator, DP Economics examiner, DP workshop leader, presenter at OACAC  Co-supervisor of WAB Forensics and WAB Student Council Advisor; previous experiences include creator of Swiss Forensics Organization and student council adviser (16 years)

4  Family Name: M to S  BA in History from Colby College in US  Master’s Degree in Education from the College of William and Mary in US  Prior to joining WAB community, worked as a counselor for 6 years at Bangkok Patana School in Thailand and 3 years at Auckland International College in New Zealand  Experience in admissions offices at UCLA, Middlebury College, and Pepperdine University  Experienced English Literature teacher  Hoping to get involved in outdoor education at WAB

5  Family Name T to Z  BA in psychology from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia in Canada  Master’s in Guidance and Counseling from University of West Alabama in US  Certificate on College Counseling from UCLA  World of Work – Work Experience Coordinator  Test Center Supervisor (PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP)  Teacher supervisor of FNL (Friday Nite Lites), 60+ & SAC (Student Ambassador Club)

6  Guidance Office Coordinator  Master’s degree in Psychology, Minor in Sociology and Business Management  CELTA certified (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)  Teacher in Finnish School

7  Whole-School Guidance model  Alpha split to work with students and families from grade 9 through grade 12  Work with students on:  Academic University advising, college essays/personal statements, course selection, scheduling balance, study skills/time management, testing advice Naviance: career profile, college research and lists  Social Friendship issues, healthy lifelong choices and strategies  Personal/Emotional Counseling, family issues, guardianship, self-harm, responsible choices Outside referrals, if necessary

8  Counselor Sessions  Transition Workshops  Testing Information Sessions  University Essay/Personal Statement Writing Sessions  University application process sessions (country specific)  Alumni Panels  Work with students on a one-to-one individual basis as needed  Meet with visiting college reps –over 150 university/college visits per academic year

9 Introduction to Naviance and Learning Style Survey Naviance: Do What You ARE Career Inventory Career Fair World of Work Course Selection Career Fair College Visits/Resear ch Preparing for College Applications Standardized Testing University Applications, gap years, military Service College Visits Standardized Testing Application to University Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 Transition to High School Grade 8 Alumni

10 Transition to High School Study Skills Time Management Healthy Choices, Relationships & Communication Exploration of Strengths Future Options Academic Advising Stress Management Harm Minimization Transition to Life After WAB Life Skills Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 Grade 9

11  Grade 9:  Focus on academics and extracurricular  Grade 10:  Focus on academics and extracurricular  Take PSAT in mid-Oct  Grade 11:  Focus on academics and extracurricular  PSAT in mid-Oct  SAT in Spring (Jan, May, June); or  ACT (with writing) in Spring (April, June)  TOEFL or IELTS in Spring  Grade 12:  SAT in Fall (Oct, Nov, Dec)  ACT (with writing) in Fall (Oct, Dec)  IB Exams in May * Please note that testing is individual and should be discussed with your counselor

12  Naviance is tailor used by high schools worldwide.  Each student and family have their own account, which is accessed through the internet  PLEASE email your counselor/Ms. Mirva to register your account  Naviance: organizational tool for students, parents and counselors  Naviance is a tool for research and organization:  Study Skills  Self Discovery  Career Research  University research for countries worldwide  Organization of university applications  Free SAT online prep course

13  WAB Weekly  Parents Portal   Counselors   Calendar   Includes College Visits  College Resources 

14  Help your child balance school work and after school activities  Encourage free time – Doing Vs. Being  Check your language, do not use “we” or “our”  Celebrate no matter what – be proud of your child’s efforts. Be realistic.  Manage your anxiety – Parent is the shoreline

15  Treat College Admissions Process like you’re watching a performance  Make your child do all the work  Manage the timelines and deadlines  Insist on Integrity – Especially on early programs, and depositing  Help them protect their privacy

16  Testing Information Session (Sept)  Grade 12 Parent Night (Sept)  Grade 11 University Information Night- (Jan)  Grade 10 Course Selection Information Night (Jan)  Grade 8 Transition Information Night (Feb)  Grade 12 Korean Coffee Morning (March)  Destination Coffee Mornings (Spring 2013) (ASIA, Australia, NZ, Europe, UK, US, Canada)

17  Family Name: A to G  Bernie Longboy (  Family Name: H to L  Franko Cifizzati (  Family Name: M to S  Jemsion Foster (  Family Name: T to Z  Michelle Chow-Liu (

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